Best Electric Longboards – Top 10 E Longboards worth your money – 2022 Updated


10 Best Electric Longboards

Longboarding has always been a subculture of skateboarding since the start.

Below are reviews for 10 of the Best Electric Longboards designed by some of the Top Brands like Skatebolt, Teamgee and Raldey.

Top 3 Electric Longboards


Skatebolt Breeze 2 Best Electric Longboard

With a top speed of 30 mph and 15 miles of range and infused with 900W motors, SkateBolt Breeze 2 ranks as the best electric longboard internationally.
Manufacturer – Skatebolt

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Teamgee H5 Trusted Electric Longboard

Teamgee H5 Electric Longboard runs on 2 380W motors with a top speed of 22 miles. H5 and H9 are two most trusted electric longboards.
Manufacturer – Teamgee

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Hiboy S22 Economic Electric Longboard

An all terrain board, Hiboy S22 is powered by 500W Dual Hub motor clocking 18.6 Miles. It is the only board having 4 ride and 4 brake modes. Manufacturer – Hiboy

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E Longboards Top Ten Fastest

Best Electric Longboards – Top Ten Fastest

  1. SkateBolt Breeze 2 Electric Longboard (30 mph)
  2. Maxfind FF Street Longboard Skateboard Electric (26 mph)
  3. SkateBolt Tornado Pro Electric Longboard (26 mph)
  4. PHOENIX RYDERS Tornado I (25 mph)
  5. AZBO Electric Longboard (25 mph)
  6. Teamgee H5 Dual Motor Electric Longboard (22 mph)
  7. Onlyone O 8 Electric Longboard (22 mph)
  8. Hiboy S22 Electric Longboard (18.6 mph)
  9. SWAGSKATE NG2 “A.I.-Powered” Electric Longboard (18 mph)
  10. Blitzart Huracane Electric Longboard (17 mph)
  • The list above is for best fastest electric longboards. The actual rankings (based on variables other than speed) – might differ.

Are Electric Longboards Worth it?​

Are Electric Longboards Worth it?

The thrill of cruising at higher speeds has taken skateboarding to a new level. Be it just cruising on the street or commuting or gliding downhill, longboarding has been a subculture of skateboarding since the start.

Longboards traces its roots back to the 70’s when the urethane wheels were introduced to the world. Since then Longboarding has been one of the most sought after things besides skateboarding – ranking high in action sports category.

Innovations after innovations, infused with modern technology has led the skateboarding world to electric powered longboards. Since the electric longboards hit the markets, the thrill and excitement of speed has multiplied tenfold.

There are thousands of Longboards electric all claiming to be the best. With numerous options – it has become tough for longboarders to choose the perfect electric longboard, based on their style and preferences. 

If you are a speed lover, then Electric Longboards are the best choice for you. Electric longboards are a hassle free choice for daily commute or simply cruising around the streets. The built and components used in the manufacturing of these electric longboards are worth every penny you invest in it, as they are the best in the market. These boards are built specifically keeping in mind the needs of a longboard rider. Some of the leading longboard manufacturers like VoeepPossway etc – constantly strive to build newer, more comfortable and highly advanced boards for longboarders.

Switch Magazine has compiled a comprehensive list as a guide to help you speed lovers pick the best electric longboard out there. The E-longboards are ranked based on their top speed, durability and designs – as described by the manufacturers.

Note – The longboards are reviewed starting from the lowest rank to the highest. In order to find the top ranked electric longboards – kindly go to the end of the post.

Blitzart Huracane Electric Longboard ​

#10 – Blitzart Huracane Electric Longboards (17MPH)

Blitzart Huracane - Fast Electric Longboard

Blitzart Huracane is a highly durable and long lasting board, made from 7 layers of maple wood sandwiched between 2 layers of bamboo. Bamboo on the edges gives the deck – desired flexibility and the maple is there for sturdiness. 

Because of its hard and strong built it can lift loads up to 250 lbs.

The longboard is powered by a 4.4 ah lithium ion battery and 350W Brushless Hub Motor which allow 6-8 miles of riding on a single charge and approximately 17 mph of speed.

This is one of its major drawback. A weak mileage range does not go well with daily commuters. And more importantly the board is equipped with a powerful motor which should ensure greater miles on the run.

