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Best Off Road All Terrain Electric Skateboards

What is an Off-Road All Terrain Electric Skateboard?

Off Road All Terrain Electric Skateboards often abbreviated as ATE Skateboards – are designed specifically to traverse allterrain boarding – rough terrains like grasslands, hills, forest trails and sand.

These boards usually have larger wheels and trucks. They are also faster, bulkier, heavier and pricier than any standard e skateboard.

All Terrain electric skateboards are more suitable for adventurous riding. It gives you a smoother and stable ride over rough terrains as well as smooth surfaces.

Do You Need One?

If you are worrying about bumps, dirt or gravel damaging your electric skateboard or prefer safety over all other factors – go for a good all terrain electric skate. 

Not long ago, skateboarding was mostly limited to streets, skate parks, smooth and concrete surfaces. But with leading innovations, electric skateboards have broken free of those limitations.

With All terrain electric skateboards, you can now cruise smoothly over gravel, hill, sand, dirt and rough surfaces without having to worry about anything.

What terrain can I ride my AT/Off-road electric skateboard on?

Basically you can ride on all types of terrains from concrete to grass, beach, forest trails and other bumpy rough surfaces. In short these are for allterrain boarding.

However it is not ideal for these boards to ride on paved streets and roads. Unless you have a 2 in 1 board, where you get different swappable wheels for different terrains.

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1 – Raldey AT V2

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2 – Teamgee H20T

Teamgee H20T - Thin off-road electric skateboard

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3 – Moto Tec MT

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4 – Azbo Y8 AT Budget

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5- Atom B10 X Electric

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6-Backfire Ranger V2

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7 – Yecoo GTS (2 IN 1)

Yecoo GTS - Off Road All Terrain Electric Skateboard

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8 – Wowgo AT2

Wowgo AT 2 Off-Road Electric Skateboard

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9-Maxfind FF Plus

Maxfind FF Plus 3 Off-Road Electric Skateboard

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10 – Evolve Carbon GTR

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11-Ownboard Bamboo

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12 – Ecomobl M24 PRO

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Factors to consider before buying any Off Road All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Getting your hands on the best all terrain electric skateboard is quite difficult as there are many great options. So it is best to figure out your preferences and considerations before purchasing one.

We have listed all the factors you need to look – for selecting a good all terrain skate. Evaluate what matters you the most – 

Motor Power

To absolutely rule over uneven terrains you need power and speed which is guaranteed by a powerful motor. And a motor is what sets apart good electric offroad skateboards from the rest of the husk.

The higher the power the better the torque and acceleration – making it easier for you to smoothly cruise unevenness.

Going for Dual Motors rather than a single motor would be the best option. Dual motors provide higher power. Also Belt Drive Motors offer great speeds and stability while Hub Motors offer more power.


If you are looking for an AT board to cruise on hills, grasslands or in the woods, then you must get a board that offers good range. 

Good range means you don’t have to be worry about being stuck in uneven lands and carrying your heavy board around.

Carrying your board won’t be a pleasant experience – especially when it is an off road all terrain bulky skateboard – and not a standard board.


Damaging little parts of your ride while riding at top speeds on uneven terrains is something you will face now and then. 

Which is why you must get a board that comes with swappable parts or with parts that are easily available in the market.

Offroad Skateboard Wheels

The most noticeable difference between an AT board and a standard e-skateboard is – wheels. Cruising off-road is better with large air filled pneumatic tires rather than polyurethane wheels.

Look for a board with larger tires for good grip. Bigger wheels are comfortable in trailing off-road, but they don’t give you fast acceleration and torque.

Also go for wider trucks as they help to smoothly jump over bumps.

The image below is Raldey’s – a premium high quality all terrain electric skateboard. Just look at the wheels size and how they protrude out of the deck. The off road skateboard wheels is one of the reason – making this deck one of the fastest and stablest.


You will obviously be riding on lot of bumps and rocks on uneven surfaces. Make sure to get yourself a board with good suspension for stability, grip and balance.

Soft suspensions are better at absorbing shocks and vibrations than stiff and hard ones.

Water and Dust Resistance

Rough terrains are mostly dusty and muddy.  While riding on these terrains you are bound to get dirt and water on your board – and it is electrified!

