10 Best Cheap Electric Skateboards on Amazon, Walmart and Ebay – 2022

The best cheap electric skateboards are functional without drilling a hole into your wallet. See below for some of the absolute, best, cheapest electric skateboards out there in the market in 2022.

10 Best Cheap Electric Skateboards Amazon

1 Alouette Phoenix Ryders Catwalk – Best Cheap Electric Skateboard 

2 – Swagtron SwagBoard NG-1 – Cheap Swag Boards 

3Youth Electric Longboard 

4 – Blitzart Tornado – Best Budget Electric Skateboard 

5 – RazorX Cruiser – Best Affordable Electric Skateboard​ 

6 – Blitzart Mini Flash – Electric Penny Board

7 – Caroma 36′ Longboard – Cheap Fast Electric Skateboard 

8 – Wookrays – Cheap Motorized Skateboard​

9 – Teamgee H5 – Best Value Electric Skateboard​ E Skateboard

10 – Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 – Electric Skateboard Under 100​

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Youth Electric Longboard

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Blitzart Tornado

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RazorX Cruiser E Skate

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Caroma 36′ Longboard

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Blitzart Mini Flash

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Wookrays E Skate

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Teamgee H5 E Skate

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Swagskate NG-3

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Tooluck JKing Skate

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Cheap Electric Skateboard Kit

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Are E Decks Worth?

Are Cheap Skateboards Bad?

Plenty of beginners post this question – “Are cheap skateboards bad?” or Should you buy an Amazon or Walmart promoted Electric Skateboard?

Well honestly of course they are pretty good.

In fact the question should not be framed as “Are cheap skateboards bad? It should be framed “Are cheap skateboards good?”

There are not major differences between a cheap electric board and a premium one. Skateboard parts are all same and the quality is not such that you can term it as crap.

As a beginner skateboarder – (especially to electric skateboards) – it is wise to buy a budget electric skateboard. Reasons – 

1 – You can run it to it’s maximum speeds, take it to off road terrains, use it until it exhausts, and more importantly be yourself – extracting full value of the board.

This is very relevant to young skateboarders and kids who are new to the the sport – trying to learn skateboarding tricks and tips. They need to have the freedom and should be able to accommodate bumps and falls while setting their feet.

You can never be free on a board beneath you – costing 1500 or more dollars. Half of the time – you will be taking care of the board as an asset rather than skateboarding.

And what is skateboarding without the freedom and thrill?

2 – No doubt any electric skate costing more than 1000 or 2000 dollars will have something valuable as compared to a cheaper one. The quality will be better, the parts all branded and there will be warranty guaranty included.

But – A premium e board costing more than 1000 dollars – charges half the money for it’s brand value.

These are the dollars you save when you buy any cheaper electric skateboard. Do you really need to pay 500 or more dollars just to advertise a premium electric skateboard brand? Well, we would definitely not!

3 – There is a reason why cheap electric skateboards are cheap. And most of the time – manufacturers do not compromise on quality. Rather they save the money on advertising and by cutting off the middle men.

This is how Amazon, Walmart, E Bay, Target and other wholesale giants procure skateboard lots at discounted prices and then offer the same discounts to their purchasers.

So basically – you are not buying yourself a bad skateboard when you are buying a cheap electric skateboard. 

In fact you are just being wise and saving your dollars from draining in other non relevant hands and all the while buying yourself something you don’t need to protect like a baby!

Cheapest E Skateboard

What is the Cheapest Electric Skateboard?

If you are looking for one cheapest electric skateboard – worth buying then go with Swagtron Swagskate NG-3. Mark the words – worth buying.

It is the only electric skateboard under 100 dollars!

And some days – (Black Friday and Christmas Holidays) you might find it cheaper than a hundred!

Even non electric complete skateboards nowadays cost more than hundred bucks.

It is surprising how Swagtron manages to cut the costs on this board and manages to book some profit too.

Swagskate NG 3 is one of the most popular e boards available. We assume amazon single handedly must have sold more than 10,000 NG3’s. Leave aside the sales of Walmart and Target.

There are other cheaper electric skateboards available on online platforms ranging from 50 to less than 100 dollars – but are not worth,

Either the parts are not up to the mark – or there are other electrical faults and battery issues. So there is no point in wasting any of your dollars.