The longboard measures 38 inches in length – which will give you a lot of leg space. 

Blitzart Huracane and other longboards skateboards from the brand is known for their cheap prices. A boosted board having nearly similar specifications will cost twice or thrice.

Another highly praised feature for Huracane is it’s durability (and is the only reason – we have included it in best longboards list). The deck along with it’s parts are known to last years.

Best For – 

We would not recommend this for office and college goers mainly because of low mileage. If you are looking to go long distances, then you might need to look at some of the other models reviewed below.

Blitzart Huracane Electric Longboard is dedicatedly for beginners and strictly not for pro skaters. It is ideal for short distance riders and for casual neighbourhood cruising. 

The skateboard is a great gift for youngsters (even adults) who are new to electric powered skateboards.

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* Blitzart Huracane Electric Longboard Performance Statistics are based on consumer reviews collected from various skateboard websites and stores.

SWAGSKATE NG2 “A.I.-Powered” Electric Longboard

#9 – SwagSkate NG2 “A.I.-Powered” E Longboard (18mph)

Swagtron is another economic longboard manufacturer – with prices and quality close to Blitzarts. The NG2 is their top notch board and the only one to be powered by artificial intelligence (A.I) which can be ridden without remote

The longboard has a mediocre deck – constructed from 6 layers of hard maple wood sandwiched between 2 layers of bamboo. Bamboo gives the flexibility and maple the required hardness.

The deck measures 38.5 inches in length and 11 inches in width. Do not get confused with the photo above – where it looks sleek and thin. The board is widely spread and offers a seemingly fine cruising experience. 

This electric long board is powered by 450w dual motors (900W in total) and 43.8V 3.1Ah battery. This is a lot of power and battery juice. You can go a maximum of 11.8 miles on a single charge with 18 mph of speed. 

In comparison to the mileage of Huracane – Swagskate is a highly metered up longboard. We would definitely choose it over Blitzart – even as a beginner board – because at least we will be able to cover more distance.  

In regards to speed – Swagskate claims it to be one of the fastest electric longboards in the market – but honestly you will find faster e boards. In fact some of them are reviewed in the post below. 

One of the coolest things about this board is the somatosensory navigation system, which helps you control the speed of your board through your body weight and hence no remote required. Hands free is an award winning feature introduced by Swagskate. We have ranked NG2 in the best electric longboards list – for this feature alone.

“The Lean” is their marketing line for NG2. It actually requires a lot of practice to balance the speed and direction – all by the leans and curves. However the longboard comes with a remote as well – for beginners.

This E-longboard makes a wonderful product for technology lovers who are interested in new innovations and A.I infused machines.

NG2 is also advertised as one of the best lightweight longboards – weighing 20 lbs with 220 lbs of maximum load bearing potential however you will find boards lighter in weight than this one. Although 20 lbs is doable – making it good for commuting and carrying around.

Although NG2 can be balanced by your leans – there is a whole skateboarding community who prefer an electric longboard with remote. They narrate many pros for a remote. 

However we are not going deep into why an electric longboard is better over others – the main thing is – you should not completely ride without remote. Some weekend rides on remote is also preferable.

Best For –

Apparently SwagSkate NG2 Electric Longboard is a wonderful equipment for all size and all level skaters. The machine is praised by a lot of longboard electric lovers for having this robust no remote hands free option.

NG2 ideally suits for beginners as well as pro skaters of both genders. It is not very heavy and supports adequate range of miles. Economically it is a wonderful motorized longboard. There are only a handful of models having features like these – available at such low costs.

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* SwagSkate NG2 Electric Longboard Performance Statistics are based on consumer reviews collected from various skateboard websites and stores.

Onlyone O 8 Electric Longboard

#8 – Onlyone O 8 Electric Longboard (22 MPH) – Budget Electric Longboard

Onlyone O8 Electric Longboard

Onlyone is an up growing brand – mostly making electric longboards in 500 – 800 dollars range. Most of their pieces are economical yet perform marvellously. 

O 8 is their trusted model – one having a lot of consumer reviews and positive feed backs. On first glance, the design of this electric longboard will remind you of a sleek power surfboard!