Take a good look at the boards IP rating, which gives you a sense of how safe the board is from dust, water gravel, and small pebbles.


Search for a board which uses durable, tensile material like Carbon Fiber. It is more lightweight than the standard wooden deck.

A sturdy and durable board will be able to withstand all the rough and tough you throw at it. And more importantly – you cannot afford a board to get damaged – which costed you fair amount of dollars.

Your electric off road skateboards should be rain protected too. Mark them – these are electric machines – needing proper insulation.


The general opinion is that expensive electric skateboards are good when it comes to quality, performance and durability. 

If you are a regular off road rider than its best to invest in best e boards – even if they costs you some extra dollars.

But if you are not a regular, than you can get some of the budget boards that are good for both street and off-road riding.

We have reviewed and linked – both kinds of boards in this post.

Rider’s Weight

Considering riders weight is very important. Heavier riders will slow the board while lighter riders are faster on them. 

Remember to check the weight capacity of the board.

If your weight exceeds the limit – go for an off road longboard. Off Road Longboards – offer a wide array of advantages over all terrain skateboards.

Check out our post on – How to choose an off road longboard where we have reviewed top 10 off road longboards available in the market.

Considering the above factors – we have prepared a list of 15 AT-electric skateboards that will not only guarantee you the best Off-road experience but will also be worth every penny.

At the last of the review there is a “Best For” box – prepared by our researchers – which briefs whether the eboard is appropriate for you as a rider or not.

After making your selection – you can click the shop e skateboard button – which will redirect you to the buying page.

Happy All Terrain Off Road Electric Skateboarding!

Raldey AT V2 – Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Raldey AT V2 Off-Road Electric Skateboard

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Raldey AT V2 is a fast, lightweight and affordable AT-electric skateboard. It is the only automatic skateboard which beats even the mighty Carbon Evolve with a margin.

The lightweight deck is made of 100% Japanese T700 carbon fiber. It measures 40 x 7.5 x 5.4 inches making it an off road electric longboard skateboard. It’s large size increases flexibility and and carbon fiber ensures sturdiness and stabilityThe deck is strong enough to hold 265 lbs and it just weighs 10.7kg.

3000w is a lot of power beneath your feet. The 1500w dual motors give you an impressive max speed of 29mph and a better torque. The board has a 30 degrees hill climbing range. 

10S4P 14 AH battery enables 19 miles range, and it takes approximate 3-4 hours to charge.

One of the greatest feature which results in V2 being the best off-road electric skateboard is wheels huge airless wheels. You can chose from two variants – 165mm (6.5inches) and 195mm (7.5 inches). In comparison to pneumatic wheels – these are very comfortable, provides stability and you are saved from tire puncture hassles. 

254mm double kingpin trucks, protruding wheels and the belt motor mounted at the rear end of the board – makes the facade of the board look muscular, bulky and full of power.

Raldey V2 is powerful and fast – and hence the riders are advised to be fully protected when riding on difficult terrains. Falls can lead to injuries and even death.

This is the Generation 2 model upgraded version from Raldey’s and hence named V2. We have two V2s’ in our warehouse and through out our experience remains great. We never had troubles on bumpy grounds, very rough terrains and even going up hills.

In order to make it all terrain – Raldey has made it pretty light – so it can be used as a street electric board and an off road skateboard.


  • Impressive Max Speed
  • Ultra Lightweight Deck
  • High grade Japanese Carbonfiber Deck
  • Killer Looks
  •  Airless Wheels
  • Economic All Terrain Electric Skateboard


  • Medium Range
  • The remote is OK
  • Lacks Headlights and Taillights

Shop – Raldey AT V2 Electric Off Road Skateboard

Best For – Raldey AT V2 is great off road electric skateboard. The weight makes it apt for young riders, non professionals and female skateboarders. It has got quality, power, strength and the desired looks.

Evolve Carbon GTR AT E Skateboard

Evolve Carbon GTR - Off Road All Terrain Electric Skateboards
Evolve Carbon GTR – Image Credit – Evolve USA

Evolve Carbon GTR is best known for its acceleration, speed, range, control and build quality. In terms of design it is a true marvel. It is the best automatic skateboard – rated by many skateboard magazines.

