Skateboarding Drills for Beginners

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Skateboarding is the best activity that will allow you to stay fit and reach your destination in a fun way. There are many amazing moves that you can learn while skateboarding. (Note – This is a brief article on skateboarding tips and tricks. Go to Beginner Skateboard Tricks article in which we have elaborated more […]

7 Epic Locations to Skateboard in the World

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Skateboarding is one of that sports that does not require a proper platform or place to experience the thrill that involves the high and low jumps while maintaining a fine balance on the skateboard. People who wish to fly while not being able to actually do it mostly prefer skateboarding because it gives that feeling of […]

How to stand on a skateboard

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Skateboard Foot Placement and Skateboard Stance If you want to fly high, then learn How to stand on a skateboard. A proper skate stance and perfecting your skateboard footing is all  you need to master in the beginning, And then – sky is the limit. A sport that allows the person to imaginary fly is the […]