The deck seems pretty thin but is made of 8 layers of canadian maple – making it pretty durable. What we found lacking was some bamboo – which would have made the deck a bit flexible.  

This e longboard is powered by dual 600W two rear motorsWith top speeds of 25 mph and a maximum range of 22 miles, Onlyone O8 surpasses the AI infused Swagskate in terms of mileage and speed. 

The good part is the automatic shut down and start up functions. The motored longboard will start as long as the sliding motor is on and after you are off the board – in ten minutes it will shut down the power automatically.

To make your ride safer and to save battery power – it has regenerative braking system. The battery lasts average miles but is very sleek and weightless. We have never come across a 10.AH battery like this. Input is – 100-240v 2.0a with 200 mah. It gets fully charged in 30 minutes – which is impressive.

To ensure better control and manoeuvrability it comes with 4 speed options. Slow, medium, fast and Quick. 25 miles mentioned above is in the quick mode.  

It comes equipped with 38×9.4 inches medium size wheels with PU solid tires. They will give you a stable ride however we cannot guarantee them to perform on sharp rocks on difficult terrains. 

This electric longboard comes with an average remote – controlling basic functions. We were not very impressed with the display.

In terms of remote – Yuneec E-Go2 used to beat most of the electric longboards and skateboards. A discontinued model – it had a wonderful futuristic remote. It allowed you to connect your board to its app on the I Store too.

Back to Onlyone o-8. A 7,3 kg board having almost all the necessary features allowing 270 pounds of rider weight – in 600 dollars with a trusted brand logo makes a great buy.

Best For – 

Onlyone O8 is budget electric longboard, ideal for beginners who love cruising. It makes a great first electric skate gift to your teenagers. 

For college and office goers – 22 miles on a full charge is enough. However if you are using your e skateboard for purposes not restricted to your two way college ride – then buy a heavy mileage board. Check out the best electric longboards – rest of the list top mileage skateboards. 

Apply promo code “ONLYONE80” to avail 80 dollars off at the checkout. So its a win win.

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* Only O8 Electric Longboard Performance Statistics are based on consumer reviews collected from various skateboard websites and stores.

Meepo Shuffle V4 Electric Longboard

#7 – Meepo Shuffle V4 – Fast Charging Longboard (29 mph)




You cannot have best electric longboards list – without any of the Meepo boards. Meepo is a decent manufacturer targeting the daily commuters and economic buyers.

The prices of all meepo boards will surprise you. And there is one unique feature in every meepo electric skateboard – which make it very different from the rest of the market.

Meepo Shuffe V4 commonly known as Meepo V4 is a recently launched new electric longboard. With 8A fast charging, It takes 28 mins from a fully drained battery to get back to 100%!

Just 28 mins! 

Where – electric longboards are competing for 2.5 to 3 hours of charging time – even in 2021 – 2022 – Meepo V4 has something revolutionary with half hour charging.

Other that that – most of the longboard features are robust. Meepo V4 concave deck has eight layers of Canadian Maple and an added layer of fiberglass – making it durable and flexible especially in quick twists and turns.

Meepo Motor Longboard is powered by 4th-Generation 2 620W Hub Motors (1240W) – which facilitates 20% more torque than it’s predecessor Meepo V3.

It gives you a top speed of 29mph – which is pretty fast. The only other faster board – than meepo v4 – in this list – is skatebolt breeze 2.

The 36 Inches longboard – is meager 17 pounds! Although not the only board – but definitely there are many less full size electric longboards – weighing lesser than 20 pounds.

The deck can support 300 pounds of weight – which again is on the higher end. Most electric longboards even top notch – end at 280 lbs.

So what is the drawback in Meepo V4?

The only drawback we found – was low mileage. On a single charge you can go just 11 miles. Although the charging time is less – but in USA – you are not going to go to college one way – and keep your board on charge – so that you can electrically commute on it – way back home.

Meepo should have given it somewhere near 15 to 17 miles. We think – a few more miles – would have made this a super electric longboard – which had all the things adults require – these days. 

Other than low mileage – we did not find any flaw worth mentioning. Even the ESC – is pretty up to date – sampling remote and motor inputs every millisecond. 

