Shake Junt Meaning (GET YO SHOP ON!)

How many successful people actually visualize their success whilst they begin working towards their passion? You might say almost all-That’s exactly why they are successful. Well, that’s one way of looking at it. To be brutally honest, most of the successful people or organisations do not visualize a huge amount of zeroes after a digit in their bank accounts. It only takes them the joy, happiness and unwavering passion to work for what they love.

Shake Junt is just another example of ‘Follow your passion and the rest will follow.’ From merely  a video as they call it, Shane Heyl and his team of friends never imagined Shake Junt to become a brand name. Shane Heyl founded the brand in mid 2000’s and it started as a small and un-organised business. The very first products were iron-on t-shirts and printed out stickers which were individually cut by scissors. Today, Shake Junt is still owned by its founder and distributed by Baker Boys Distribution since 2008

Without a doubt numerous individuals would figure Shake Junt isn’t an item or brand, however rather a move moves. In any case, in all actuality, this is one of the many skate marks that were framed by old buddies in the business out of the affection for their preferred game. Shake Junt produce quality skateboard bearings, bolts, griptape, fundamental attire, headwear, stickers and novelty items and other skate embellishments. The brand is likewise known for their various skateboarding video recordings.

As Shane Heyl remarked, Shake Junt is ‘By the Homies, For the Homies!’ It is the ultimate Home Brand. The brand’s motto truly signifies its people – within the company and those in front and behind the scene. It is a typical topic among many skate brands to make something as a fallback for the originators and their skating mates.This mantra additionally sounds accurate for the wholesalers (Baker Boys) as they mean to give occupations to their friends, while giving quality skate items to their objective shoppers.

What is it about Shake Junt that connects it to its audience? The answer to it is- Emotions. Shake Junt is not a company but an Emotion. An emotion that transcends and transmits itself into every skateboarder that uses it. They feel so passionately about skateboarding that it bubbles up an amateur or an experienced skateboarder alike. It was made in the streets for the street. That is the real emotion.

The Shake Junt deck measures 8.75″ wide x 31.2″ long and is ideal for every skill level, from beginner to pro. The crew at Warehouse Skateboards knows this Till The Wheels Fall Off Cruiser deck by Shake Junt is rock-solid with tons of pop and ready for a staircase, pool, or parked car near you.

The snowball effect, as Shane Heyl calls it, was as gripping as the Shake Junt Grips. Skateboarders love the ‘just perfect’ grip referred to as ‘grippiness’ in the skateboarding language.

Most of the professional or skateboarding enthusiasts vouch for the fine quality of grip that the Shake Junt Grips offer. It is neither too tight a grip nor too loose. It is apt for kick flips since, it is super sticky on one side and textured on the other for a solid grip.

For an ever-lasting experience, everytime that you go skateboarding, Shake Junt provides supremely reliable Bearings- The Shake Junt Bearings. Shake Junt Bearings have a variety for beginners to pros. Surely to give you a breath-taking ride and maintaining the thrill every time you jump on and with your skateboards!

Shake Junt skateboard hardware stand the test of time and rough and thrilling skateboarding.  Even after months of usage, they do remain intact. Precisely why, majority of riders appreciate that the kits, bolts and bearings do not lose performance even after months of using them.

If Shake Junt skateboards are synonymous to HOT! You surely want to look the epitome of COOL with all the apparels and accessories of Shake Junt. Shake Junt skateboard t-shirts come in short sleeve and tank styles. They also have a selection of Shake Junt long sleeve skateboard t-shirts. Keep warm while you board on cooler days in Shake Junt skateboard sweatshirts. Their sweatshirts are available with and without hoods. If you’re a hat wearer, Shake Junt has you covered. 

Shake Junt skateboard hats and Shake Junt skateboard beanies will ensure you have an undisturbed cruising experience down the street when you are literally ripping the draft of air apart and your hair really want to wave out in the wind whirl that you’ve created. Having an organized backpack lets you remain organized for all your rides.

With a large compartment and smaller pockets in the front, Shake Juntbagpacks are ideal for travelling and daily use. Keep your money safe in Shake Junt skateboard wallets and it will not stop being you lucky wallet! What more?  The wallets feature the same graphics as the backpacks. So… So… PAIR THEM UP!

Without the risk of looking obscurely obsessed with Shake Junt, flaunt your love and loyalty towards Shake Junt. It is always going to charge you up and keep adding fuel to your passion for skateboarding. Continue skating ‘hot’ in the façade of a cool appearance.

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