Kyle Berard – Interview at Virgina Beach Skatepark

Kyle Berard bs 180 kickflip Virgina Beach Skatepark

Kyle Berard interviewed at Virgina Beach Skatepark

If you were one of the few that braved the cold for the Utopia Contest, then you know Kyle Berard, if not you’ll be seeing him in the future. We tracked Kyle down to Virgina Beach were he was hanging with his friends at the Virgina Beach Skatepark blasting the pyramids and slant to slants as well as commanding respect from the kids and amping up the older guys.

Kyle’s style is as smooth as they come and about as consistent as they get. If he shows up in your town, just kick back and watch the show.

skateboarder 5050 grind  marble ledge Kyle Berard

Switch: So What got you into skating?
Kyle: Mount Trashmore. Just going up there and watching.

Switch: Now what keeps you skating?
Kyle: I have no friends.

Switch: I’m sure you heard about the checks bouncing.

skateboarding is not a crime cops suck

Switch: When you started skating, who were the pros that were your biggest influence?
Kyle: PeeWee, Joe Fernadez, Julias. They were always skating at the Chesapeake Skatepark and that where I started.

Kyle Berard 360flip

Switch: How did you feel about the Utopia street layout?
kyle: I liked it. It was simple, but I thought they could have used more of the space.

Switch: How’d it feel to have two almost perfect runs against so many well know pros?
Kyle: Felt lucky. I was just hanging with Mike Peterson, it wasn’t really about the contest it was about having fun.

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