Best For – 

Meepo V4 out performs all average – Azbo Electric Long board likes. It competes with the skatebolt, teamgee and hiboy. V4 has speed, very quick charging potential and is a very lightweight longboard which makes it “the electric skateboard that everybody should own”.

Meepo claims it took them 5 years after V3 to roll this one out. And believe us – they have done some wonderful engineering. 

We were not past Meepo V3 – which still rules US streets – and now we have V4. Although this section is all about V4 – we have reviewed Meepo V3 too in detail. Read it here. The photo above on the right is Meepo V3.

Back to Meepo V4 – the board is worth it. And on the top – it is a less than 500$ electric longboard. It will make a wonderful Christmas gift for skateboarders – beginners, novices, kids and even females. 

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* Meepo V4 Electric Longboard Performance Statistics are based on consumer reviews collected from various skateboard websites and stores.

Teamgee H5 Electric Longboard

#6 Teamgee H5 Dual Motor Electric Longboard (22mph)




Teamgee is an internationally trusted electric longboard skateboard brand. The company is highly appreciated (especially in The States) to manufacture some of the thinnest and most affordable electric longboards.

With more than 6 wonderdul e boards – and the latest H20 – Teamgee is selling fairly well in the market. However – their two models H5 and H9 still remain the most sought after electric boards. The photo on the left is Teamgee H5 and on the right is Teamgee H9.

Teamgee H5 is known as the sturdiest board in the longboard markets and ranks top in the – best electric longboards under 500 – lists.

It is made from 10 layers of Canadian maple and fiberglass – This makes it a real thick durable board having equal flexibility. 10 layers is a lot!

Bamboo plus fiber glass is always the best mixture for a deck. Bamboo gives sturdiness and fiberglass the required flexibility. In comparison to other only bamboo press decks – this one will give you an enhanced riding experience. 

The board has a concave shape to give you a smooth and comfortable ride. It is the only longboard to use a drop-through deck design enabling you more stability while riding it. 

Teamgee H5 is powered by 760w (380W dual motors) and gives you a maximum speed of 22mph. On a single charge the board lets you commute 11 miles with a 20 degrees of uphill range.

The board measures 38 x 8.5 x 0.47 inches and weighs around 14.55 lbs making it one of the lightest longboards. It can carry load upto 200 lbs.

Teamgee H5 has a flexible bushing system and 90mm x 54mm wheels which makes turning a piece of cake. 

Overall it’s a one size fits for all type of board, ideal for riders who are looking for speed as well as more manoeuvrability.

If you are looking for something of lesser speed but very thin and durable – than the lighter version – Teamgee H9 Electric Longboard (15 mph) will make the best fit.

With a thickness of 0.5 inches the Teamgee H9 is termed as the thinnest electric longboard in the market. It is very lightweight, weighing only 11 lbs.

Although the motor, top speed and the range suffices in comparison to Teamgee H5 – but so is the price.

H9 is for amateurs and beginners and H5 goes for lesser than or equal to professional skateboarders and longboarders.

Best For –

Teamgee H5 Electric Longboard is the best product in the market. Whether you are a beginner, a professional or even a female skateboarder – grab your hands on this hot cake. It is an economic flagship longboard. And you will not get many – having same features and price. 

This dual motor longboard is one of the best out in the market in terms for its return value for your money. 

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* Teamgee H5 Electric Longboard Performance Statistics are based on consumer reviews collected from various skateboard websites and stores.

SkateBolt Tornado Pro A Electric Longboard

#5 – SkateBolt Tornado Pro Motorized Longboard (mph)






Skatebolt is another trusted and very respected brand in the electric skateboarding world. They have given many successful boards (especially the Breeze, and the Tornado.) to the industry – all of them priced highly economically and perform as per the customers expectations. 

Skatebolt Tornado Pro A electric powered longboard – commonly famous as Tornado Pro (without “A” as suffix) is a very reasonably priced board having futuristic designs.

Pro is an upgraded version of Tornado II – which is equally famous and still has a command on the road. The picture on the left is Pro and on the right is Tornado II.

Key differences between Tornado II and Tornado Pro – include – swappable motor wheel tires and 100w extra powerful motor. You don’t need to replace the whole motor is case the tires worn out and you get 5-7 miles increase in speed.

