Rap Skateboarding Songs (10 Best Hip-Hops Skateboarding Songs)

Rap Skateboarding
Music Makes Skateboarding Thrilling

10 Best Rap Skateboarding Songs – Music Hip Hops to Tune into while Skateboarding

The Low End Theory – A Tribe Called Quest

Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) Explicit Lyrics – Wu-Tang Clan

Mind Of A Stoner [Explicit] – By Machine Gun Kelly

Back from the Dead [Explicit] – House Of Pain

Nollie Tre Flip [Explicit] – Hopsin

You Never Knew [Explicit] – Hieroglyphics

Naughty By Nature Explicit Lyrics – Naughty By Nature

Don’t Sweat The Technique – Eric B. & Rakim

Lynguistics [Deluxe Edition] [Explicit] – Cunninlynguists

Follow The Leader [2 LP] – Eric B. & Rakim

We have created – an all time favorite list (mentioned above) of Skateboard Rap Songs. This list is voted by many skaters – (some of them are famous skateboarding artists).

Plug in to these rhythms if you find them appealing and energizing. If you have other favorites – leave their links in the comment section. We will update the list according to the votes.

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Rap Skateboarding

Rap Skateboarding – Origins

Rap Skateboarding is the new cool. Listening to some good hip-hops to skate makes the sport even more adventurous and energetic.

Skating and hip-hop music share a long past. Both the sport and the genre of music have their roots in the streets and have same origins. 

The sport developed from a street sport into what is now a global phenomenon known as skateboarding. And the same could be said about hip-hop.

Rapping today is almost synonymous with skating. You wouldn’t believe that there are more than a thousand rap songs having a reference of skating.

And it’s just not the origin, but there are many other similarities between hip-hop (especially rap) and skating.

Skateboard Rap​

Skateboard Rap

Do you love listening to rap and hip-hop music while grinding at your favorite skate park? And why wouldn’t you.

There are literally thousands of rap and hip-hop songs to skate on. So make your playlist and get on your board and start pumping your grinding at your favorite park.

Rap Skateboarding
Skate Rappers

Skate (Rapper) – Famous Skateboarding Artists

The term “Skate (Rapper)” here salutes all the rappers have been instrumental in bringing the sport into mainstream culture. And now thanks to them that skating has become a part of mainstream rap.

Some of the mainstream rappers grew up as skateboarders sharing the same passion as other skaters. Some even dreamt of being famous skaters before they made it big in the world of rapping.

The famous Aesop Rock grew up living and loving the sport. He said that skating taught him to make his own life. And it is the sport that helped him enter the world of hip-hop.

Wiz Khalifa started skateboarding after being a rapper. It is very impressive that he picked up skating at this age. He is not a regular skater but he enjoys it casually and occasionally.

Yelawolf the rapper is passionate about skating. He also dreamt of being a pro-skater before being a rapper.

Lupe Fiasco considered to be the one who gave skateboarding a huge platform in the rap world with his debut “Kick, Push” about a skater growing up.

His rap is a dedication to skaters, he has described the skating culture in a very simple way showing how skating is rebellious. And how a skater’s paradise is a skater park.

He portrays a picture of how a skater is banished from every place he thinks of skating. So he goes on practicing his sport and does not leave it and goes on kicking and pushing.

It’s a pretty decent portrayal of the skating culture. It has garnered some 16 million views on YouTube since 10 years.

Rap Skateboarding

Pharrell, also known as skateboard P. is thought by some as a poser, but to others he is a genuine skateboarding lover. He earned this nickname even before his entry into the rap world showing his true love for the sport.

Hopsin is another rapper who skates and who also called out Lupe Fiasco for ripping the skating culture. He has also skated in his videos.

Lil Wayne maybe the most famous rapper to be associated with skateboarding. His love for skating is genuine. To an extent he has a skate ramp built on his roof.

He constantly talks about skating in his videos and he skates pretty nicely. He also talked about quitting the rap industry to go skate. He usually skates in his videos also.

He released a rap song where he refers to the sport as one of his most loved hobbies. It is said that sometimes after late night concerts Lil Wayne goes on to skate till morning.

In the video of his rap song “Skate it off” he does many tricks. Some think that he does skating in his videos to appeal to his young fans and is not genuine in his passion for skating.

This song was his way to assure his fans that he was fine after suffering from 2 seizures.

Rap Skateboarding

Lil Gnarhas been rapping and skating since years. He grew up skating in Atlanta.

The rapper Murs shows his love for skating in his rap. He has been skating since 1986.

Tyler the creator is a true skateboarder.

Logic is a skater but he doesn’t talk about the sport in his songs.

Rich the kid grew up skating. He is considered a better skater than other rappers.

Beastie Boys are considered by some to be allot better than modern rappers. They skated in their videos.

They had a mini-ramp in their studio. They are one of the first rappers to display their love for the sport through their music.


Skate Rapper


Skate (Rapper) or (Rapper) Skate?

Skaters have always been possessive about their sport and don’t quite like the idea of someone who is not a regular skater posing as one of them.

So there are mixed reactions between the skating community about rappers using or commercializing skating in their music as well as music videos.

Some love it, that mainstream rappers are associating themselves with the sport. While some think that they are just posers seeking attention from their fans.

For them Skateboarding and rapping doesn’t blend together as nicely as it may sound. They don’t like rappers bragging about skating and associating themselves with the sport or posing as skaters.

However the scenario may be – but one thing remains unchanged – Rap and Skate go together a lot. And for this reason – rappers and skaters are related a lot in their passion and outrage.

For a spectator Skate (Rapper) or (Rapper) Skate both are same.

Inaccurate Raps

Skateboard Rap – Inaccurate Portrayals


It all depends on how the rapper has portrayed the sports. Is he accurate enough or does he sound like someone who is not familiar with the sports and the culture surrounding it?

These are some raps which have inaccurate portrayals of either famous skaters or the sports entirely.

Look at these lines from French Montana’s Yellow Tape

“Smoke that loud and keep it quiet, let that money talk.

Get that brown bag and I skate off like I’m Tony Hawk.”

Rap Skateboarding

According to some these lines portray famous skaters like Tony Hawk in a disrespecting manner. They show him as someone who is just in the sports for money. And once he gets his fair share he just vanishes and doesn’t have any regards for the sports.

Contrary to this, every skater out there knows how passionate Tony Hawk really is for the sports and also for the skaters. You may find him in your local park doing kick-flips and ramp tricks.

These other lines by a rapper known as Jaden Smith, son of the famous actor Will Smith.

“People say ‘be sage’ and I hate that

 So I go to Skatelab with no pads”

Even though Jaden Smith is known to love skating and has been seen skating around in his videos as well out of them. But this reference of skating is either misinformed or ignorant on his part about the skateboarding culture if he thinks that going to indoor skate-park is rebellion.

Another example of a highly uninformed or inaccurate reference to skateboarding is Travis Scott’s lines

“Goin’ Pharrell Williams on the case

Then we skate skateskate away 720 with the grind,

Landed, landed all fine.

Because no has ever been able to do a 720 degree Vert so that just shows how it’s just a thoughtless or imaginative reference without any authentic backup.

In the end it all depends on your perception of the sport and music and how do you like to blend them both. You can skate to the songs of these rappers having to do something with the sports or you can go for any random rapper who keeps you pumping.

Rap Skateboarding
Erik and Rakim – Follow the Leader
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