Kona Skatepark Jacksonville Florida – Oldest Article on the Oldest Skatepark in Operation

Below is a reproduction of one of the oldest articles on the Oldest Skatepark in the world by switchmagazine.com. The original article was written by Keith Jacobs on May 22nd 04 titled – Kona Skatepark Jacksonville Florida. This article which mentions Kona Skatepark as a historical skatepark – is itself (article) 17 years old!

The skatepark was originally built in 1977 – making it 44 years old! In these years many skateparks were built and gone – but Kona still remains getting older and bigger! Below we have included all the information you need to know about Kona Skatepark. Give it a reading.

Guinness Book of World Records counts Kona Skatepark as the “Oldest Surviving Skatepark”

Kona Skatepark Jacksonville Florida

If you ever felt the need to know what skateboarding was, is or will become stand at the top of the hill and look over Kona Skatepark. You can skate through the ages of skateboarding.

The snake run and concrete section (which includes a concrete vert ramp “ouch”) represents what original parks where. The pool represents the Salba era. At the bottom of the hill there is a vert ramp and a mini-ramp (early 90’s) as well as, a modern street course and munchkin section. Kona has all that and something more — A History.

Few skateparks in the US, much less the East Coast, can compete with Kona when it comes to history and contributing to skateboarding. Since 1977, Kona has been part of skateboarding and one of the few parks that has made it through till now, making it the oldest open private skatepark.

If that kind of history isn’t enough, Kona Skatepark has hosted just about every major pro in its time (check out the pic of a young Tony Hawk on their site). Kona also benefits from the pros (or vise versa) like Mike Peterson, Buck Smith, Neal Mims and Cairo Foster (just to name a few) that call the area of Jacksonville, FL. home.

Kona has everything. Go skate or just watch local rippers like Tim Johnson and Travis Ochab wreck stuff. Either way you win.

A skateboard park for and by the US Skateboarders

Kona Skatepark has made this long – because of its successful builders and creators – the skateboarding community of US citizens. And secondly because of its location – Jacksonville fl.

In the late 70’s and in 80’s and 90’s when Kona started as a skateboard park – there were many other successful skateparks in Florida. Two of them we remember were in the same Jacksonville’s Arlington neighborhood where Kona stands!

What made Kona Skatepark never grow out of business and fashion (in spite of US recessions and economic turmoils) was its adaptability and acceptance to the needs and trends of the skateboarding community.

Kona always had a spot for new skateboarders and for all skateboard tricks. You invent a trick and the park will build a ramp for the skateboarders to perform! And all the modifications were instant.

The very popular Vert Ramp is a Kona Skatepark invention.

A Jacksonville FL Skatepark!

Although the park is privately owned – but Kona Skatepark is a collective effort of all the skateboard fans and lovers and in particular “The Youth of Jacksonville.”

Jackson Ville is mecca for skateboarders. Thousands of skateboarders flock there just to catch a glimpse of there favorite skateboard star. Till date more than 20 famous skateboarders belong to Jacksonville, Florida. And Kona is Jacksonville FL Skatepark!

Although Kona is a dedicated skatepark but it features a number of action sports on its turfs. It has isolated places for BMX – Rollerblading – Roller Skating ans Scoot Let – performers. This is another reason why it attracts so much crowd out of all the other skateboard parks in Florida.

Kona is featured in a number of games too. You can catch a virtual glimpse of the skateboard park in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4.

Kona is a skateboarding memorabilia. It is not limited to the youths or just for the action sports performers. All age groups can visit the skateboard park – either you will have a memory to relive or you will be making memories.

Still Best of All Skate Parks in Jacksonville FL..

In total there are 5 known skateboard parks in Florida.

1 – Kona Skatepark – located at Jacksonville

2 – South Beach Skatepark – located near the Jacksonville Beach

3 – Orange Park Skateboard Park – Located at the Park Avenue Orange Park

4 – Monument Skatepark – Again on Jacksonviile – Near to Kona Skatepark

5 – Treaty Skateboard park – Located at Wildwood Dr St. Augustine

Of all the five Skate Parks in Jacksonville FL – Kona remains unchallenged for two reasons –

  • Size – Kona is huge. It is like a river and other parks like tributaries. Vast landscapes, many bowls, vert ramps, mini-ramps and skate streets are unlikely to go full even in heavy traffic times.
  • Humble Staff – Of all other parks – Kona is known for its super flexible and super approachable staff. Skateboarders of every age find communicating easy. Even at the Pass counters – issuing, cancelling and and troubleshooting of passes and other issues is very easy.