Ng 3 on the other hand is a quality e board – and a swag board – something you can trust on.

We are sharing the direct Amazon Link below – clicking on this – will lead you to the buying page where you will be able to see the stars and the consumer ratings for NG 3.

We are also linking RazorX Cruiser below. It is the second cheapest electric skateboard after NG 3 having thousands of successful purchases. Check both of them out below.

In Depth Reviews

Cheap Electric Skateboards – In Depth Reviews

Other than Ng 3 and Razor X Cruiser – there are good cheap electric skateboards – but not under 100 dollars or so.

We have reviewed all good and affordable e skates below and provided tags which describes them the best – to make selection easier.

For example Teamgee H5 has been titled – “best value electric skateboard” whereas Skatebolt 2nd Generation has been titled “cheap fast electric skateboard”.

Check out in depth reviews and then select the one – most suitable for yourself.

Happy Affordable Electric Skating!

Best Cheap Electric Skateboard

Alouette Electric Skateboard – Phoenix Ryders

Alouette Skateboard also known as the Phoenix Ryders Catwalk is a pretty decent and sleek model.

This electric skateboard features 4400 mah 25.2 V lithium battery and dual 250W 83mm Brushless hub motors. You can reach up to 16 miles an hour and on single full charge the skateboard runs for 14 miles straight. The motor fairly provides a 15° climbing angle for elevated terrains.

Phoenix Catwalk is pretty light – considering it has a battery pack and a motor to support. It’s minimalistic design is what makes it so thin and airy. The skateboard weighs just 4.5 kgs which makes it super portable.

t is made out of 7ply maple wood, measuring around 29″ and offers a max weight load of about 110 lbs. The load support is not very attractive.

The board features Regenerative Braking and a Powerful Remote with display. You can check your ride’s statistics like speed, battery and mileage and even control brakes, acceleration and direction changes with the Remote.

Alouette Skateboard comes with two modes. The fast one which we have already discussed about and a “slow” one.  You can decelerate to about 6 mph saving battery juice and mileage.

Phoenix is a reputable skateboard manufacturer which guarantees the parts quality. It provides 6 months warranty with this skateboard. The company has their own service center for repairs and maintenance.

There is a cheaper version with a 2200 mah battery as well. But don’t recommend it – because for some dollars you get pretty impressive battery which is much needed in an electric skateboard.

Alouette is a best cheap electric skateboard you can get for your young ones under 300 dollars. The best part – it is mostly on sale on amazon.com – so you might be lucky enough to buy it in 10 to 20 percent discounted price.

Shop – Phoenix Ryders Catwalk

Best For – Phoenix Ryders Catwalk makes a good cheap purchase. It is good for kids youngsters and female skateboarders because of low load support.

However skateboarders weighing 170 lbs have reported it to handle weight pretty well.

Cheap Swag Boards

SwagBoard NG-1 Youth Electric Longboard

Swagboard NG 1 is the predecessor of the famous NG 3 – the cheapest electric skateboard.

All Swag Boards – manufactured by Swagtron – are budget electric skateboards. They target prices from 150 to 350 dollars.

So basically whichever swag board you order – it is definitely going to be a cheap electric skateboard ranging below 350 or so – which is a good buy provided the quality is ensured.

NG 1 makes a good lightweight skateboard measuring 32″ and weighing just 10 lbs. Swagtron uses strong 7-ply Canadian maple wood for the deck – which ensures more traction and durability.

This boosted board features 24v lithium ion battery – which is almost the same as Phoenix Board. However it allows 11 mph of top speed and 10 miles of range – which is comparatively 25 percent less than the Phoenix.

The good part – in terms of battery – is SentryShield battery technology which swag boards have trademarked. It allows a smooth flow with low decibels.

NG 1 – has polyurethane wheels – which is quite common in all (cheap or not) electric skateboards. Even the Phoenix Board reviewed earlier has the same make.

The remote is quite useful – enabling all the controls in your hands. There is a cruise control option in NG 1 – which remains absolute in all other variations of Swag Boards.

All Boosted Swag Boards are UL 2272 certified which makes them street legal and a safer option to commute on motorized wheels.

