7 Best Blank Skateboard Decks​ – Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Blank Decks

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Blank Skateboard Decks Reviews 7 Best Blank Skateboard Decks Warning Skateboard Decks Bamboo Decks Mini Cruiser Blank Decks NPET Blanks CCS Skateboard Decks Cal 7 Blank Decks Moose Skateboard Blank Decks Why Buy Blank Skateboard Decks? There are some important constituents why blanks are growing in fashion and have become the new trend in the skateboarding world. Blank Decks […]

Wichita Skatepark

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Tucked deep in the Kansas, in the City of Wichita, under the Kellogg overpass sits the Wichita Skatepark – Every skateboarders fantasy place. This skateboard park covers a little over 12,000 square feet. And mostly everything is concrete. It is designed by “Wally Hollyday Skateparks” in collaboration with “California Skateparks”. The park features no other action […]

915 Greensboro Skatepark NC

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A Greensboro Skatepark Located in the Gate City, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA, 915 skate park features ramps and obstacles to whet the appetite of every type of skater. Entering the old abandoned warehouse that houses the park, a huge vert ramp looms ominously. The ramp’s size may make it intimidating to some people. Despite the […]

Ulladulla Skatepark South Coast NS

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Ulladulla Skate Park is located approximately three hours south of Sydney. Though the area is world-renown for it’s surfing, it now boasts one of the states best skate parks. Built in the mid-90s, a local skater designed the park and oversaw its construction. The creation of this park was obviously either a labor of love, […]