Outdoor Master – Exclusive Electric Skateboards, Maple Skateboards and Skateboard Helmets

Outdoor Master – Pacing Ahead

Outdoor Master Skateboards

Outdoor Master is the new buzz in action sports world. With an average consumer rating of 5.4 and more than 10 million successful product sell – they are out storming many successful skateboard brands.

Some of their electric skateboards – are just perfect. Speed, consistency, built up and skateboard parts all are wonderfully crafted.

What makes them stand out is – their pricing. Outdoor Master skateboards have all the premium features – yet cost less than one third in comparison to other fancier electric skateboard brands (in our opinion). Vestarboard and Evolve skateboards cost 2000 to 3000 bucks – however Outdoor Master’s pricing is shocking.

Outdoor Master Skateboards at a Glance

1 – Outdoor Master Cruiser Skateboard
2 – Outdoor Master Booster Skateboard​
3 – Outdoor Master Sports Gears

Besides their economics – their story also fascinated us –

Outdoor Master Story

So Whats their (Outdoor Master) Story?

Many life changing ideas come when you are alone with nature. This is exactly what happened with the three skateboard enthusiasts – who later pioneered the brand – Outdoor Master. Skiing in France – they realised how much modern society needs to be outdoor and how suffocating the fast indoor city life is. From there they went on several adventures – giving them the best nature experience but unfortunately worst nightmares with sports gears.

The sports gears back then – were either cheap with very low quality built – enough to ruin your experience, OR very expensive – enough to rip you apart. This is where they sensed the need and the market for affordable and sustainable gears..

In 2015 – they started OUTDOOR MASTER – with a vision to provide affordable yet high quality outdoor sports gears. From then and post pandemic the brand has grown to new heights. Consumers largely appreciate the sustainability and the performance of these outdoor gears – specially Outdoor Master electric skateboards.

Unique Business Plan

Outdoor Master Business Plan

To establish a place in the highly competitive skateboards brands market – Outdoor Master runs on the Direct to Consumer (D2C) model. No distributors, no agents and no stockists come between your skateboard or any other sports gear – who can increase the price. You directly buy from the manufacturer – Outdoor itself.

Removing all these middle men will save a minimum of 30 to 40 percent of your money. In some Outdoor Master skateboards you save more than 50 percent flat.

We checked their two Outdoor models – CRUISER and BOOSTER – both premium quality electric skateboards. Cruiser and Booster cost $699 and $599 dollars respectively. Same quality premium electric skateboards from a different brand cost $1100 and $1400 dollars.

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So on Cruiser E Skateboard you save more than 100 dollars – and on Booster E Skateboard you save somewhere near 90 dollars!

Again there is more. On both these skateboards you get a Skateboard Cycling Helmet worth 34 dollars as a gift. So just from buying here you –
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Outdoor Master Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard Review – Outdoor Master Cruiser

Outdoor Masters Patented Trucks are the game changer for all electric skateboards. Cruiser runs on these trucks which has buffering springs absorbing almost all kinds of shocks.

“One of the smoothest electric skateboard I have set foot on in my life. Zero Shocks! What do they use beneath?”

Cruiser is one of the two electric skateboards developed by Outdoor Master. Overall the skateboard is largely appreciated for its shock absorbing patented technology. But other than that – overall performance of the e board is great. Speed, balance, performance, battery life and mileage are all up to the mark.

Cruiser’s Deck and Griptape – Fiber glass and Canadian maple are always the best combo. Fiber glass gives the required flexibility and maple makes the deck sturdy. Most premium quality electric skateboards are infused with 7 to 9 layers of maple.

However Cruiser’s deck has 11 layers of Canadian maple fused with 2 layers of fiber glass! This is amazing. We took the board in our hand and it was a macho feeling. The deck has peels and peels of maple glued and grooved perfectly.

Above the fiber glass and wooden decks is a pretty thin griptape. It offered good surface resistance to enhance balance but more than that Outdoor Master claims it can absorb shocks too. We rode the board on many uneven and off road terrains – and our experience on the griptape was fairly well.

Outdoor Master Cruiser Electric Skateboard - Deck and Griptape
Cruiser Deck and Griptape

The board is wonderfully streamlined and is one of the best lightweight electric skateboards in the market. We were not completely satisfied with the deck room though. Streamlining has chirped a lot of side wood. Some extra centimetres would have given more foot space.

Motor and Battery – Cruiser comes equipped with two 450 Watts hub motor. Watts are decent but speed is great. We completed our first 10 miles in 20 minutes. But this was on a clear highway. With traffic or in city roads you can steer 20 to 25 miles an hour.