Shop – Swagboard NG1

Best For – Swag Board’s NG 1 is a perfect electric skateboard for youngsters and college/school goers. Swagtron itself advertises this product as a Youth’s Board. The pricing, weight, size and the swag makes it just the perfect electric deck.

Cheapest Electric Longboard​

OppsDecor – Youth Electric Longboard

OppsDecor Youth Electric Longboard is a 28 inch electric skateboard. The size is very compact!

This is the only economical board by Maverix – in comparison to the Maverix California and the Maverix USA Monster.  All their boards go by the USA prefix – giving them a more national advertisement.

Maverix Boards are best for off street cruise. They are longboards and they weigh pretty heavy. The good side – they accommodate huge sizes skateboarders – with a load capacity of more than 250 pounds.

USA Border weighs 70 pounds! – and is mostly wood. The increased lbs makes it more attached to the ground which is good on bumpy, sandy, rocky off street courses.

However if you are looking for a compact on street cheap electric skateboard – then scroll up or down – because Maverix is definitely a good option. Although they provide exclusive on street tires.

The skate is powered by 800 W motor – enabling it to speed up to a maximum of 19 miles. Maverix has put a 3*12 Ah, 36 v battery – which can last you 16 km on a single full charge.

This Maverix Board comes with a decent remote – which controls basic functions. Don’t expect it to handle cruise controls and other flashy graphics. The package includes 3 batteries for the power.

The skateboard has pretty smooth ABS Braking System and pretty large 10 inch wheels (you can see the wheel size in the photo above). Both provide good traction and hold – which is much needed when on muddy roads.

Maverix USA Border is one of the Cheapest Electric Longboards Off Street – you can get. It costs less than 700 hundred dollars. The 1500 W motor California and the 1000 W motor – monster are close to 1000 dollars.

You can get this either from Amazon or from Walmart. Both offer pretty good price range. On other sites the skateboard costs $750+.

One of this type of – longboard cum skateboard – is worth a purchase.

Shop – Youth Electric Longboard – OD

Best For – Youth Electric Longboard OD is a wonderful electric machine if you want a skateboard for outings and trips. It is a beast skate – something you don’t run on streets and towards offices or colleges. 

This heavy board is not a good fit for kids and girl skateboarders.

Best Budget Electric Skateboard

Blitzart Tornado – Longboard Skateboard

Blitzart Tornado comes from a very respected manufacturer and is one of the popular skateboards you will read about – in most of the posts ranking good electric skateboards.

Blitzart is known to manufacture some of the best and last longing motorized boards for skateboarding community.

Tornado is their state of the art merchandise – which has been never out of fashion. You will fetch good worth even for a second hand Electric Tornado. However the one linked below has the new 2020 release remote model.

(Look at the photo above – it is hard to make out the motor and the battery if kept on wheels – the skateboard is sleek and beautiful!)

The skateboard measures 38″ – which qualifies it as a longboard too. The deck is made from 7 ply maple wood encased between 2 bamboo layers – which makes it pretty strong. The skate can withhold around 250 lbs!

It is powered by a 350 W Brushless Hub Motor and the electricity comes from a 36 V, 4.0 Ah and 144 W lithium-Ion battery. The torque gives it a 19 mph of high speed and the battery lasts for 8-10 miles.

Tornado comes with a wireless remote – enabling total control on your fingers. You can change speed, apply brakes and even change ride modes.

Tires, brakes, grip tape – and other skateboarding accessories are pretty reliable and strong. Importantly it is easy to get after sales service for all Blitzart Boards – including Tornado.

Tornado is a Best Budget Electric Skateboard. You cannot term it cheap – because of it’s durability. You buy this once and it will survive at least five years of rigorous rides and extreme beatings and shocks. On moderate riding – it can live for at least a 7.

However the board does not cost much either and you can book one – for less than 300 dollars. In our opinion – it is a semi premium budget electric skateboard.

Amazon and Walmart – both are best online platforms – selling Tornado post release. You can get good deals in comparison to other sellers. And both deliver the electric board completely assembled too.

Shop – Blitzart Tornado

Best For – Blitzart Tornado is a one for all family skateboard. It can be ridden by kids, females, college and office goers and is suitable for cruises too. The electric skateboard is a definite buy and will save you more on other motorized wheels.