It is 38 x 11 x 5.5 inch long and has colourful LED lights in both front and back.

The board is highly durable and stable as it is made of 8 layers of Canadian maple wood.

Powered by 350w dual motors (total 700w), this board gives you a top speed of 42mph making it one of the fastest electric longboards. In fact all the 10 best electric longboards reviewed in this list – does not even come near to 42 miles!

The motor is powered by 18650 power lithium cells – giving you a distance of 18-20 miles on a single charge.

Some of its distinctive features are regenerative braking, smooth acceleration and deceleration and fast turning.

Upgraded ESC, 25% uphill climbing range and 3 different speed modes – makes the riding experience wonderful.

The only drawback is that it is heavy and the battery might cause you some problems.

The board weighs around 19.51lbs. The board can carry a load of 280lbs making it a good option for heavy riders who love to cruise long distances on semi high speeds.

Best For –

Skatebolt Tornado is again a good brand product which makes it a one time buy. However because of it’s weight we would not suggest for female skateboarders and kids.

The Electric Longboard Skateboard is praised for it’s quality parts especially the motor and speed. For college and office goers who are also into all terrain longboarding – this is a perfect fit – which can perform dual role – street longboarding and off roads cruising.

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* Skatebolt Tornado Pro Electric Longboard Performance Statistics are based on consumer reviews collected from various skateboard websites and stores.

PHOENIX RYDERS Tornado I Electric Longboard

#4 – Phoenix Ryders
Dragon P6/P6 Pro Electric Long board (25 mph)




Phoenix Ryders is another longboard brand – fairly in competition with Skatebolt and Teamgee. Honesty – we – after reviewing skateboards for almost 20 years – do not find any major quality difference between these giant longboard and skateboard manufacturers.

P6 and P6 Pro – nicknamed as Dragon by Phoenix Ryders are two of their flagship models – which compete against Tornado II and Tornado Pro from SkateBolt.

Both the models are great in terms of design, deck size and battery power. P6 pro is powered by 2 x 350w motors (700w total power) and an upgraded 7500 mAh battery. 

Dragon P6 Pro allows you a top speed of 25mph and a maximum range of 18 miles on a single charge.

The deck is built from 8 layers of Canadian maple wood measuring 97 cms in length. 97 cms is roughly a little more than 38 inches. Deck’s width is 9.5 inches – which is a comparatively smaller than Tornado Pro – which is 11 inches. 

Although a little smaller in size – the deck can hold up to 275 lbs making it ideal for heavy riders.

P6 Pro has 4 speed modes. You can set it to 14 mph in slow speed mode and can increase it to 22 – 25 mph in the sports mode. The modes work pretty smooth and 25 degrees hill climbing range is an advantage for off street longboarding.

The board comes with red LED tail lights for extra safety in dark places or night time.

In comparison to P6 – P6 Pro has replaceable wheels. If the wheels torn out – you do not need to change the whole motor. This is a welcome feature – which even Skatebolt’s Pro model had adapted.

P6 is a discontinued model – and Pro sells like hot cakes. Although Phoenix Ryders has other cheap electric longboards too – especially their Dragonfly E Skateboard – we would recommend to go with Dragon P6 Pro.

P6 Pro is not overpriced and has everything you need in a good quality electric skateboard. It also comes with 6 month replacement warranty.

You can check out both their models. The photo above in the left is Dragon P6 Pro. The right one goes with the name – Alouette Electric Skateboard Longboard – (It is one of Phoenix Ryders longboard only).

Best For – 

PHOENIX RYDERS P6 Pro Dragon is a pretty decent longboard. The only doubt we have is whether it will be convenient or not for female skateboarders and kids to carry around. This board is on the heavier side making it difficult to carry around.

Other than that – this E-longboard is perfectly suitable for riders who prefer power, long distance skating, stability and speed all at the same time.

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* PHOENIX RYDERS Dragon P6 Pro Electric Longboard Performance Statistics are based on consumer reviews collected from various skateboard websites and stores.

