15 Best All Terrain Off Road Electric Skateboards – amazon.com choices

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What is an All Terrain/Off-Road electric skateboard? AT/Off road electric skateboards are designed specifically to traverse rough terrains like grasslands, hills, forest trails and sand. These boards usually have larger wheels and trucks. They are also faster, bulkier, heavier and pricier than any standard e skateboard. All Terrain electric skateboards are more suitable for adventurous […]

10 Best Cheap Electric Skateboards on Amazon, Walmart and Ebay – 2020

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10 Best Cheap Electric Skateboards Amazon 1 – Alouette Phoenix Ryders Catwalk – Best Cheap Electric Skateboard  2 – Swagtron SwagBoard NG-1 – Cheap Swag Boards  3 – Maverix USA Border – Cheapest Electric Longboard  4 – Blitzart Tornado – Best Budget Electric Skateboard  5 – RazorX Cruiser – Best Affordable Electric Skateboard​  6 – Blitzart Mini Flash – […]

Kaly NYC Electric Skateboards

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Kaly NYC is a super-premium electric skateboard brand, started by Ernesto Clark.  The brand is based in New York, where each and every Kaly board is hand crafted, designed, engineered and assembled by the founder Ernesto. Kaly NYC boards guarantee high performance, speed, torque and range. They are undoubtedly one of the best boards for […]

Motorized Skateboard Explained – 12 Best Motorized Skateboards 2020 Reviews

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12 Best Motorized Skateboards and Longboards Motorized Skateboard has revolutionized the skating culture.  It has made cruising at high speeds and personal transport a reality.  After all Electric Motorized Skateboards are very easy to operate than a standard skateboard.  You just have to switch on and start riding. Editors Choice – Best Motorized Skateboard Boosted Stealth […]