Meepo Electric Skateboards – Meepo V4, Meepo V3, Hurricane, Meepo Mini 2 and Meepo NLS Pro Reviews

Shuffle V4 – Latest Meepo Electric Skateboard Longboard

Meepo Electric Skateboards are known for their economic pricing and for quality parts of which they are made. A boosted board is sometimes four times more pricier with meager or almost no key differences.

Prior this Christmas – Meepo has launched Shuffle V4 (Left) – the newest electric longboard skateboard in the market. Some of the amazing features include

– only 30 minutes of charging from 0 to 100

– and LY-FOC 1.0 ESC.


Meepo Skateboards Longboards Quick Links

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USP – Meepo Electric Skateboards

What Makes Meepo Skateboards Set Apart From Other Electric Skateboard Brands

Meepo Electric Skateboards provide you with the necessary speed, agility, control, comfort, and balance. You can efficiently perform daily activities such as short-distance commuting, cruising on streets and city roads, and as well ride them on off streets and go on hill-climbing with their selected models.

With more than five electric skateboards up their sleeve, Meepo boards try to cater to your various riding skills and needs.

With an increasing demand for electric commute option, many companies are competing against each other to create some of the best electric skateboards. However you will find cheap skateboards too – which just come and go.

MeepoBoard is one such name in the electric skateboard market which has some wonderful skateboards – but not priced very high. All their electric skateboards – are affordable.

All five of Meepo electric skateboards, guarantee you a different level of performance and experience. The best part of these electric boards is that they are created keeping in mind the needs and expectations of e-skateboard enthusiasts. Their designs are excellent and the built is undoubted of the highest quality.

Having a Meepo board gives you the same feeling as owning a customized electric board. So to help you make your choice we have reviewed here some of the most sought-after Meepo e skateboards.

Meepo V4 Shuffle- Latest Meepo Electric Skateboard

Meepo V4 Shuffle Electric Skateboard

Meepo V4 Shuffle - Meepoboards

Meepo V4 Shuffle is the latest electric skateboard by Meepoboards and it has captured quite a great chunk of e skateboard market. Recently launched it has become one of the most sought after Meepo – and will definitely give tough times to their previous best seller Meepo V3.

When it comes to electronic gadgets specially e skateboards, everyone loves to have the latest and most popular piece of tech in the market. It offers you top-notch features and a thrilling experience and Meepo V4 definitely gives you a taste of that.

Before we look and compare V4’s in depth detail – let us brief you – why it has become the most famous Meepo electric skateboard and the most desired one. Meepo took the skateboarding world by surprise – when it announced Shuffle V4’s charging time.

You can charge Meepo Shuffle V4 battery from 0 to 100 in less than 28 mins (using an 8A charger)!

V4 has become one of the fastest chargeable Meepo electric skateboard. And fast charging in any electronic device is the most desired feature. Meepo advertises V4 as – “The Electric Skateboard That Everyone Should Own”. Honestly most of the specifications do make it a universal – unisex – and beginner friendly skateboard.

So now to the in length review of Shuffle V4.


Meepo Shuffle V4 is fast! No other meepo board comes even close to it. You can go 29mph – which is 30 percent faster than V3. Just for the sake of comparison – V3 goes 20mph. Again you cannot compare it to +40 miles per hour skateboards – but believe us – 29 is more than required.

The speed comes a welcome addition because of the powerful motor and an LY-FOC ESC. It has two 620W motor – exceeding the Watt Power to more than 1200. Extra power is seen it’s 30% hill climbing capacity and 20% torque increase in comparison to Meepo V3.

V4 Shuffle comes in two variants – Shuffle Standard and Shuffle ER. The major difference between both variants – is battery. Shuffle Standard has a regular 144Wh battery – whereas – Shuffle ER – comes with a 302.4Wh, Molicel P42A battery. Basically it is this – two times powerful battery – which is costing you all the extra dollars you pay for the ER version.

Build and Design

Like all other meepo boards – V4 ensures high quality make. The electric skateboard is tested in real life situations – before being launched in public. The board is black with two orange splashes and orange wheels. If you ask us – than Meepo V3 looked more attractive and muscular – but again this is just our opinion.