4400mAh Lithium battery lasts 25 km or a little over 15 miles. Outdoormaster should have added juice in the battery to support 5 to 7 miles extra. However running on average speeds the battery is not going to drain very fast, and along with a little non electric skateboarding you can reach well within your zones.

The good about the battery however is its low charging time. In 3 hours you can expect the machine to be active again with full energy. Most electric skateboard brands – promise less charging hours – but not always deliver. But our experience with Cruiser in regards to charging time was great.

Outdoor Master Cruiser Electric Skateboard - Motor
Outdoor Master Cruiser Powerful Motor

35 km or 25 miles an hour is decent – making it a great choice for commuters, office goers and college going adults. In NY or LA – if four wheels can get you 20 miles in an hour than everything is within your reach.

Try their backwards skating mode and cruiser mode. Both work great. However backwards skating mode is only good for skateboarding skills and tricks. While cruising it is so easy to take a u turn on the board that you are seldom going to use the mode.

Cruiser gives you a 30 degree climbing range. Now this was a little surprising to us – given 450 watts motor. We tried the board outside LA in the woods and the it elevated profoundly. However we do not know how much exact inclination degrees we were doing then.

Outdoor Master Trucks – This is where the magic lies. Outdoor Master has designed skateboard trucks (patented) infused with buffer springs on the front and back side. They literally make the ride very smooth. Shock absorption is maximum. The springs also enhances the smoothness and speed of the board. Taking turns is also buttery.

Outdoor Master Cruiser Electric Skateboard - Patented Trucks
Patented Trucks

More than the battery – trucks and 80 PU Tire are the highlighted features in the Cruiser Electric Skateboard. Looking at the comfort and the quality of the built – 900 dollars should have been an easy tag. So every dollar below 900 is your profit.

Processor and Remote Control – Cruiser and Booster – both being the latest electric skateboards in the market – come equipped with LY-FOC 7.0 processors. We back checked and the chip seems apt.

The processor controls most of the functions on the board – like the speed modes and the real time feedbacks which are displayed on the remote control. You can monitor mileage, battery percentage, speed, direction and control speed gears all via the RC.

However being used in a modern electric skateboard – designing a more futuristic remote would have done more good for Outdoor Master.


– Shockproof cruising – patented trucks.
– Very durable and flexible deck.
– Streamlined and lighweight model.
– Inexpensive Electric Skateboard.
– Trusted Brand


– Gives you Average Mileage
– Not a dedicated all terrain skateboard
– Lacks a futuristic Remote

Is Outdoor Master CRUISER – a good skateboard for you?

Outdoor Master is fit for college goers, office commuters and street and city dwellers. The board is sturdy and comes from a reputed brand – hence it will last you more than average electric skateboards. Cost wise – it is a great deal! The company is giving it away cheap and if you buy via switchmagazine.com you get 15 percent further discount.

However if you are looking all terrain electric skateboards – than check their other Outdoormaster’s other models. Cruiser gives you 30 percent climbing range which will not support hills and mountains.

Cruiser makes a great gift for skateboard lovers – boys and girls alike. The streamlining and light weight makes it an option for all categories of skateboarders.

Cruiser E Skateboard Review in One Line

Honestly we loved it and were more than satisfied. We hope the same for you from Cruiser and Outdoor Master.

Outdoor Master Cruiser E Skateboard

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Outdoor Master Booster Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard Review – Outdoor Master Booster

Outdoor Master’s Booster is famous for its long range. According to the brand – there is no electric skateboard costing less than 1000 dollars – clocking 45 miles per hour. Best part it costs half of 1000 dollars! So you get 2 in the same price.

“Booster lasts long. I can go a full circle around in one charge. Perfect for a full day long commute.”

Booster is the second electric skateboard by Outdoor Master. It is the economic version of Cruiser. In regards of material used, quality, durability and especially high range – the skateboards is wonderful. However when you pay less, you compromise on some features. Detailed review of the e skateboard is below. Check it out.

Booster’s Deck and Griptape – Booster has 8 layers of maple which is more than enough for balance and rigidity. The glue holds up well. All the Canadian maple is smoothly aligned and pretty intact.

Griptape is the same as Cruiser’s. Thin and has some unique epoxy or something – which adds resistance and even allows it to absorb shocks.

Outdoor Master Booster Electric Skateboard - Deck and Griptape

If you compare the board – with Cruiser – than you get around 3 Canadian maple lesser. But our main concern lies in the subtracted fiber glass. In modern electric skateboards – fiber glass should be made a compliance. Unfortunately Booster lacks it.