Teamgee H9 Electric Longboard

#3 – Hiboy S22 “The Bull” – Inexpensive Longboard Electric (24 mph)




Hiboy is a dedicated electric scooters, bikes and longboard skateboard electric manufacturer with a very funky brand name. It has top notch electric longboards – all famous for their mileage and speed.

S22 also known as ‘The Bull’ Flying Fish – is an inexpensive electric longboard – known for exclusive 4 ride modes and 4 brake modes. 

The electric longboard comes equipped with 700W (350W dual hub motor which offer a better riding experience in comparison to vestarboard electric skateboard versions – 5045 and 5055. 

With the motor and battery power – you can cruise more than 17 kms on a single charge with 18.6 -24 mph of top speed and 20% hill climbing range. 

Note – The page on amazon for Hiboy S22 shows 250W hub motor. We suspect it to be a mistake. The motors are 350w each. So don’t get confused by the reviews and specifications mentioned on that page.

The deck measures 36 x 9.4 x 5.5 inches with an amazing red & black design inspired by the sea fish California sheep-head (check out the longboard picture above).

S22’s deck is 7 layers of maple carved into a U shape design. No fiberglass or bamboo is added – but as compensation Hiboy has put very strong trucks.

In comparison to Onlyone O8 – Hiboy has larger wheels. They measure 3.6 inches. You can take this one into rough terrains too. The wheels will be able to handle the hills and the rocks to a certain level. 

What we found lacking is Hyperelastic material which some of the modern electric longboards skateboards have. 

One handy feature is the short charging time. The electric board and the remote charges fully in less than 2 hours. And with an additional battery along with quick charging – the board can last many miles – making it a good option for all terrain riding and hill climbing.

S22 weighs 14.4 lbs and has a high weight supporting ability as well. In comparison to skatebolt’s and teamgee’s the longboard is very light in weight.

Best For – 

Hiboy S22 Electric Longboard is a wonderful not so expensive commute and cruise option. It has all the latest robust features. As an off road longboard and for commute both – this is a great deal.

Secondly being a lightweight longboard – it is highly demanded by female skateboarders and kids. It makes a great gift for beginner skateboarders.

Although Hiboy S22 is not a premium longboard (like boosted boards) – but it’s design and electric features makes it look like one – and in fact gives you a more than satisfying riding experience.

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* Hiboy S22 Electric Long board Performance Statistics are based on consumer reviews collected from various skateboard websites and stores.

Bamboo GTX Electric Longboard/Skateboard

#2 – Maxfind FF Street – Long Range Electric Longboard (64 miles, 26 mph)

Maxfind FF Street - Long Range Electric Longboard

Maxfind as in their name – tries to give longboards skateboards – having optimum outputs. The brand is a huge success after it was launched recently – primarily because of quality + economic electric longboards.

Maxfind FF Street is awesome! One good reason to buy before going deep into review is – the longboard’s range. On super range the longboard runs for 64 miles/105 km! The miles are insane. You can run and run and run but the electric power is not going to end.

Note – On amazon the range is reviewed as 52 miles/84 kms – but we thing that is a mistake. The original range is 64 miles/1o5 kms. 

FF street tops the list for long range electric longboard skateboards. The board beats Raldey, Evolve Bamboo and other premium boosted boards by a fair and smart margin.

FF Street is a super powerful all terrain board. It is durable and very flexible made from Super Flex PPS + Glass Fiber. The deck’s surface has UV/carbon fiber coating. It measures – 38 x 11.4 x 0.4 inches.

The longboard is powered by a 1500watt motor (dual 750w) and LG 10S2P, 6.4Ah, 230Wh, 36V battery. The motor gives it 26 (42 km) mph of top speed with 30 degrees hill climbing range.

The batteries are swappable. Maxfind claims that you can swap batteries in less than 10 seconds. Secondly it allows you to fit the batteries as per your requirements. 

If you want to cruise long (super range) – than go for the two extended battery combination. If you want a full day college, office two and fro skateboarding (long range) than go with one extended battery combination. For standard range the battery will support at least 20 miles.

The wheels come in two size. 96 mm and cloud wheels 105 mm. They have a stone-ground finish making them good for smooth and safe riding. Even the large size of the wheels – makes the board perfect for all terrains and roads.