The carbon fiber deck ensures a smooth and stable off-road riding experience. It also gives you a good flex to cruise smoothly over bumps. The deck is strong enough to hold some 220 pounds. 

However the board is not portable because it weighs 10 kgs, making it one of the heaviest boards of this list.

This board is a game changer for range lovers. You can ride up to an amazing distance of 31 m on a single charge on its 14Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery

The only downside to this is that the battery takes some 4-5 hours to charge, (which is something you would not expect from such a premium board).

The 1500w dual brushless motors on this board lets you clock a max speed of 22-26mph. The speed is thrilling considering it is an off road skate. 

It is a big wheeled skateboard. You get the board with two types of swappable wheels for different terrains

  • 97 mm, 76 a wheels for street riding
  • 7 inch pneumatic tires for all terrain riding.

With a combination of range and speed, the Evolve Carbon GTR allows you to experience a seamless allterrain boarding.


  • Premium Quality Build
  • Flexible and Durable 
  • Excellent Range
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Guarantee


  • Less Weight Capacity
  • Heavy Deck
  • Long Battery Charge Time

Shop – Evolve Carbon GTR E Skate​

Best For – Evolve Carbon GTR is a premium quality off road electric skateboard – best for experienced off-road riders. It costs like wise – but it’s durability realises whatever you pay for it. 

Teamgee H20T – Thin Off-Road Electric Skateboard

Teamgee H20T - Thin off-road electric skateboard

Teamgee H20T is one of the thinnest all-terrain e skateboards featuring a sleek 15mm deck. The fine deck is the result of a high quality paper thin plate.

It is also one of the best budget all terrain electric skateboards from a reputed brand. All other boards are more or less costing $900 and above. You have to pay about 30% less – for Teamgee H20T in comparison to other almost look alike features skateboard.

The all terrain skateboard has 8 layers of Canadian maple + 1 layer of fiberglass. Maple and fiberglass is the best mixture. Maple provides strength and fiberglass the desired flexibility. We tried the board twice to check it’s stability on high speeds and rough terrains – and the skateboard performed much better than our expectations.

Teamgee H20T gives you a high speed of 26mph. The speed and 30 degree inclination is a result of heavy duty tires and 1200W hub motors. The board gives you 18 Miles of Range which is also bare minimum.  

In comparison to Raldey and other off road skateboards reviewed in the post – the speed and the motor power are not very handsome. Other off road skateboards offer motor power upto 5000W!

However the battery charges in some 2-4 hours, which lets you hop back on your board quickly.

If you are into mountain boarding then you would surely love the stability of the board. Teamgee has worked superbly on the steadiness.

To make the ride more controlled – the board comes with 103mm rubber tires which have 24 holes for shock absorption. If you order now – Teamgee will also send you free PU wheels to change them if you are street skateboarding. 

The off road longboard skateboard has a Teamgee patented W-shaped foot socket on the deck, The socket gives more firmness for the rider to place his foot on the deck. Other than this – the deck has warped sides and the wheels have a concave design.  to give it a more aerodynamic design.

H20T is an extremely light weight off road skateboard. It weighs 20 lbs. Carrying it for long distances is always convenient. 

Most all terrain skateboards are very heavy. If you are off to a recreational ride – then boarding them on a RV or electric bike is the only option. 

Overall H20T is a beautiful amalgamation between a high end cruiser skateboard and a beginner all terrain electric skateboard. It has stability, thinness and portability. You can use it to go to colleges and offices and can pretty much use it for weekend rough rides.

However can not expect Teamgee to do a Bajaboard or a Raldey. Those have extremely powerful motors. The downside being – a Raldey MT V3 or V2 – will not perform on streets. 


  • Very stable and balanced
  • Extremely Portable
  • Strong and a Thin Deck
  • Comes with free PU wheels


  • Less Range
  • Average Speed

Shop – Teamgee H20T All Terrain E Skate​

Best For – Teamgee H20T is a beginner level electric
longboard cum skateboard. Because of a balanced deck and a low overall weight it is ideal for off road skateboarding and all terrain riding. If you are a pro skateboarder looking for hardcore off road riding then we do not recommend buying this light machine.

Moto Tec MT SKT 1600 – Off Road E Deck

Moto Tec is what you would call a true off road electric skateboard. It is more like a monster board on wheels.