The shape and size remains the same as Cruiser’s. Aptly streamlined and perfectly carved. Makes a good commuting option within the city limits. Carrying and moving around with the board is a cake.

Leg space remains a minor issue again with the deck. If you have an average body size – than no need to worry. But for plus sizes – you might feel a bit cramped.

Overall – the board performs wonderfully on street skateboarding. However – it is not the best all terrain electric skateboard. And personally we would rather have Cruiser in out back pack for out door skateboarding rather than Booster.

Motor and Battery – Booster has the same – 2 x 450W hub motor – like the cruiser. But as Booster is lighter in weight – the battery can speed up the board faster. We clocked 30 miles – on a clear highway road – the first time we set the electric skateboard out.

We assume – 25 – 30 miles is average on semi traffic roads. Other skateboard brands too offer the same motor specifications and speed – but what we liked in Booster was it’s noiselessness. The motor is unexceptionally silent and the most you hear – is wind rushing against you.

Climbing angle is 30 degrees and you cannot expect more than this with average watts. Getting it out of the slope of our parking seems great. I think the slope must be a 30 degrees minimum.

Now to the battery. Outdoormaster Booster’s unique selling point – other than the shock absorbing patented trucks – is their battery which gives you a very handsome range. Booster has the longest range for electric longboards on the market.

The brand claims – no other 1000 dollar skateboard – gives you 27 miles or 45 kilometre of range on a full battery. Overall the range is great. A full day’s commute of a college goer or an office goer is pretty much less than 27 miles. So if you full charge in the morning – you can cruise around all day on purely electric mode. No muscular skateboarding needed.

But that is not all. They say – no 1000 dollar skateboard has 27 miles of range – which is mostly true – but Booster is no where near 1000 dollars. It just costs half of that! And honestly no 500 dollar skateboard – is going to last 27 miles.

In comparison to Cruiser – Booster gives you almost double the range. With Cruiser you go 15 miles whereas with Booster a plus 27 miles is guaranteed. We have tried both and the results are exactly what we have reviewed.

Outdoor Master Trucks – Booster has the same patented trucks as Cruiser. Actually this is a patented technology for Outdoor Master – so they are definitely going to put it in all their skateboards. The trucks work great and in perfect alignment with the wheels.

On streets – the skateboard cruises very smooth. Even on rough and rain ruined roads – you will not find difficult to ride Booster.

Other good thing is the pin adjust-ability. You can adjust it suit your desired flexibility. Do not loosen the pin till it’s last end – it makes the wheel very unstable. The best fix is in the middle bent slightly towards the flexible end.

Processor and Remote Control – Booster and Cruiser both have the LY-FOC 7.0 system. It is the most advanced processor as of date – controlling and synchronising the electrical parts movements. The processor helps the battery in terms of power consumption which in turn increases your skateboards performance and more importantly it’s mileage.

Again the remote is just a regular one. No Outdoormaster’s creativity is displayed in this part of the merchandise. We would have expected a more advanced remote controlled skateboard – as it has been launched post pandemic days.


– Very high mileage
– Shockproof cruising – patented trucks.
– Streamlined and lighweight model.
– Inexpensive Electric Skateboard.
– Trusted Brand


– Deck does not have fiber glass
– Not a dedicated all terrain skateboard
– Lacks a futuristic Remote

Is Outdoor Master BOOSTER – a good skateboard for you?

BOOSTER is specifically for young age riders – spending a lot of their commute miles on motor skateboards. You can use it to and fro from your college, offices and work places. High mileage and lesser weight makes it one of the most convenient and portable electric skateboard.

Cost wise – it beats Cruiser as well. You get the board in 559 dollars retail. If you order it from our website – you get 15% off. So almost you secure the motorized board in less than 500 dollars. We would say it is a great deal. Brand, quality and skateboard parts are a hit and all this in less than 500 is a win win.

Booster is ideally designed for teenagers – who want to show off a little skateboarding skills and never want to get off the deck. As a gift to your young ones – Booster makes a great option. Electric Skateboards are a hit with them always. If you are planning to get one this Christmas – now is a good time to order.

Booster E Skateboard Review in One Line

Ideal for young boys and girls. You will not get a cheaper and a better electric skateboard for teenager as of now.

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Outdoor Master Maple Skateboards

Outdoor Master Maple Skateboards

Although the market is flooded by skateboard brands – manufacturing top quality boards – Outdoor Master was able to find a spot for themselves. Not the top brand – bur definitely one of the best ones.