The board weighs 20 Ibs/9.1 kg which makes it one of the lightest electric longboard skateboard available. For more portability it has two side handles (refer the longboard specifications photo above). 

Maxfind FF Street comes with Hobbywing Foc Esc – which gives you a very good riding experience. We have set our foots on the board so all the lines above are our reviews from our personal experiences.

Best For – 

Maxfind FF Street Electric Longboard is a fine specimen of quality and durability. Maxfind (like Evolve) is a renowned brand. Secondly it is a one time buy. With Evolve longboards and Maxfind Boards you do not need to replace even their parts – for a very long time.

The best part of this board is it’s range. You can go 64 miles! We heavily doubt any other electric longboard competing these mileage figures. It’s mileage is the reason for it to rank as a best electric longboard.

Overall Maxfind Longboard is one for all riding equipment. It is great for riders who are looking for mileage, speed and all terrain skateboarding. It is the best as a gift for your teenagers and college goers. It is a great fit as well for female skateboarders.

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* Maxfind FF Street Longboard Electric Performance Statistics are based on consumer reviews collected from various skateboard websites and stores.

SkateBolt Breeze 2 Electric Longboard

#1 – SkateBolt Breeze 2 – Best of all Electric Longboards (30 mph)

Breeze 2 or Breeze II is the answer for – What is the fastest electric longboard?

With a top speed of 28mph. Skatebolt Breeze 2 ranks as the fastest and the best electric longboard in this list.

We have already talked about Skatebolt – as a longboard brand – above – where we reviewed Tornado Pro.

Breeze 2 is their flagship model – 

The deck’s construction is from bamboo laminate encased in 2 layers of fiberglass. This construction makes the deck extremely lightweight and flexible. Bamboo laminate is more stronger than Canadian maple.

The board is 39 inches long and 9 inches wide. The deck is designed to be waterproof making it more durable and an all environment longboard.

It uses regenerate braking and comes with 4 different customizable brake settings ranging from soft to strong. The board is driven on 100mm drive wheels

Skatebolt Breeze II is powered by 450w dual motors (900w in total) and 6000mAh Samsung 30Q lithium battery. It delivers a decent distance of 15 miles per charge and 30% steep hill climbing range.

7000w – 900w are the optimum for an electric longboard motor to perform decently. Any lower figures will not brighten up your mood.

The board comes equipped with 2 LED tail lights that gives you indications when braking.

Breeze 2 can carry an impressive 265lbs of weight and is one of the lightweight electric longboards. It is portable can be carried along by all gender skateboarders, cruisers and street riders.

You have 2 options – Normal Wheels and AT Wheels. If you choose the All Terrain wheel option – the cost will increase some hundred dollars. But we think – giving options for wheels – is a smart move from Skatebolt. Because maximum population – choose electric longboards these days for daily commute – needing normal wheels. And those who need it for all terrain riding can pay the extra bucks.

Best For

SkateBolt Breeze 2 is an impressive and powerful E-longboard, built for high speed lovers. It is the best out there for professional and young skaters – who are in the action sport for some breath taking display of skateboarding skills.

The electric longboard skateboard is equally a great commute option for day to day commuters.

Importantly it comes from Skatebolt – which is a respective brand in the market – and is definitely going to give you your dollars worth.

Breeze II is an affordable electric skateboard with AT wheel options. Only for $799

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* SkateBolt Breeze 2 Electric Longboard Skateboards Performance Statistics are based on consumer reviews collected from various skateboard websites and stores.

These are – top ten best electric longboard reviews. However there are many other longboards manufacturers producing top quality decks – and all have their pros and cons.

These ten – landed in the list – primarily because of quality and customer satisfaction. 

If you come across any other longboard – worthy of ranking in the top tens – then please share us your experience in the comments section below. 

Electric Longboard FAQ’s

What is the Best Electric Longboard?

One Electric Longboard – which can be termed as “the best” is – SkateBolt Breeze 2 – undoubtedly.

Actually selecting only one – and calling it the best is doing injustice to other brands and boards. All electric longboards reviewed in the post above have their pros and cons – including Breeze 2.

In fact there are more sophisticated built e boards – skateboards and longboards – which are worth more than 1500 to 2000 dollars.

