Jim German, Crazzy Larry Co-Skater Roy Carnage Interview

Big ollie at the May Fest contest in Allentown PA

This interview by switch magazine is a reproduction of the original post put up by the magazine on Feb 15th 04 by: themselves. The article was originally titled “Roy Carnage vs Raymond Gurz“.

Go on to read the whole interview by Roy Carnage – a Co Skater with Jim German and Crazzy Larry.

Ray Gurz: Let us know where you are from.
Roy Carnage: Allentown PA

Ray Gurz: Where is that place?
Roy Carnage: Somewhere near Vietnam and Cambodia where a lot of jank is.

Ray Gurz: What?
Roy Carnage: Its is 45 minutes to 1 hour from FDR, not Philly, FDR. I like skating FDR and boycotting Love Park.

Ray Gurz: Heres a question people would love to know. Why do you look so pissed all the time?
Roy Carnage: Its not that im pissed, well ok, 3/4s of the time I am because learning new tricks is annoying. For me it not easy. Then I work 2 jobs and deal with idiots all day. Then the most likely reason is called stern face. Simple, look totally stern and people dont bother you.

Ray Gurz: Sponsors.
Roy Carnage: Im sponsored my a tattoo shop called Foundation Tattoo. I am a mobile billboard. Chris at PennSkate helps too. Other than that nothing has come my way, board companies, wheels butt plugs, nothing.

Ray Gurz: So Roy what do you have to say about Bambam Macalihans?
Roy Carnage: I love them, if you see a set just yell Bambam Macalihan, cause they only go by so often.

Ray Gurz with a big ollie at PennSkate in Allentown Pa

Ray Gurz: Four things you dont like.
Roy Carnage: Egg salad, flat spots, letting my big ass chin meet the pavement, constantly falling on my right hip.

Ray Gurz: Four things you love

Roy Carnage: Friends (not the show) Yelling at rollerbladers, making loud nosie, screaming.

Ray Gurz: What really bothers you?
Roy Carnage: When you go skating at a park or a new place and everyone keeps quite. Someone can land any trick and no one yells or claps, that lame. When you yell at someone it should sike the up. It does for me and it will always be like that.

Ray Gurz: Who do you skate with?
Roy Carnage: Schmatnitz rides usually after I grab is mams, G-laub, Gary Mathis, Crazy Larry, Jim German.

Ray Gurz: Favorite skaters
Roy Carnage: There’s a few but one sticks out for me, he’s from Easton Pa, his name is Jay Sigafoos, the Easton Warrior. intensity and style.

Ray Gurz gap ollie to tailslide

Ray Gurz: Besides skaters who do you hang out with?
Roy Carnage: There’s not many people who i can tolerate at all times. Mike Ireton, we think alike. We like beating ourselves up and we pick on each other very well. What else could you ask for?

Ray Gurz: If skating ended tomorrow…
Roy Carnage: I would eat raisins till I died.

Ray Gurz: Last comments
Roy Carnage: I am willing to die for my friends, whether they skateboard or not. Talking shit gets you last place. When you need to be antisocial its always for a good reason. You don’t need to justify your actions to anyone else.

Ray Gurz: thanks?
Roy Carnage: i would really like to thank Ray Gurz for keeping Roy pretty much together, Chris at PennSkate, Mike Ireton at Foundation Tattoo, Aaron and Keith at Switch Magazine. Ghost Riders… a huge thanks to anyone who has helped me out this last year, im surprised im still around.

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