One reason for these colors – might be because Meepo wanted Shuffle V4 to have a more universal – all sex – attractive look. Meepo V3 was all black and lacked a female skateboarders and young skaters touch.

Both the variants has a 8 ply Canadian maple + one fiberglass ply deck measuring 915 x 230 x 127mm. Infusing fiberglass is a must in modern skateboards. V3’s standard version lacks fiberglass and both V3’s versions have a 7 ply deck.

Although Meepo has increased an additional ply in it’s V4 model – it has decreased on it’s weight – which is again a very welcome and needed change. Modern skateboarders and commuters want light weight skateboards and longboards – and both the variants of V4 are extremely lightweight.

Another very important difference between Shuffle Standard and Shuffle V4 is weight. Standard version weighs 7.8 kgs while ER weighs 8.4 kgs. Even 8.4 is convenient but 600 grams lesser – 7.8 kgs is a cake. In comparison to other skateboards – weighing +10kgs – both these variants have a good customer appeal to everyday commuters.

In addition to this – the deck comes with IPX6 Certified Waterproof Rating and Meepo Patented – Shredder 45° Downhill Trucks. The trucks are made from aluminium alloy and treated T6 – and perform wonderfully. We rode Shuffle V4 on the road to Narrowsburg – just to enquire about the trucks performance and found it up to the mark. They move butterly with every turn providing the required stability and balance too.

Shuffle V4’s deck can withhold 330lbs – (roughly 150 kgs) of weight. This is again good for heavy weight skateboarders. Generally you will find 250 lbs as the upper weight limit for electric skateboards.

90 x 62mm, 78A wheels are the exact copy which Meepo V3 has. The only difference we assume is in their color. One important thing however – that wheels are great in absorbing pressure and off road imbalances. The wheels were a positive in V3 and hence Meepo did not upgrade it in V4.


You get two different range option in two different variants. The standard goes 11 miles, whereas the ER goes 20 miles. These extra miles totally make ER worth for college and office commuters.

You get two different range option in two different variants. The standard goes 11 miles, whereas the ER goes 20 miles. These extra miles totally make ER worth for college and office commuters.

11 miles is sufficient for cruising and fun skateboarding. The maximum you can go is 5.5 miles back and forth – from your starting point – before you will need a charging station. Mostly in New York – 5.5 miles radius does not cover everything. This is what makes ER – a better alternative.

Even Meepo V3’s both versions has the same range. It was surprising for us – that Meepo did not extend range option at least to some miles in the standard version.

Even the ER version does not promise you a very long range. You need +40 +50 miles when skateboarding off streets. And there are skateboards – (surprisingly some of them are meepo made) which guarantee you a long range.

In our opinion – Meepo should have at least provided 20 miles in the Shuffle standard version and +30 in the Shuffle ER version.


None of the Meepo boards are priced heavily. You will get all meepo electric skateboards (standard versions) mostly below 500 dollars. The same is true with their latest Shuffle V4. The standard version is >$500. Shuffle ER costs $150 more than the Standard version, but honestly the extra dollars pay off. Looking at the specifications and the skateboard parts – it is surprising how Meepo keeps the prices such low.

  • Max Speed: 29mph
  • Max Range: 11/20 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 330lbs
  • Length: 36 inches
  • Weight: 17.1 lbs. (7.8kg)
  • Dimensions: 915 x 230 x 127mm
  • Battery: 144WH/302.4Wh
  • Motor Power: 620w x 2
  • Charging Time: 29 mins (8a charger)
  • Remote: M4
  • Trucks: Meepo Shredder 45° Trucks


  • Fast Chargin
  • Extended Hill climbing range 
  • Very Strong and sturdy deck 
  • Changeable battery 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent Regenerative Braking system 


  • Low mileage comparatively
  • Smaller in size to V3
  • Design is not highly aesthetic
Meepo Shuffle V4 One line Review

Meepo Shuffle V4 is an excellent and up to date electric skateboard. It has got stability, power, charges quickly and performs wonderfully. You are not going to get everything in one e skateboard – but V4 definitely surpasses most of the available ones – in terms of quality and performance and hence tagged as “The Electric Skateboard That Everyone Should Own”

It is a great option for beginners and cruisers. Female and male skateboarders alike – can ride it conveniently. It also makes a great gift for your kids this Christmas. The only thing we doubt is – it’s performance off streets. For countryside difficult terrain riding – you need something more dedicated like Meepo Hurricane than Shuffle V4. For all other purposes – V4 is the best.