But we are terming it – as the best electric longboard here primarily because of durability and return on investment. You invest 800 dollars and can run a minimum 5 years!

And nowhere down the streets you will feel any compromise in your ride quality and cruise experience. 

For average riders. cruisers Breeze 2 makes a fine selection. And importantly this 4 wheel electric deck is not a single rider longboard. You can even buy one for a whole family – like you purchase a 4 wheeler for your household.

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How much is an Electric Longboard?

Electric Longboards have a very wide range. You can get some of the cheapest starting from $300 to the very fancier ones costing $5000 and plus.

However the popular electric longboards – having a good brand name, with average to top performance, lasting 3 years minimum should come in 700 to 1200 dollars range.

This price range seems reasonable considering the costs of an electric longboard parts. It will have a battery and motor which will cost the maker somewhere around half its price. Add other high quality accessories to support the speed and the balance.

Anything lesser than this or more expensive than the $1200 limit for an electric longboard – will be throwing your dollars into drain. 

All the above listed models are selected precisely in this price range.

– You get the best, at the best.

Look for these models in offline stores too – because sometime they come up with exclusive deals. We bought one from – LumBuy electric skateboard – and were lucky to get 200 dollars off!

What are Electric Longboards called?

Electric Longboards are called by many names. We have compiled a list of names very popular – among the skateboarders for skateboards and longboards.

  • esk8
  • E Skate
  • E Longboard / Skateboard
  • Electric Boards
  • Electric Decks
  • Electric Longboard
  • Electric Skateboard
  • Electric Long board (with a space)
  • Electric longboard with remote
  • Electric Powered Longboard
  • Motor Longboard / Skateboard
  • Powered Longboard / Skateboard
  • Motorized Longboard / Skateboard
  • Remote Control Longboard
  • Battery Longboards
  • RC Longboard
  • Electric Longboard Skateboards
  • Lectric Longboard (without E)

Some of them are even harder on the lips and the fingers typing them. Just explain how will you assume alphanumeric esk8 as a reference to electric long board or skateboard. But we skateboarders have a style and a slang to carry.

esk8 and e-skate are the most popular ones among the other called names for electric longboard/skateboard.

Is it Easier to Ride a Longboard?​

Is it Easier to Ride a Longboard? Are Electric Longboards Harder to Ride?

Longboards are mostly recommended for beginners, because it is more comfortable compared to the skateboards. The longboards have larger and wider decks giving the riders lots of space to adjust themselves at the beginning. 

It is easy to cruise on a longboard and learn pumping than doing it on a smaller skateboard. There are less chances of getting hurt with longboards.

If you are new to this action sport – or are new to electric skateboards – then go with an electric longboard – and don’t jump on an e skateboard in the beginning.

Once you are comfortable with the motor, and the machine – you can go on to look for a decent brand skateboard,

If its your first buy – then go with the Teamgee H5 – it is one of the best electric longboards under 500.

Initially this is the right amount of investment – if your goal is to ultimately settle on an electric skateboard.

Are Electric Longboards Safe?​

Are Electric Longboards Safe? Can You Ride an Electric Longboard on the Road?

Whether you buy a best longboard or not – Safety depends on to what extent you take care of yourself. Safety is the one and only thing which cannot be risked for the thrill of high speed.

Longboards are mainly used for cruising on the streets or commuting, which is pretty safe. It is also used for downhill cruising where the rider has to take many safety precautions.

Overall, all of the good electric longboards come with many safety measures such as regenerative braking system and different speed modes, ensuring that the riders get the experience they are looking for while being safe.

No matter how safe longboarding is, you must always get on one wearing all the necessary safety gears.


Bottom line

In the end, all these longboards are some of the finest E-longboards out there in the market. They all ensure speed, durability, stability and most of all the joy of riding without putting in any efforts. 

We recommend you to go with the Teamgee H5 or the SkateBolt Breeze 2 – the 6th and the 1st rankers of the best electric longboards list.

One is economical and the other one although a bit expensive – it is a one time buy.

Other than these two – all the other 8 are also top electric skateboards too. They are good brand longboards – having huge customers base.

So, pick your choice of the board and start cruising to enjoy an experience like never before.

Plan B Skateboards Team
Plan B Skateboards Team