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Best Skateboard Brands (which ones to get) - Skateboards and Longboards Reviews

Here you will find all answers to your daily skateboarding questions and reviews about top ten skateboards, longboards and latest electric skateboards!

Beginner and Advanced Skateboarding Tricks

Get easy access to all skateboarding drills and some of the best tips on how to Ollie or ride switch. 

We have categorized skateboard stance names alphabetically and provided a step by step guide with photos and GIFs.


Whether you are trying to learn something as basic as how to stand on a skateboard or searching for the best skating parks around you, or even looking for long distance longboarding tips – Switch Magazine is the best place for you.


It is the perfect place for you to pick up the dos and don’ts of skateboarding, to read about your favorite pro-skaters, to look up the latest skateboarding merchandise and accessories from some of your favorite skateboarding brands, and finally to entertain yourself with the best of  skateboarding culture and sport.


You want to buy a trunk or shoes or apparels – we have reviews for all kind of skateboarding accessories.

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Here you will find switch skateboards – a new brand – launched in maple wood with non electric and electric decks having robust features. A video tutorial on how to ride switch skateboard will be made live soon.

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