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Meepo V3 – Highest Searched Meepo Electric Skateboard

Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard

Meepo V3 is the most famous electric skateboard of all meepo boards and remains the top seller in 2021 as well. It has all the necessary features making it – ideal for beginners as well as experienced e-skateboard riders.


Meepo V3 has a top speed of 20mph. Comparing to other fast e-skateboards V3 has a moderate speed. But looking at past meepo boards – it is probably 20% faster than its predecessors. With 4 speed modes to choose from V3 is an exciting ride.

This meepo board – excels at acceleration. You can reach from 0-19mph in just 4.5 seconds. There are not many electric skateboards – and none of the meepo boards – offering this. However what matters most in an e board – speed or acceleration? Read our post to get the details.

MeepoV3 comes with two 540 watts motor and uses the LingYI ESC – which makes it possible for you to get this range of speed and quick acceleration. This is an upgrade from the Meepo V2, where it takes you some 8 seconds to reach the top speed. Accelerating in the first 3 modes is buttery smooth (because of the motor power and the LingYI ESC), however in the 4th Pro mode, you get a little push because of a greater variation in speed.

Build and Design

Meepo V3 is built with extra care from the best materials available and goes through many tests by real and experienced skaters. You will completely love the board’s design.

The deck is built from 7 layers of strong Canadian Maple, and this e skateboard can hold weights up to 300lbs.

You can choose from 2 variants, the Standard Meepo V3 and the Bamboo Meepo V3. A crucial difference between both the variants – is that the Bamboo V3 Meepo electric skateboard, is mixed with fiberglass while the standard one lacks it. Fiberglass is always more comfortable, flexible, durable, and sturdy. 

Both the variations have water-resistant and moisture-proof deck. 

However other Meepo electric skateboard models might offer a better and a more comfortable deck in comparison to Meepo V3. MeepoNLS Pro is much more flexible. You get a subtle concave for comfort and stability along with a handle cut in the board for portability.

We found other drawbacks in the deck of Meepo V3. First and foremost is it’s vibration. It is really annoying. The reason for it’s vibration is the big hub motor.

As the focus of Meepo V3 is giving you more power and torque, they use big hub motors. This may sound good but having bigger hub motors means that the layer of urethane between the motor and the ground becomes thin decreasing its ability to absorb vibrations.

This is one of the reasons you might not feel as comfortable riding on patchy terrains on the MeepoV3 as on smooth surfaces.

V3 usually comes with 90mm wheels with 78A durometer wheels. You get swappable PU wheel sleeves in order to enhance your ride on difficult terrains and poor roads – allowing you to swap to 100mm wheels. This is a welcome addition – looking at the vibration drawback.

Additionally, the High elastic PU wheel sleeves ensure that your ride is stable even when you are going at full speed. It provides extra tensile strength, tears strength, and better wear resistance. And because of the board’s length, carving also becomes amazing.

We tried Meepo V3’s remote and found it pretty efficient. You can control the electric skateboard’s speed modes, acceleration and braking. The remote allows you to monitor the battery with the LED battery meter displayed outside.

Meepo V3 motorized skateboard has a good sturdy deck – provided you are riding it on streets, highways and 40 percent damaged roads. However ff you want to do more off-riding (no roads) with better comfort then try Meepo Hurricane e skateboard. It is pretty good at handling rough surfaces.


There are two range options available for two different variants. On standard version you get a decent mileage of 11 miles, whereas on Meepo V3 Extended Range (ER) version – it bumps you up more 9 miles giving you a total range of 20 miles.

The standard variant, is good for short-distance commuting. You can also swap your batteries to increase the range further if you want to cover more than 11 miles distance.

Meepo V3 has a 30% hill-climbing capacity providing you a struggle-free ascent. Hill climbing becomes smooth and exciting with such an increased inclination degree.

Another impressive thing about the MeepoV3 is its battery. It takes only 2 hours to charge once completely drained and is shock-resistant too. 


