The Legendary Ray Goff – Exclusive Interview with

Ray Goff - Kgrind

Don’t know Ray Goff?

Well you must not be from the Southeast. Everyone knows Ray not only is he known for doing his tricks big or long, everyone knows he is a nice guy, and everyone knows you don’t let him near the mic at a contest or demo (sorry Ray).

We spent a couple days with Ray and this is what we got.

Switch: What keeps you skating
Ray Goff: I dont know. Good question, I guess its fun. Its like an oxymoron, I can and I can’t live without it.

Switch: Ever try to quit?
Ray Goff: NEVER. No I ain’t gonna quit. Like when I blew up my thumb doing ho-hos, I almost quit and started rollerblading.

Switch: Been traveling alot?
Ray Goff: Yea, all summer. I was home maybe three weeks all summer long. Florida, Tennessee, the beach, Wilmington, Florance, Columbia…

Switch: You enter the Clearwater contest?
Ray Goff: Yea

Ray Goff - Chair Ollie

Switch: How’d ya do?
Ray Goff: I got first in the 17 – old guys division.
Switch: Almost everyone in North Carolina split when they got older, what made you stay?
Ray Goff: the scene is happening, just stayed around and the scene blew up

Switch: When you started (way back when) who was your biggest influence.
Ray Goff: J.J. Rout – he could do a backside boneless, first time I had ever seen a trick. Then tricks started popping up. I started putting tricks together. Yea Lance Mountain, backside bonelesses they influenced me alot.

Switch: Run down the list of other people who have influenced you, old skool new skool all types of skating?
Ray Goff: 85 – 86 it was Gator he ripped it up constantly and was always amazing. 87 – 88 Christain Hosoi, he was always doing his famous Christ Air. After that Natas, Ray Barbie, Tony Hawk was an influence from day one, Frankie hill, Mike Vallely. After Fankie and Tony I was feeding off other kids. I always talked to other kids, the pro scene was still around but just not happening.

Ray Goff - Kickflip

Switch: Today there are more clicks than ever, back in the day everyone skated together
Ray Goff: True that. Why doesn’t everyone get together and do something. Everyone has to fight and hate certain people. Its all about the money now and not the fun of skating.

An Exclusive Interview with Ray Goff – brought back to you all from archives.

Enjoy Reading Ray Goff!

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