Spitfire Wheels

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When a set of Spitfire John Cardiel wheels showed up in the review box, I had to snatch them fools. It’s almost not fair to do a review of a product that one has had a long and pleasurable relationship with. You might say that one could be a little biased. That may be true, […]

Dirtbag Clothing

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Looking for clothing that could help you climb the corporate ladder? The kind of clothing that could get you a better tee time or out of a speeding ticket? Well, if so, don’t waste your time reading this…go buy something at Brooks Brothers or one of those other lame clothing joints. If your looking for […]

5boro Skateboards

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I thought I would not like the 5boro board because I usually like a little more concave, but I was pleasantly surprised after riding around for a while. It’s real stiff, and has a lot of pop. The nose and tail are very similar, so much so that I had to make a line in […]

15 Best Off Road All Terrain Electric Skateboards – amazon.com choices

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What is an Off-Road All Terrain Electric Skateboard? Off Road All Terrain Electric Skateboards often abbreviated as ATE Skateboards – are designed specifically to traverse allterrain boarding – rough terrains like grasslands, hills, forest trails and sand. These boards usually have larger wheels and trucks. They are also faster, bulkier, heavier and pricier than any […]