Meepo V3 is a meepo board and as we talked about the brand’s unique selling point – it is not hard to believe that it is a budget electric skateboard. Well, honestly any good brand electric skateboard priced under 500$ is totally worth. Meepo V3 is a >500$ skateboard – and in addition to it – the board guarantees you a perfect all round experience. Any other brand electric skateboard would definitely cost you more for the same specifications. 


  • Max Speed: 28mph
  • Max Range: 20 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
  • Length: 38 inches
  • Weight: 17.1 lbs. (7.8kg)
  • Dimensions: 965 x 235 x 130mm
  • Battery: 144WH
  • Motor Power: 540w x 2
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Remote: M4
  • Trucks: Meepo Shredder Truck 7inch


  • Quick acceleration 
  • 4 riding modes 
  • Smooth Hill climbing 
  • Cruise control 
  • Excellent Regenerative Braking system
  • Strong and sturdy deck 
  • Quick charge
  • Changeable battery 
  • Budget-friendly 


  • Too much flex in the centre making it unstable for certain riders
  • Less vibration dampening ability
  • Decent mileage considering it’s top speed
Meepo V3 One line Review

Meepo V3 is an electric skateboard, offering range, stability, and power of an electric skateboard worth a thousand bucks. It is definitely a great and an economic ride on it’s deck.

For street riding, cruising, college and office commuting and a little off road adventure riding – it is the best option – after Meepo V4 (shuffle). However if you want a dedicated off road skateboard electric – then go with another of the meepo boards. This will not do justice if you are looking for wild adventure experience.

*Meepo V3 is all sold out on meepo boards official website. However you can still get it on amazon.

Meepo Mini 2 – Portable Meepo Electric Skateboard

Mini 2 – Meepo Electric Skateboard

Meepo Mini 2 is a very famous electric shortboard skateboard. It remains one of the top selling boards for Meepo. The reason is it’s versatility and the convenience commute option it provides to the skaters.

However Mini 2 is not that mini. It’s 30 inches long and most of the skateboards (not longboards) do fall under these inches. Rather than short it is a – compact skateboard.

Build and Design

The deck is 8 layers Canadian maple with a nose protection technology. In fact – it has no nose. The nose and the back of the deck are almost similar in size and shape.

Mini 2 can take you up to a top speed of 29mph which is the same as Meepo Shuffle V4. Strangely even Meepo V3 shorts fall. The electric board is powered by 2 x 540 Watts – the exact same watts – you will find in V3 and NLS Pro. More surprising is the 30% hill climbing capacity which exceeds V3’s inclination! So again proved – that only the name is mini – rest everything is major in this shortboard!

Like all other meepo boards – Mini 2 – comes in two variants – Mini 2 Standard and Mini 2 ER. Miles remain the same as in V4 and V3. The standard gives you 11 miles and the ER variant runs 20 miles. The crucial difference between both variants remain in the battery size which adds or subtracts the miles. Mini 2 uses the least battery power in comparison to other meepo boards. Even the Regenerative Brakes helps in restoring 22% of the juices back – which again adds up in your range.

90 mm x 60 mm 78A duromoter wheels are the exact same as in V3 and Shuffle V4. These hard wheels – make it suitable to run on hard and difficult terrains too. Although we do not mean complete off tracks – because even Meepo V4 does not fit as a dedicated off road electric skateboard.

ESC is Meepo V6.5 version – (not the latest) and trucks are shredder (V4 has better trucks comparatively).

The main advantage of getting a mini is it’s compact size and lightweight. The standard version weighs 7.27 kg and the ER version weighs 8.18 kg. There are only a handful of electric skateboards weighing anywhere lesser than 7.5 kg. Although lighter – the load capacity for mini is more than V3 and the same as for V4 – that is – 150 kg.


As a shortboard – you will find cheaper alternatives. But again – this is not a committed shortboard. We think it is just a marketing style for Meepo to tag it as shortboard – however it has all the features and specifications of a high range Meepo electric skateboard.

The standard version is cheaper. ER costs around 150 dollars extra – but we believe that all Meepo ER skateboards are worth the price – be it Meepo V4 ER, or V3 ER. ER version is a one time buy. In standard versions you are going to buy an additional battery some day down the years. So ultimately the costing comes the same.