Kona Skatepark Hours, Admission and Rentals

Operational Hours

Tuesdays – Thursdays : 2pm – 9pm
Fridays : 2pm – 10pm
Saturdays : 10am – 10pm
Sundays : 12pm – 8pm

The park is generally closed on Mondays for maintenance.

Note – Currently because of Covid 19 Pandemic the park is open from Friday to Sunday from 5-9 PM only.

Online Kona Pass

Before entering you must have a registered annual $5 “Kona Pass.” Validity for the pass is one year from the date of registration. You can book the same from the counter at the skatepark too – but we will suggest you to get it online to save from the waiting lines.

You can also book Kona skateboard park for functions and events. They also host birthday parties and even corporate fundraiser programs. We hosted a skateboarding event once. It is worth!

All participants must have a registered annual “Kona Pass.” The pass is a$5 fee and is valid for one year (12 months). Save time & register your pass online!

Follow the map to get directions.

Kona Skate School

Skateboarding Training Sessions

Skateboarding training sessions at Kona Skate School are worth every dollar. We enrolled two of our staff members to get a personalized review and were very happy. The training sessions are not expensive either.

Training sessions have three levels – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. After completing each level you are called Grom, Ripper and Shredder respectively. After completing the advanced level you become a mentor.

All age groups (after 6) can enroll. Available for boys and girls six years old and up. Sessions are available for all ages.

Skateboarding Training Camps

Kona Skate School also offers weekly camps for 8-14 years skaters. You don’t need to clear any level to enroll in these. Campers get to experience street, vert, pools, flatland, downhill racing and many other skateboarding types.

Mostly there are three camps available in an year – the winter, summer and spring camp – with spring one being the best.

Although a little expensive – costing around 200 dollars – the camp is worth for young skaters. It gets them acquainted with a lot of different skateboarding skill and tricks and builds up social skating societies. Kona Skatepark camps are visited by the local professional skateboarders too.

The camps are a must once before you surpass the age. If you are on visit to Florida for limited days join the “One Day Power Camp”. We enrolled for this and found it quite thrilling.

The best part being sandwiches and juice which are served throughout the day and games, races, and contests which they organize. Camps are a total fun skateboarding experience.

Happy Customer Reviews for Kona Skatepark from Google

“The staff is super friendly and very chill vibe there.” – M

“This has to be the best skate park in Jacksonville Florida. It’s like a small family here. They even host community events that bring together the community, artist, and business people. It’s worth it to go look at all the art work that is all over the park. This park is so huge. They will have a event on December 15 2018 called Color Me Kona. Last year was huge and this year will be better” – Shaakir Mujahid Abdul Baseer

Great for All manual wheels 👌 bikes, skates,sk8tboards, scooters, All ages and abilities. A variety of bowls, twists and turns with rails and the snake too. We enjoyed the kids and their courage and camaraderie. High marks! – Connie Wills

Skate Shop Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville FL is skateboarding paradise – and mostly because of this iconic Kona Skatepark – which is situated right in the heart of the area.

The only things which this Florida Skateboard Park lacks is a Skate Shop – which is much much needed.

You will find plenty of skate shops is Jacksonville – but not in the immediate vicinity of the park.

As the park receives a lot of traffic – especially in peek skateboarding camps – consumers find it a little inconvenient to run for each and every accessory out of the park.

A full skateboarding shop is highly recommended which should be operated by the parks staff.

Top 5 things to do at Kona Skateboard Park

  • Snake Run – Its just iconic, historical and rare. You will not find Snake Runs in many other skating parks. In Jacksonville we assume its just Kona featuring the reptile run.
  • Kona’s Beach Bowl – Annually Kona holds an annual celebration for the skating community. Lot of locals and famous skateboarders join the event. You are most likely to run into professionals and the least see their showcase skills.
  • St. Paddy’s Skate-O-Rama – An annual event which feature some of the best skateboarding, and iconic Sk8-Rock legends Agent Orange! According to konaskatepark.com – Skate O Rama has many acts. “Other acts include The Atom Age, Concrete Criminals, Danka, Darkhorse Saloon and Flag On Fire. The festival includes a beer garden, Food Truck Rally and Pot of Gold Sk8 Competition”.
  • St. Patty’s Day Pool Party – Bowl competitors from around US gather to compete at Kona Skatepark for thousand dollars. The best thing is the celeberation – which continues till midnight. Spectators bring their tents and skateboards and have a gala at the park.
  • Vert Ramps or Virt Ramps – These are the inventions of the Kona Skatepark. Of all the Vert Ramps – the mostly perfectly built are here at Jacksonville. Do not miss skating on them!

We too have not been to the Skate-O-Rama and the Pool Party. Looking forward to meet you readers there!

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