With powerful 1600w dual belt-drive motors, Moto Tec gives you a good 18-22mph of max speed. 

The max range is a decent 10 miles on a single charge. A full charge takes around 2-3 hours.

The deck of the board is very hard. Made from 12 layers of maple wood, it is strong enough to hold up to 260lbs. To guarantee you a stable and comfortable ride, the design of the board includes raised edges.

With all these added wood layers – Moto Tec weighs 71lbs.  making it probably the heaviest electric skateboard. Don’t ever think about carrying it.

It runs on large air-filled tires. They are great at absorbing rigorous shocks, hurdles and perform really well off-road making it a perfect dirt skateboard too.

Other than the weight – this all terrain skateboard – has a poorly built remote – you will find it utterly disappointing. It might also be uncomfortable in your hand.


  • Great Suspensions
  • Strong and Durable Chassis
  • Strongest Deck in any eboard


  • Extremely Heavy
  • Low Mileage
  • Average Remote Built

Shop – Moto Tec MT SKT 1600 All Terrain

Best For – Moto Tec MT SKT 1600 is good for serious Off road riders who prefer power and over range and are not very much into looks and designs. The off road e board is not at all suitable for female skateboarders and kids. 

Azbo Y8 Off Road Electric Board

AZBO Y8 is a beefy board, unlike other electric boards.

The deck is 11 layers of maple wood with high-density emery non-slip waterproof surface. This makes the deck strong and sturdy enough to hold up to 286 pounds.

Powered by 3000w hub motors, it reaches a max speed of 25mph.  Going uphill with this board is a real breeze. The 11Ah LG lithium battery gives you enough juice to cruise 20 miles on a single charge. 

You get to enjoy 3 different speed modes, based on the terrains and your preferred style of riding.

Azbo Y8 comes with 7.8 inch studded tread pattern pneumatic tires for extra traction and floatation on rough terrains.

Design and built is pretty sleek for an all-terrain board. It looks similar to a snowboard with a wide and long deck. And hence for extra stability, safety and better balance the board has detachable straps attached to the deck to lock in your feet.

Azbo Y8 is heavy on both the pocket as well as on hands. It costs 1699$ and weighs around 35lbs.

For extra protection – you get safety gears with Azbo – which includes:

  • Kneepads
  • Wrist guards and
  • Elbow pads


  • Foot Straps for Extra Safety
  • Strong Tires
  • Anti Slip – Water Resistant Deck
  • Comes with 1 year warranty


  • 3 hours to charge the battery
  • Moderately Heavy
  • A Bit Pricier

Shop – Azbo Y8 All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Best For – Azbo Y8 is a wonderful electric off road skateboard for almost all kinds of riders. The weight is compensated by it’s sleek design making it good skate for female skaters as well.  The board has style, power, speed, range and safety.

Atom B10X Off-Road Electric Skateboard

Atom B10X off-road electric skateboard

Atom B10X is a uniquely designed off-road electric skate board built entirely from wood having a wooden finish. Most of the off road boards – have a macho sturdy look – but Atom has designed all their B Series electric longboards – the same. Although wood does not look bad – but on off roads you prefer something fiery. 

The board runs on 1000w belt motor and 25R 90wh Li-ion batteries – allowing you allterrain boarding at a maximum speed of 15 mph with 7 miles range. With Regenerative Braking – you might go one mile extra. 

B10X uses foc sine-wave controller for smooth acceleration/braking and maximum control. The controller gives you a 12% hill climbing range and the needed torque to push you up on steep hills.

We had a ride once on the board and it had good control. However while going uphills – it got slow.

It uses 100 mm PU 78A durometer hard off road wheels – which are good in dirt and even on rocky gravel. This size and specification wheels are used even in +$1000 off road skateboards. You get to choose from a lot of colors – however we seriously disliked blue, green and orange with the wooden finish.

The deck measures – ‎36 x 10 x 5.5 inches and features drop neck cut. We found the design a bit unusual. Mostly you will find drop neck in skateboards facilitating tricks and on an off road that too electric skateboard you are not going to carve or flip .

The specs makes one feel – that the board must be beefy and heavy – however B10X weighs just 14 lbs. 