“They have the most futuristic maple skateboards. We were surprised by the two layers of fiber glass.”

Maple Skateboards or Complete Skateboards – are the non electric old school skateboards. Outdoor Master has 4 variants to choose from.

In contrast with other good brand skateboards – these have 8 ply infused with 2 fiber glass plies. Fiber glass does wonders. It offers flexibility along with the required sturdiness. Normally – skateboards do not come with any fiber glass sheets. The deck comes with an anti skid high quality grip tape.

5 inch magnesium alloy trucks and PU bushings between the bridge pegs are also a rarity in other skateboards. It The trucks and bushings helps the rider in turns and act as shock absorbers.

Outdoormaster has equipped all their non motorised skateboards with 52mm 95A wheels with infused PU. The wheels are wonderfully smooth on streets and ramps. They also enable you to perform skateboarding tricks.


– 8 maple plies and 2 fiber glass plies
– Extra PU bushings.
– Quality 95 A Wheels.
– Inexpensive Complete Skateboard.
– Trusted Brand


– Lacks artistic graphics – which is a must when you are targeting young kids too.

Are Outdoor Master Maple Skateboards – good for you?

These are a definite buy – whether you are a professional or a beginner skateboard. We are still not able to digest the added two ply of fiber glass. Even for them we would buy the skateboard in a blink.

With all the added bushings and trucks – the skates will enhance your skateboarding skills. A tilted nose and tail will make your Fakies and Ollies sharper.

More importantly – the boards handle a lot of weight. It can bear more than 350 lbs – opening up its availability to all kinds of skaters. And it weighs lesser than 5 lbs – so that’s a plus for women and girl skateboarders too.

Maple Skateboards Review in One Line

Wonderful for all levels and genders of skaters. They will persist long even with rough skateboarding styles.

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Outdoor Master Helmet

Outdoor Master Helmet

Outdoor Master Helmet was the first merchandise with which they launched their brand. So all the range of products you see in the market for OM – owe their existence to the successful multi sport helmet.

“The helmet keeps my head cool. All the vents keep the air inside just enough. It does not bother too”

Outdoor Master Helmet is where they started. But before we discuss specifications – we need to clear one thing. This is not a skateboard helmet only. It is an all outdoor sports helmet. You can use it in biking, skiing and skating.

Helmet’s exterior is with EPS layer in the interior. Both are top quality materials to absorb shocks and jerks.
To keep things short – the helmet perfectly fits and gives all the required comfort. There is a long dial – which accommodates several adjustments. Even the chin strap is made of quality material – and does not rust. We are using it since 2.5 long years and the strap has not withered at all.

The helmet has 12 air vents! Yes you heard it right. Only the professional helmets has these numbers. Generally you will find maximum 6 to 8 vents. It helps you keep real cool especially when skateboarding for long hours. You will not find yourself sweating a lot too.

The multi sport helmet comes with two certification – ASTM & CPSC. We are giving you the abbreviation full forms – (American Society for Testing and Materials) & CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) – although this just means – that Outdoor Master Helmet is safe!


– Very Comfortable
– Dual Certification.
– A lot of adjustments and fittings possible.
– Trusted Brand


– A bit expensive when compared to other cheaper variants.

Is Outdoor Master Helmet – worth it?

If you compare Outdoor Master Helmet with other ordinary skateboard or cycling helmets – you might find it a bit expensive. OM helmets come at arounf 35 to 45 dollars. In the market you can procure one for 19 to 25 dollars.

However – Outdoor Master Helmet is a professional multi sport helmet. So if you compare the price with a professional gear piece you will find it way cheaper. Almost this one costs one third lesser.

Given the specifications – we would love to have it. A ten dollar extra – gives you maximum comfort and safety and plus you can use it for all outdoor sports.

Outdoor Master Helmet Review in One Line

A bit expensive but totally worth it. Safety comes at no price tag attached.

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Outdoormaster Best Products

Other OutdoorMaster Products

Outdoor Master Ski Goggles

Outdoor Master Ski Goggles are clear and very stylish. You can choose from a lot of availablel models.

As we are reviewing only skateboards and related products – we are not going to review the googles here.

You can check the specifications and other details below.

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Outdoor Master SUP

SUP stands for Stand Up Paddleboard. Outdoor Master has several Paddelboard models – specifically tailored for the need of your activity.

The one linked in the left is their YOGA model. It is one of the best paddleboard we have come across. The sport itself is a real fun. For us paddleboards comes just next to skateboards.

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