  • Max Speed: 29mph
  • Max Range: 11/20 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 330lbs
  • Length: 30 inches
  • Weight: 17.1 lbs. (7.8kg)
  • Motor Power: 540w x 2
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Remote: M4
  • Trucks: Meepo Shredder
  • Hill Climbing Capacity – 30%


  • Portable and Handy
  • Lightweight electric shortboard
  • High hill climbing range 
  • Powerful Motor
  • Regenerative Braking system saving battery 
  • Budget-friendly 


  • Could have included fiberglass in the deck
  • Charging time is not as in V4
Meepo Mini 2 One Line Review

Meepo Mini 2 is largely for commuters who want to travel daily – and use public transport too. Travelling to colleges and schools and even offices is a great option on Mini. The deck is smaller in size and overall it does not weigh that much – making it super portable.

For beginners, female skateboarders and kids – you will not find a better Meepo electric skateboard. Although we doubt professional skateboarders will opt for Mini – because Mini is more for cruising and fun skateboarding – and not for professional skateboarding.

There is a whole community who prefer shortboard electric skateboards. Mini 2 is a perfect and rare to find option for them. However if you are a longboarder than Mini 2 will not give you your desired space.

Meepo NLS Pro – Comfortable Meepo Electric Longboard

NLS Pro – Meepo Electric Longboard

Meepo Electric Skateboard NLS Pro - Under Deck View - Shredder Trucks, Wheels, and More Electric Skateboard Parts Visible

Meepo NLS Pro – is Meepo’s another heavily appreciated electric longboard skateboard. The company describes it as – their “most comfortable electric skateboard”. It is exclusively for riders who love speed and power.

NLS Pro – is the upgraded version of the Standard Meepo NLS. Standard version is discontinued by Meepo although it was also a welcome addition to meepoboards. However NLS Pro – has made it’s own place and recently it crossed sells – for more than 50 thousand boards.

Build and Design

The deck has no Canadian maple – and is exclusive bamboo with 2 ply of fiberglass. Bamboo and fiberglass is the best mix for any deck. The look is simple – with a black grip tape on the exterior – with meepo printed along with the logo. (We did not like the look much).

In terms of sturdiness and flexibility Meepo NLS Pro is an assured upgrade than Meepo Shuffle and V3. Its fiberglass bamboo deck covered by a grip tape with foam, along with large wheels to absorb the vibrations, takes the flexibility and stability to the next level. We tried the longboard on our way to Kingston, NY – and were thrilled with the balance and the smoothness.

The deck lengths 38 inches. You get enough leg space and comfort. As a longboard these many inches are adequate. It has Meepo shredder trucks – which remain the same as in Mini 2. V4 has better and more updated trucks.

NLS Pro weighs 18.7 lbs – which is not very heavy – considering the fact – it is an electric longboard. Longboards are typically heavier. And anything lesser than 10 kg is considered portable. The load bearing capacity remains the same 150 kg – as in Meepo mini 2 and V4.


NLS Pro runs 20 miles straight on a full charge. Well – 20 miles is the most on any meepo board. Even the ER variants for Meepo V3 and V4 – have this limited range.

In our opinion 20 miles is adequate but not something you can be pretty excited about. NLS Pro – is a longboard – you would want to take our for long rides. And 20 miles is not that long a ride to and fro. Meepo could have done better here. Secondly considering its high price and top speed the range is a bit drawback.

The electric longboard is fast! Meepo refers NLS Pro as – fastest skateboard. They must be meaning Fastest Skateboard – out of all meepo boards. Definitely it is not the fastest of all electric skateboards and longboards.

NLS PRro clocks – 34 mph/55 kph. It can support this speed for rides for up to 2 hours which is quite impressive. The motor does not make much noise either – and more importantly the deck handle the speed wonderfully – having minimal vibrations and minimal shocks.

34 miles is fast! And NLS Pro clocks this. This is tested manually by us.

The longboard runs on 2 X 540 Watts hub motor. This is the same as in Meepo V3. Meepo V4 however – has a more powerful motor in comparison to both these models. All 20 miles meepo models have the same ER Battery – including NLS Pro.