Considering other All Terrain Off Road Electric Skateboards – this one is quite light. And being lightweight greatly enhances it’s consumer experience. You can use this as a dirt skateboard too.

Atom Longboards – has another heavier off road skateboard model – B18DX 2 in 1. It is a street and all terrain longboard combined with 1800W Dual Motors and double the battery power – 180Wh – than B10X. 

You have to swap the 100mm wheels for all terrain riding and 90 mm wheels for street cruising.

The speed, range, grade – all gets enhanced in B18DX. It is the latest by Atom Boards and can compete some of the above reviewed top notch and lucrative off road skateboards. However B10X cannot stand alongside Raldey V2, Evolve Carbon and other high performance and big wheeled skateboards.

Atom B10X is strictly for beginners who want to cruise and go all terrain once in a fortnight. Mileage, top speed, range and most importantly it’s budget price – makes it great for kids, female skateboarders and college goers. It is the cheapest off-road electric skateboard reviewed in this post.


  • Extremely Cheap
  • Comparatively Quite Light Weight
  • Amazing Customer Service
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Best for Beginners


  • Not a very Powerful Motor
  • Not long range
  • Only 12% inclination range

Shop – Atom B10X off-road electric skateboard

Best For – Atom B10X is a great and affordable beginner off road electric skateboard longboard which has more pros than cons. It is ultimate for male and female skateboarders alike. Provided you are a professional or intermediate – then you should look for some other macho machine.

Backfire Ranger X2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Backfire Ranger X2 - All Terrain - Off Road All Terrain Electric Skateboards
Backfire Ranger X2

Backfire Ranger X2 is a premium automatic skateboard with great quality parts and features. The deck is designed to be more of a longboard for better control and stability on rough terrains.

2400w dual hub motors, gives you a decent max speed of 22mph. However you would expect a board of this quality and powerful motor to pack more speed.

50.4v 454wh battery, promises to make up for the speed by allowing you a 16-22 miles maximum range on a single charge.

The Backfire Ranger X2 comes with 6.5 inch airless honeycomb rubber tires. The rubber absorbs the shocks and helps you quite a lot with the friction.

To further ease on the vibrations, the board has a flexible and curved deck and comes equipped with front and back Kingpin Trucks

All the parts of the board are sealed and cased providing the board protection from sand, dirt and little rocks. 

The heavy parts and encasement makes the board a little heavy weighing in at 28lbs. In comparison to other off road electric skateboards reviewed here – Ranger 2 is lighter.


  • Powerful Motors
  • Airless Honeycomb Tires
  • Encased Electronic Parts
  • Great Mileage


  • Moderate High Speeds
  • Not a 10+ Ply Deck

Shop – Backfire Ranger X2 E Skateboard

Best For – Backfire Ranger X2 is Best for Beginners and Novice who love stability and long range off-road cruising. The board does not cost much either and falls into less than $1000 range.

Yecoo GTS (2 IN 1) – Best Budget All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Yecoo GTS is budget friendly hybrid e-skateboard with great design and build quality. The electric skateboard is also known as the Urban Cross Country Vehicle because of its easily replaceable wheels.

It comes with 2 different sets of tires for different terrains. They have the 83mm PU wheels for street riding and 6 inch non-inflatable silicone tires for off-road cruising.

Yecoo GTS is made for all kinds of riders. Its 8 layer super strong deck can carry weights up to 330lbs. The deck is constructed from the finest and strongest maple wood

Weighing at 19.6lbs the board is slightly heavy but can be carried around while commuting. Considering other off road skateboards – it is definitely lightweight.

If this is not enough to impress you, then the boards speed and mileage is definitely a deal breaker. Its 9 ah Samsung battery allows you to ride up to a range of some 12-21 miles based on the riding conditions and weight of the rider.

While, the 2000w belt drive motors offer you a max speed of 25mph. which is ideal for a hybrid e-skateboard. You also get 3 riding modes for better and smoother control. Yecoo GTS is a big wheeled skateboard too.

Unlike other high end electric boards, this board is equipped with 2 flashlights for safety and better vision at night time. The Yecoo is said to have a great customer service. It is highly prompt and responsive.

