Rollin Skateboards (Are they worth the price?)

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After securing my trucks with one last skeptical turn of the socket wrench, I sat for a moment and pondered the logo screened across the bottom of the new deck I had received. The Rollin Skateboards logo stared back at me innocently enough. Though I had never put one foot onto a board manufactured by […]

Savier Shoes (A Short Lived Skate Shoe Brand)

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Shoe companies are a dime a dozen these days. This means two things:1) One can find a shoe for every style and budget.2) Shoe companies must produce a quality product (or have really good marketing) to last. Back in 2000’s Given Savier’s popularity, we though they must be doing something right. The company offered Switch […]

Arbor Longboard Review (Arbor Collective)

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Though better know for products seen on mountain tops, skateboarders may be interested to know Arbor also applies its keen aesthetic eye and knack for innovation to boards made for riding blacktop. Switch tested two of the company’s skateboards to see if they meet the high standard set by their snowboards. These boards definitely measure […]

What Does the Thrasher Logo Mean

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Are you a mystery lover, trying to find out hidden messages behind words and symbols? Do you believe that every little thing around you has a meaning waiting to be found or a code waiting to be cracked and you cannot rest until you have solved the mystery? Well, take a sigh of relief as […]

Rap Skateboarding (Links to Best Hip-Hops)

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Music Makes Skateboarding Thrilling 10 Best Music Hip Hops to Tune into while Skateboarding The Low End Theory – A Tribe Called Quest Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) Explicit Lyrics – Wu-Tang Clan Mind Of A Stoner [Explicit] – By Machine Gun Kelly Back from the Dead [Explicit] – House Of Pain Nollie Tre Flip [Explicit] – Hopsin You Never Knew […]