NLS Pro is the Meepo board’s way of giving more experienced riders something to look forward to. And hence – you will have to shell some extra dollars. Comparatively NLS Pro is expensive than Shuffle V4.

But for the price you get more comfort and a better performing board. The speed is also much more more than V4 and V3. If you are satisfied with the 11 mile standard variant of V4 – then do not go with NLS. However if you are choosing the ER expensive variant – then we would suggest you NLS Pro. Even the ER variant lacks in many specifications in comparison to NLS Pro – and price wise both will cost you almost same amount of money.


  • Max Speed: 34mph
  • Max Range: 20 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 330lbs
  • Length: 38 inches
  • Weight: 18.7 lbs. (8.5 kg)
  • Motor Power: 540w x 2
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Remote: M4S
  • Trucks: Meepo Shredder
  • Hill Climbing Capacity – 30%


  • 34 mph of top speed
  • Bamboo Meepo Electric Longboard
  • High hill climbing range 
  • Regenerative Braking system saves 22% battery
  • Comfortable and heavy performing board


  • Should support more miles
  • The design is not very pleasing
  • Upgraded Trucks are required
NLS Pro Meepo Electric Skateboard – One Line Review

Meepo NLS Pro – is a more comfortable and fast version of all meepo boards. In speed it is the fastest – except for Meepo Hurricane – but Hurricane is an off road skateboard – so it should not be compared with all the standard and ER variants.

We would not suggest NLS Pro for beginner skateboarders – because of it’s price. But if you are looking for the ER variant in any of the meepo boards – than it is better to pick NLS Pro.

Length wise – NLS Pro is a Meepo longboard for big size skateboarders and tall riders. If you are looking something for your kids – then go with Meepo Mini 2. Mini is far more portable too in comparison to NLS Pro.

*Meepo NLS Pro is only available on meepo boards official website. You will be redirected to Meepo page on amazon.

Meepo Hurricane Off Road

Hurricane – Off Road Meepo Electric Skateboard

Meepo Electric Skateboard - Hurricane 2 in 1

Meepo Hurricane is their latest addition to motorized skateboards – and is the only off road longboard by the manufacturer. In simple words it is awesome! Skateboard specifications are power packed and the performance according to consumers is smooth. Even the accessories and other skateboard parts are all quality products.

The only thing which can resist you from getting your own lucky number engraved Meepo Hurricane – is it’s price.


Meepo Hurricane looks killer! But honestly most of the off road electric longboards and skateboards have a very bold and intricate look. Protruding wheels and an overall black finish with long 1125 x 340 x 125mm dimensions – makes it look like a large black cat.

The deck is fully made of 3K Carbon Fiber (There are many less carbon fiber off road skateboards). It makes the skateboard very light weight and very strong. There are two Meepo Hurricane variants – Hurricane All Terrain and Hurricane Street. Although the deck construction is similar – the Street weighs 14.4 kg and the All Terrain model weighs 15.6 kg. The weight is comparatively lesser – and this is because it is completely made up of carbon fiber.

The deck can support 250kg. Double Kingpin Truck enables good manoeuvring – in spite of heavy lbs.

One remarkable and innovative feature introduced in Meepo Hurricane is – the 10 mm standard pulley axles for the commonly used parts in skateboards. This allows you to customize wheels. You can change street wheels to pneumatic wheels when needed and vice versa. In fact you can choose whichever wheels suit you best.

Changing and selecting wheels was a major problem in off road skateboards. And both the variants – street and pneumatic wheels skateboard used to be two different models. So either you buy the street wheel variant or the pneumatic wheel variant. This 10 mm standard pulley introduced by Meepo – will be a welcome change for all off road skateboard and longboard manufacturers.


Meepo Hurricane is fast and runs miles! It has a long range of 44 miles! No meepo electric skateboard gives you even half of Hurricane’s range. All the ER versions – run for 20 miles and then get exhausted. But this one lasts – and lasts long.

Hurricane has a top speed of 35mph. The speed is good – but you will find off road longboards and skateboards – mostly running this fast. What surprised us Hurricane’s long range.