Yecoo GTS does not cost much either. You can buy one in less than 700 dollars. It can be termed as a top budget off road electric skateboard.


  • Replaceable Tires for Different Terrains
  • Attached Flashlights
  • Not Very Heavy
  • Great Load Capacity
  • Good After Sales Service


  • Not a 10+ Ply Deck
  • Other than the above point – there are no major Minuses

Shop – Yecoo GTS Hybrid Electric Skateboard

You get flat $30 off – if you buy clicking this link switchdiscounts.

Best For – Yecoo GTS Hybrid is a great pick for all kinds of skateboarders. In fact it is perfect for young riders – beginning skateboarding on electric skateboards. It is sleek, does not weigh a lot and does not cost too much.

Wowgo AT2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Wow Go AT 2 - All Terrain Off Road Electric Skateboards
Wow Go AT 2 – Image Credit – Reddit

The latest Wowgo AT2 is another budget friendly automatic skateboard option for off-road enthusiasts.

Powered by a pair of 1500w belt-drive motors itcan take you upto 25mph within no time. 

It is fueled by a 504wh battery giving you a max range of 22miles. The powerful battery takes approximately 3 hours to charge, which is good enough looking at the maximum range it can cover in a single charge.

It’s flexible deck is made from fiberglass, bamboo and Canadian maple. A flexible battery is attached underneath the deck to help gain a better flex while riding on bumps and cracks. This also helps avoid any kind of battery damage. 

Along with super flexibility the deck is strong enough to hold weights up to 280lbs.

You get 4 speed and power modes, for efficient acceleration and braking. The board is equipped with double kingpin trucks and 7 inch pneumatic wheels for smooth and comfortable riding off-road riding.

The Wowgo AT2 holds an IP55 rating for water and dust resistance. So you need not worry about riding your board over puddles or dirt. 

It is also the most expensive board the company has under its sleeves making it a flagship model. The board will come under 1100 dollars. 

Comparatively it does not cost what Carbon GTR or a Metroboard does. But if you want a cheaper off road skateboard then go with Yecoo GTS.


  • Flexible and Durable Deck
  • Certified Water and Dust Resistant


  • Shaky at High Speeds
  • Heavy Board Weighing in at 30lbs

Shop – Wowgo AT2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard​

Best For – Wowgo AT2 is a decent All Terrain Electric Skateboard. Go with this one if you cannot afford a premium model like Metro or Bajaboard and are not satisfied with a Budget board. We believe some of the dollars are for the Brand.

Maxfind FF Plus All Terrain Electric Offroad Skateboard

Maxfind FF Plus - All Terrain Off Road Electric Skateboard

Maxfind FF Plus is another good skateboard with quality parts and great features.

The Plus version has a wide carbon deck with large wheels, perfect for extreme off-road riding. With a 35% range of hill climbing, you couldn’t ask more from an AT board.

It is powered by 1200w dual motors which gives you a max speed of 25mph. The board is backed by a 36V 4.4AH Samsung battery that allows you to cruise up to a max distance of 11 miles. The battery takes around 3 hours to charge.

The range might sound a little disappointing, but you do have the option to amp it up by buying additional 6ah Samsung batteries. It will lead you to 40-60 mile range. Swapping the batteries is also quite easy.

Although the extra swappable batteries make up for the low range you would expect the battery on board to be able to pump that much juice so that you wouldn’t have to change batteries every time you want to cruise extra miles.

The design seems a little inappropriate. It also lacks in terms of comfort and range. 

The board is between light and heavy boards weighing in at 24 lbs and is strong enough to carry weights up to 220 lbs.


  • Wide Deck 
  • Swappable Batteries
  • Medium Heavy


  • Very Low Range
  • Lacks in Design and Comfort

Shop – Maxfind FF Plus AT Electric Skate

Best For – Maxfind FF Plus is yet to find its name and proper place in the skateboard market. Although it has some issues – but overall the board makes a wonderful skateboarding equipment. And with an additional battery – Maxfind is one of out favourites.

Ownboard Bamboo AT Electric Skateboard

Ownboard Bamboo - All Terrain Off Road Electric Skateboards

Ownboard Bamboo is a powerful, sleek board measuring 39 inches long. Basically it is an off road all terrain electric longboard

It is powered by 1500w dual belt-drive motors. The motor powers it to reach a max speed of 22.5 mph

The range on this board is also pretty good. On a single charge it takes you up to 19 miles. The battery takes 3-4 hours for a complete charge.

