Skateboarding Drills for Beginners

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Skateboarding is the best activity that will allow you to stay fit and reach your destination in a fun way. There are many amazing moves that you can learn while skateboarding. (Note – This is a brief article on skateboarding tips and tricks. Go to Beginner Skateboard Tricks article in which we have elaborated more […]

Best Skateboard Brands (Top Ten Brands of 2020)

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The skateboard industry has become highly competitive. Even some of the Best Skateboard Brands – renowned for their supreme skateboard decks are facing a lot of competition. There are many companies all around the world – producing premium quality skateboards. Some skateboards are crafted and designed by famous skateboarders. Nowadays many Skateboard Deck Manufacturers get […]

7 Epic Locations to Skateboard in the World

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Skateboarding is one of that sports that does not require a proper platform or place to experience the thrill that involves the high and low jumps while maintaining a fine balance on the skateboard. People who wish to fly while not being able to actually do it mostly prefer skateboarding because it gives that feeling of […]

How to stand on a skateboard

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A kind of the sports that allows the person to imaginary fly is the best one. It allows the person some serious risks, excitement, thrill, and sports aggressiveness in life that is otherwise difficult to get in any other sports or events. People who choose to take a risk over relaxing and playing it safe […]