Best Affordable Electric Skateboard

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

We have already mentioned and linked RazorX Cruiser above. It is second cheapest electric skateboard in the market – after Swagboard NG 3.

RazorX like Swagtron is a mass manufacturer of budget electric skateboards. They have a lot of products in the market – with Cruiser and Deluxe – being their hot cakes.

This e skate measures a little less than 30 inches. The construction is 5 layers of maple wood with a decent grip tape. Less layers decreases the weight – making it compact and portable.

The skateboard weighs 10.47 lbs and can carry 220 lbs of load – which can accommodate kids and adults alike.

Cruiser has a 125 W motor installed and is electrified by a lithium ion battery. The battery lasts for 40 minutes to 1 hour – and the motor speeds up the deck to a maximum of 10 mph.

The skateboard comes with a wireless remote enabling only the necessary features – including speed control and twists and turns.

Urethane wheels 80mm, Kingpin trucks and Rear-Wheel Drive are some of the luxury features – this low cost skateboard offers.

Cruiser is a good affordable electric skateboard with decent performance. You cannot take it on long cruise and recreational off road spots. It is best for light skateboarding in your neighbourhood or taking it for grocery shopping.

If you skateboard on it towards your college or school – then carry an additional battery pack. The maximum it’s installed battery will last will be one way to your premises.

RazorX Cruiser is a good buy because it costs less than 200 dollars. You will not get many electric skateboards this cheap. Provided it is not a compromise buy. You will definitely realise more value than original expense.

Shop – RazorX Cruiser

Best For – RazorX Cruiser is a moderate electric skate for ages 9 and above. It is good for cruising and light riding. Low weight and low cost makes it perfect for beginners, kids and girls.

Electric Penny Board

Blitzart Mini Flash E Skateboard

Mini Flash is the second Blitzart Board reviewed in this post after Tornado.

We do not need to comment on the manufacturer – as we have already discussed that above.

So directly to Mini Flash Review.

Mini Flash is the scaled down version of Tornado and hence cheaper too. However costing less dollars does not make it less worthy.

It weighs 9 Pounds and measures 28″ – making it 10″ shorter than Tornado – and hence it will not play the role of a longboard. Better it is a mini skateboard or a penny electric skateboard as the name suggests.

The deck is made up of 5 ply maple wood with bamboo on the upper face and on the lower back. Although 2 ply less – the board is sturdy and rigid and 250 lbs is not going to break it.

The e skate is equipped with a 250W Brushless Hub Motor and a 24V, 4.4Ah Lithium Ion. The motor carries the board at 12 mph of maximum speed and the battery can last up to 8 miles on a full charge.

In comparison to Tornado the motor is 100W less powerful which reduces it’s maximum speed by 7 mph. But 12 mph is also good speed.

The remote is an exact copy of the one which comes with Tornado – having almost all the same features and displays identical screen stats. You can accelerate, decelerate, reverse directions and apply brakes with the touch of a button.

Mini Flash makes a great electric skateboard. It is compact, reaches fast top speeds, has a powerful battery pack and comes from a good manufacturing brand.

We find it more fulfilling than Tornado – as it costs more than 100 dollars less! You can buy it in the Razor X’s Cruiser price range >$200!

A Blitzart at this same price range is always a good option. And on events like Christmas and Thanksgiving you can get even more discounts on Amazon and Walmart. Provided both deliver the electric skate full assembled.

Shop – Blitzart Mini Flash

Best For – Blitzart Mini Flash is a skateboard for all – kids, grown ups and even for female skateboarders. It does not cost much either – and is safe and durable. More importantly you can use it for short distance (office and college) commute and long distance cruising as well.

Cheap Fast Electric Skateboard

Skatebolt Tornado Pro – 2nd Generation

To term Skatebolt Tornado Pro – as a cheap electric skateboard – is not doing justice to the quality and the caftsmanship.

In fact the only thing cheap about this board – is it’s price. Other than that – only listing the specs will make you buy it.

The e skate has a beautiful look, super speed, a trusted brand and thousands of happy customers. You will find Tornado Pro – reviewed in most of the “best electric skateboards” listings.