The range and speed are the result of 2 x 3500 watts belt driven motors and an equally supporting 12S4P Molicel P42A 725.8Wh battery. 7000 watts is insane! Just imagine the power beneath your feet. Belt motor was a smart choice because hub motors would not be able to take the beatings of off roads and hills.

You get 46% hill climbing inclination. This figure is also rare in off road skateboards. The maximum you get is 30% to 35%. However no Meepo Electric Skateboard other than this – goes beyond 30%.

Meepo Hurricane is for serious hard core skateboarding such as riding on hilly terrains and off-road cruising. It is an all-wheel-drive guaranteeing you better manoeuvrability

Price – How much does the Meepo hurricane cost?

Offroad skateboards are costly, because of heavy skateboard parts. However – Meepo Hurricane is costlier in comparison. Even some of the best off road skateboard brands – cost you $1500 to $1700 dollars including some of the boosted boards.

Meepo always gives you budget electric boards – but Hurricane is definitely not one among their regular range ones. However looking at motor watts, carbon fiber deck, and many luxury skateboard parts – for example the baseplate cover, fibreglass lid, bash guard, charging port wheel pulley – the skateboard is economically priced.

Meepo Hurricane is a flagship model and flagship model do not come cheap!


  • Max Speed: 35mph
  • Max Range: 31/44 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 330lbs
  • Length: 1125 x 340 x 125mm
  • Weight: 15.6 kg/14.4 kg
  • Motor Power: 3500 x 2
  • Charging Time: 2.8 hours
  • Remote: M4S
  • Trucks: Double Kingpin
  • Hill Climbing Capacity – 46%


  • 44 Miles Long Range
  • T700 3K Twill Carbon Fiber Deck
  • 46% High hill climbing range 
  • 365 Days Warranty
  • Customization Possible (Lucky Number)
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Many more pros


  • A little speed would have been appreciated
  • A little Costly
  • No major cons
Meepo Hurricane – One Line Review

For going uphill (and downhill) you need a board that packs, power, stability, speed, flexibility, range, and control.  Meepo Hurricane is a motorized skateboard that packs all of these features and many more.

It is a 2 in one board – which can be used on all terrains and on streets. The comfort and the control is unimaginable. But you need to look at the price and the weight. Meepo V4 costs 3 times lesser and is half the weight – which makes it favourable for daily commuting. Hurricane is not for beginners, kids and novice skateboarders.

However if you are looking for a dedicated off road skateboard – then post 2021 and 2022 – you are not going to find a better board than this. This Meepo electric skateboard is the latest with robust features and has been developed after a lot of research – keeping in mind modern needs of off road skateboarders.

*Meepo Hurricane is only available on meepo boards official website. You will be redirected to Meepo page on amazon.

Meepo Campus 2 – Outdated Meepo Electric Skateboard

Meepo Campus 2 Electric Skateboard

Meepo Campus 2 - Meepo Electric Skateboard

Meepo Campus 2 is a discontinued model from Meepo. We have mentioned the board here – because it used to be a one of it’s kind board.

Meepo designed Campus 2 for students and light riders to move around campuses and small vicinity. It allowed you to cruise around at a top speed of 18mph and used to cover 10 miles. Campus was lightweight board which weighs just some 12.5lbs, making it easy enough for you to carry it around school or college.

The exact reason why Meepo discontinued it – remains a mystery. But the concept was great. You will not get many student oriented or college campus oriented electric skateboard models. Modern day hover boards are designed for this same utility and purpose. And cruising on campuses on mini electric skateboards is far comfortable than on a hoverboard. Below we have listed all the available alternatives – for Meepo Campus 2. And if you want something like campus – from Meepo – then – Meepo Mini 2 is the best option.

1 – Meepo Mini 2
2 – Possway V4
Possway V4 Electric Skateboard
3 – Hiboy S 11
Hiboy S11 Mini Electric Skateboard

How much does a Meepo electric skateboard cost?

The standard MeepoV3 will cost you around 400$ while the ER variant would cost you 629$. The great thing about Meepo boards is that the most expensive of their models fall under the 1000$ tab, making Meepo boards some of the most affordable and cheap electric skateboards in the business. 

Is Meepo board legit?

Meepo makes some wonderful, economic and legitimate electric longboards and skateboards. They offer you performance, durability and the thrill – in going electric. Even the skateboard parts installed – and over the counter additional parts – are pretty heavy in terms of quality and precision.

