Master the Skateboard 360 Flip / Treflip Trick in 6 Easy Steps – Slow-mo GIFs and Videos

360 flip, Tre Flip 3 Flip or the 360 Kickflip
360 Flip – Image by Adrein

How to do Skateboard 360 Flip / Treflip in 6 Easy Steps

1) First you need to be able to maintain control and balance on your board.

2) Approach the obstacle you want to try to do the trick over or down.

3) Sweep your back foot in the opposite direction you are facing

360 Flip - Beginner Skateboard Tricks
Original picture of all the six steps of Tre Flip or a 3 Flip

4) Let your front foot flick straight off the corner of your board where the concave starts. If you are goofy it will be the right side, regular would be the left side.

5) After doing this let your board rotate under you until you see the board folding up to your feet

6) Catch the board and land solid avoiding wheel bite

Note: Foot positions vary from person to person. I prefer to set my back foot in the corner of the board and my front foot right under the bolts with my heel hanging off.

What is a 360 flip called?

360 Flip is known by different names throughout the skateboarding world. The three most common derivatives to name this trick are Treflip (tre flip with a space), 3 flip and 360 Kickflip.

There might be other variations too for Tre flip name and mostly we suspect these to be in the Canadian and the Eastern Countries. But in official skateboarding championships and games it is known as 360 flip and this is how the majority of the skateboarding world recognises it.

Note – Wikipeida recognises this as 360 Kickflip.

360 Flip – History

360 Flip - John Rodney Mullen
John Rodney Mullen believed to be performing 360 Flip in the inset. Image from his official website

360 Flip or 360 Kickflip is a legacy skatebording trick. In fact this is one of the tricks, which revolutionised the concept of street skateboarding.

The trick is invented by the famous skateboarder “John Rodney Mullen“, also known as the “Godfather of Street Skateboarding”.

Rodney Mullen was a freestyle skater. As the art of freestyle skateboarding was dying Mullen started practicing Street Skateboarding. In this style he invented many key tricks and tips which are now practiced globally. One of these skateboard tricks is the 360 Flip or the 360 Kickflip.

When Mullen was associated with Plan B – Ternasky filmed most of his invented tricks in the famous Plan B movie – The Questionable. And this is the first ever recorded film for 360 flip.

360 Flip first became public in 1992 and is one of the oldest skateboard tricks in the book.

Are 360 flips easy?

All the skateboard tricks are divided into two major branches – the Beginner Skateboard Tricks and the Advanced Skateboard Tricks.

Are 360 flips easy? Definitely NOT. It is a complicated advanced trick and forms as a combination of backside 360 pop shove-it and kickflip. The trick needs a lot of practice scooping, flicking and proper balancing. Tre flip is best performed by pro skaters like Jason Lee and Nyjah Huston.

But because the trick is very popular and performed by every skateboarder in the world has put it under the beginner skateboard tricks category. There is not a skatepark or not a single competition where the crowd does not blow off to some eye catching 360 flips.

Luckily we found an old Jason Lee’s originals video tape where he is seen performing the 3 Flip. The way he performs this trick is a definite watch.

Stereo Sound Agency Promo featuring Jason Lee doing Tre Flip or the 360 Flip

How do you cheat on Treflip?

Hahaha – finding difficult to perform the 360 flip even with the six step guide. Well, all skateboard tricks have a loop hole, including the advanced ones.

Here is how you can cheat the Treflip –

Treflip or the 360 flip can be performed by using just one foot. You don’t use the front foot and hence you can put it wherever you want on the skateboard. We put it right in the center of the deck as it makes us easier to land.

The backfoot remains hanging outside the edge of the skateboard at the tail end. By using the fingers of the back foot you flint or flip the board with enough pressure that it completes a full 360 degrees of flip and lands back safely again.

However there are multiple ways to cheat the 360 flip, very well educated by Ellis Frost. Chech out his video where he explains how to flip your board easily. Only a pro skateboarder will realise where you are tricking the audiences.

Is a laser flip a 360 flip?

Laser Flip is not a Tre Flip or a 360 Flip as commonly misunderstood. The trick is much more advanced than the regular 3 flip and can only be practiced after mastering the 360 flip mentioned here.

Laser flip is confused with tre flip because the prior is a total opposite of the later. 360 Flip is the made up of backside 360 pop shove-it and kickflip whereas laser flip is made up of frontside 360 shove-it and heelflip.

LF – or the laser flip is a very risky skateboard trick to perform. It is only advisable to try after you master scooping and practice exact foot positioning on the skateboard.

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