Overall the board is medium weight lightweight weighing just 25 pounds.

Ownboard runs on 150mm honeycomb rubber tires or 120mm GT cloud-wheels with damping foamies core. Actually you can select the type of tires you are comfortable with.

You even have the option to opt for Bash Guard. It comes equipped with regenerative braking system.

The deck is made of fiberglass and bamboo making it strong enough to carry 220lbs.

Ownboard is a good brand – shipping it’s products all over US and Europe. And this off road electric skateboard has been praised by a lot of consumers.


  • Lightweight Deck
  • Regenerative braking
  • Offers Customization


  • Battery takes long time to charge
  • Delivery Takes 25 Days

Shop – Ownboard Bamboo All Terrain E Skate

Best For – Ownboard Bamboo is a good off road skateboard having qaulity specs and features. It makes a good deck for beginners in for casual riding and also for mediocre skaters. As a professional we suggest going for a Bajaboard or a Metroboard.

BajaBoard Pantera

Bajaboard - Off Road All Terrain Electric Skateboards

Bajaboard is the definition of style, power and performance. It is best known for its large AT wheels and incredible suspension system. 

Pantera – a beast designed by Bajaboards – is one of the most expensive off electric electric skateboards around the world,

The board comes with integrated headlights and taillights for extra safety.You will see one of the best remote controls with the Bajaboard. 

The Pantera offers you an impressive 45mph top speed and a max range of 31 miles.

It is fueled by 1100wh battery and is powered by 4 3500w motors which is way more than the power you need. 

The construction of the board is strong to easily handle weights up to 350lbs.

However Bajaboard is not something you can carry along. The deck weighs 57lbs which means you can only take it out on a RV or an electric bike. 

It is not a cheap motorized board. The signature Pantera version is greater than $3500 skateboard. Although you will not feel a single penny wasted.

The manufacturer is top notch and the board itself comes with several guarantees.


  • Super Powerful Motors
  • Mind Blowing Top Speed
  • Excellent Weight Capacity


  • Extremely Heavy Deck
  • Costs Similar to a Micro or a Second Hand Hatchback

Shop – BajaBoard Pantera​

Best For – Bajaboard Pantera Signature version is an extreme offroad eboard. The site itself mentions – this is not for beginners. Invest so many dollars only if you are a professional off road skateboarder – and after clearing your hands on other cheaper versions. 

Onewheel + XR Electric Skateboard

Onewheel is not a usual board. Unlike other electric skateboards or any skateboard Onewheel rides on just one single large wheel placed in the center of the board – thus the name Onewheel. 

The board works on weight shifting mechanism. When you lean forward while standing on the board it accelerates and when you lean backwards it brakes.

Onweheel is more agile and comfortable compared to other electric skateboards. As this board uses sensors to ride there is no remote control needed. The inbuilt sensors make acceleration and braking comfortably smooth.

The design and built of the board is pretty strong and can handle weights up to 275 lbs.

Weighing at 27 lbs, it is not a very heavyweight machine which can be difficult to maneuver while going fast.

It gives you a max speed of 19 mph and a top range of 15 miles. It comes equipped with a 324 wh battery

The board runs on hypercore brushless motors and has powerful LED lights

However electric off road skateboards are not just about cruising at all types of terrains – there are into climbing hills and going deep valleys too. And this is where Onewheel is not a pro. Hill climbing and downhill ride are not the smoothest on a single wheel.

Check out alternate skateboards if you are looking for some hilly skateboarding.


  • Lightweight Deck
  • Innovative and Unique Design 
  • Highly Illuminated with LEDs


  • Low Range
  • Hill Climbing and Downhill Riding is Not up to the Mark

Shop – Onewheel + XR Electric Offroad Skateboard

Best For – Onewheel + XR Electric Skateboard​ is pretty good for cruising on streets and moderate terrains. On difficult ones – you need something having four.

Kaly NYC XL 2.0 Electric Skateboard

Kaly NYC - Off Road All Terrain Electric Skateboards

Kaly NYC skateboards are purely handmade and customized. All the parts are of high quality and worth every penny. 