Is Meepo a good brand? Is Meepo better than Boosted?

Frankly speaking, it is a tough decision to make. The boosted boards are undoubtedly considered kings in the electric skateboard markets. With some brief comparison points, it might become a little easy for you to decide which one is better for you.

When it comes to choices, Meepo boards surely grab the points as it currently has around 6 e skateboard models up its sleeves 

  • Meepo V4
  • Meepo V3
  • Meepo Mini2
  • Meepo Campus 2
  • Meepo NLS Pro
  • Meepo Hurricane

Whereas, Boosted boards offer only 4 different models of electric skateboards.

  • Boosted Stealth 
  • Boosted Plus 
  • Boosted Mini X 
  • Boosted Mini S

Meepoboard’s list mainly consists of electric longboards, except one Mini board. While the Boosted boards have 2 longboards and 2 mini boards.  

Meepo boards are designed for different terrains. And all the boosted boards are specifically designed for street riding.

When going through the Boosted Boards catalog, you might not see much change in the design and style of their different models. All their boards have similar designs. On the other hand, Meepo gives you something to scratch your head over with its variations in styles and designs.

The Meepo boards are faster and quicker than Boosted boards with the Meepo AWD Pro electric longboard leading with the maximum top speed. Even the range on Meepo boards is amazing compared to Boosted boards. 

Lastly, looking at the pricing of both these companies, you can say conclusively that Meepo is pretty budget-friendly. Almost all of their e skateboard models fall below the 1000$mark with most of it costing you around just 700$. 

If you think about owning a Boosted board, then you might have to think twice, because they are expensive. Only one of their boards falls below the 1000$mark while the rest cost you more than that.

This makes Meepo boards more affordable and accessible to more people who are looking for budget-friendly as well as high-quality stuff.

So if you are looking for a budget-friendly electric skateboard with a high-quality build and amazing performance and specs, then Meepo boards are the best choice. It comes above Boosted boards in all areas. 

Which Meepo board is best? 

It all depends on your purpose of choosing an electric skateboard and your preferred riding style. Meepo V4 is one of the most popular and highly praised electric skateboards from the company. It’s a complete package of features, specs, and affordability for all kinds of riders. This quality of the Meepo V4 makes it the undefeated candidate as the best Meepo electric skateboard you can get. 

If you are looking for speed, power, and thrill then Meepo boards also offer more powerful motorized skateboards such as the Meepo NLS Pro and the Meepo Hurricane. Along with their tremendous speed and acceleration, these boards are also good for riding on patchy terrains. 

Is Meepo V4 good for beginners?

Meepo V4 is ideal for beginners and experienced e skateboard riders alike. Its top speed and range are enough for a beginner. The electric board’s amazing design and sturdy built to ensure a comfortable and stable ride. The different speed modes along with an excellent braking system give you better control making you feel safe.

Overall, Meepo V4 electric skateboard is a perfect pocket-friendly option for beginners looking for speed, range, control, quality, stability, and safety. 

How many hours does the Meepo V4 last?

The battery on the MeepoV3 lasts around some 2 hours. It uses a 10S2P battery pack with a 20R cell. This is sufficient enough for short distances hence giving you its maximum range. If you want to ride long distances you can swap the batteries or switch to the ER version which extends your mileage up to a good 20miles.

Is the Meepo V4 worth it?

It is one of the highest-rated electric skateboards on Amazon and according to customer reviews; Meepo V4 is worth every penny. In terms of quality, the electric board is amazing and guarantees a smooth and fast riding experience. The quality of wheels and the water-resistant board has everyone stunned. Users are happy to receive maintenance tools and an extra set of bushings with the board.

In some cases, the Meepo V3 is known to malfunction, causing accidents while riding, but for Meepo V4 however no such issues are reported.

Customer service is unsatisfactory to some extent. Although Meepoboard offers a 6-month warranty on its motorized skateboards, users have complained about the warranty service, deeming it unprofessional at times. 


Meepo electric skateboards are reliable investments when you are either considering buying your first ever electric skateboard or upgrading your riding experience. You get a complete package at the best prices you can imagine.