What Does the Thrasher Logo Mean

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Are you a mystery lover, trying to find out hidden messages behind words and symbols? Do you believe that every little thing around you has a meaning waiting to be found or a code waiting to be cracked and you cannot rest until you have solved the mystery? Well, take a sigh of relief as […]

Rap Skateboarding (Links to Best Hip-Hops)

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Music Makes Skateboarding Thrilling 10 Best Music Hip Hops to Tune into while Skateboarding The Low End Theory – A Tribe Called Quest Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) Explicit Lyrics – Wu-Tang Clan Mind Of A Stoner [Explicit] – By Machine Gun Kelly Back from the Dead [Explicit] – House Of Pain Nollie Tre Flip [Explicit] – Hopsin You Never Knew […]

How to Ollie (7 step guide to perfect Ollie)

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Have you heard of this notion “a door of opportunities”. Well Ollie certainly is that door of opportunities for all beginner skateboarders who want to start performing cool and amazing tricks. It is the most basic and fundamental trick. You can say that almost all the other tricks are easy to learn once you master […]

Skateboarders vs Longboarders

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Longboard vs Skateboard Rivalry Longboard vs Skateboard competition is stiff international. In the skateboarding world – the most impressive and unexpectedly grand rivalry remains between Skateboarders vs Longboarders. There has always been a debate as to who should be called a skateboarder and who not. Both – Longboarders and Skateboarders – claim the passion sport to […]

Skateboard Hi Tops

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What is one of the gruesome risks for a skateboarder? If ankle injury has not yet crossed your mind, guess you are lucky to not have experienced it. On the contrary, if it is what struck you buddy, hope this question did not take you in a flashback? Kudos to the High Top manufacturers who […]