The deck of XL 2.0 is highly durable, made from a combination of carbon fiber, fiberglass and basalt. It has a sleek design and an elegant look.

Powered by noiseless direct drive geared motors, the fastest you can go on this board is up to 28-30mph. The board packs a 700wh battery that takes you to a max range of 20-24miles.

You get 8inch wheels for smooth and breezy riding over rough terrains. 

The only issue is – it lets you ride only on one speed mode which is not suitable for beginners.

Check the detailed review of Kaly Nyc XL 2.0 Electric Skateboard.


  • Impressive Top Speed
  • Good Range


  • Heavy Board Weighing Around 18kgs.
  • Only One Speed Mode

Shop – Kaly NYC XL 2.0 E Skateboard

Best For – Kaly NYC XL 2.0 is the modified version of the originally launched NYC.  It is good for experienced riders who want to have total control. As a beginner it is not wise to invest so much. And Kaly Electric Boards are not cheap.

Lacroix Nazare Lonestar All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Lacroix Nazare Lonestar - Off Road All Terrain Electric Skateboards

Lacroix Nazare Lonestar is a big name and the skateboard justifies the titles.

Nazare Lonestar is a complete package including – Speed, comfort, performance, range and build quality.

It runs on dual belt-drive motors giving you a max speed of 35-38mph.

 The board is fueled by a 2178wh 12s12p battery that takes you up to an astonishing 50-60miles. The battery takes 3-4 hours to charge.

You get an ultra-wide deck equipped with bright headlights. The trucks are massive and are built of heavy and durable aluminum.

All these prime features cost! The off road electric skateboard comes at a price of $4000

Lonestar weighs 49lbs, making it an extremely heavy e-skateboard. However this is the problem with all premium skateboards. You cannot expect to have made from low wight decks and perform properly on off road terrains.

Lacroix customer service is totally phenomenal with warranty covered for more than a year or at least a year in some of their boards.


  • Ultra Wide Deck
  • Extremely Fast


  • Heavy Board
  • Heavy Price Tag

Shop – Lacroix Nazare Lonestar E Skateboard

Best For – Lacroix Nazare Lonestar is an ultra premium less than 5000 dollars skateboard. As a beginner it is heavily not advisable. The board will not be very good for kids and female skateboarders as well – because of it’s heavy weight. As a professional regular off street skateboarder – you can definitely go for Lonestar.

Is There any Maintenance Required with All Terrain Electric Skateboards?


AT boards might require more maintenance than other standard e skateboards – considering the fact that you are constantly riding them on rough terrains and uneven surfaces.

You will have to take care of the wheels, the air pressure if you have got air tires and the deck. Electrical parts mostly come properly encased – but as the streets get tougher – the wiring and the circuits may come lose.

Constantly check the screws and fittings and never mess up with the electronics. Charging your battery regularly is also quite important. 

We have got you all covered with “how to maintain an off road electric skateboard” – guide. After purchasing one of the off road skates – do not forget to go through the guide once. 

Last Words

On an Off Road All Terrain Board you need range, speed, stability and comfort to overcome the rough contours.

The ideal choice should be a board that can give you all that.

If you are looking for speed, then you must go with Outstorm, Maxfind FF Plus, Raldey MT V.3, or KalyNYC  XL 2.0. Other than Kaly – these are semi premium skateboard brands. But these possess a powerful motor and secondly they have the toughest off road skateboard wheels.

If you are looking for range then Backfire Ranger X2, BajaBoardPantera, Lacroix Nazare Lonestar are the best choices. All these are great brands with wonderful customer service and product quality – however they are pretty high on costs.

Evolve Carbon GTR, Azbo Y8, Metroboard X, Yecoo GTS, Wowgo AT2 are some of the electric off road skateboards – which tick all the factors and provide a seamless off-terrain riding experience. These are not a Rolex or a Tesla you can flash – but they do not cost you a fortune either.

If you already have an electric skateboard and are looking for wheels – check out our post – on how to select. sturdier and speed enhancer off road skateboard wheels. 

For other alternative skateboards check out our posts on – Fastest Electric Skateboards and Skateboard Types.

Lastly – Go Hard on Hard Terrains!