The deck is 8 ply northeast maple wood and measures 38* making it a skateboard cum longboard. No electric skateboard reviewed here – has 8 plies stacked to it’s deck – making this sturdier and rock hard. The wooden deck weighs 19.5 lbs can support 280 lbs!

It features dual hub motors and a strong 7500 mAh battery. The motor provides a 25% hill climb range a top speed of 27 mph. The batteries last for more a little less than 25 miles.

The motors are swappable – and just requires the PU wheels be replaced in case of any damage. You do not need to buy the whole motor.

Tornado Pro and Skatebolt 3 both come with updated remote which provides a lot of controls on the screen, You can change speed, apply brakes, switch between different modes (cruise control is also provided) and keep a check on the battery percentage.

Wheels are 90 mm polyurethane – which are extremely strong. Just look at their finishing and perfect circles in the photo above.

For better visibility in dark – the electric skate comes with 2 taillights. They blink when you apply the brakes to indicate the vehicles behind you. You can even chose to keep them on or can install external skateboard lights.

Overall Skatebolt Tornado Pro is a powerful electric longboard. And the only reason we have listed it with cheap electric skateboards – is it’s cost – being less than $600.

Generally a premium skateboard having these features is priced at a minimum of $900 to $1000 – making Tornado Pro real cheap.

You can book this skateboard via Amazon, Walmart or directly from the Skatebolt’s website. However in our experience Amazon delivered it the fastest and provide excellent return policies. The discounts were also heavier on Amazon than other online platforms.

Shop – Skatebolt Tornado Pro – 2nd Generation

Best For – Skatebolt Tornado Pro – 2nd Generation is a premium electric board – with a cheap price tag. If you can afford – then leave all the other skateboards mentioned in the list and go with this one. It is a family skateboard – enabling a safe and fast – cruising and skateboarding experience. It is the number one skateboard in our opinion.  

Cheap Motorized Skateboard​

Wookrays Electric Skateboard

A not so popular brand Wookrays – has this pretty Popular Skateboard for the community.

This Wookrays Skateboard has a lot of consumer responses – and is available on all major e business giants.

Technically – the e board is average. It features a 350 W motor – which allows the skate around 12.5 mph of top speed and a 29.4 V 2000 mah Lithium Battery which can power the board for 5 miles.

The 25.4 inch deck is made up of 7 ply maple wood, weighs 8.6 lbs  – and can accommodate around 175 lbs. Low weight makes it super portable – and hence a good eboard for small kids.

It comes with a high performance remote (compared to the skate’s price)  – which enables you to control acceleration, brakes and speed mode (Low, Medium, High) within 14 m range. Other important statistics like battery percentage and speed are displayed on the screen.

The artwork on the board is quite attractive and is one of the reasons – this being popular among kids and girls.

Wookrays Board features strong dia. 7cm Polyurethane wheels – which are good at handling off road stress.

The skateboard is popular because of it’s low cost. On Amazon and Walmart you can get this under 150 to 160 dollars – making it the third cheapest electric skateboard of this list.

Shop – Wookrays Electric Skatebooard

Best For – Wookrays Electric Skateboard is good for kids 8+ and female skateboarders – because it can not withstand heavy loads. Secondly the small electric battery range makes it good for short distance cruise and commute. It makes a good beginner electric skateboard for your young ones provided it is very cheap and you can withstand damages and breakages.

Best Value Electric Skateboard​

Teamgee H5 Electric Longboard Skateboard

Teamgee H5 is again a top notch skate in the market. The eskate features in most of the “best electric skateboard” lists and videos. The only reason for H5 to be included in this list – is its comparatively affordable costing.

An electric skateboard of the same specification (given below) should be priced an easy $1000. However Teamgee H5 costs below $450!

Teamgee H5 has a lot of firsts tagged to its name. It is advertised as the “Thinnest Electric Skateboard” measuring 12 mm ultra thin deck which is 0. 59 inch in size (See the photo above).

The eboard weighs 14.6 lbs – which makes it super portable and highly compact. The weight and thickness makes H5 perfect motorized wheels for long distance cruising and commuting – to your schools, colleges and offices.

This is the only skateboard having 10 ply Canadian maple wood and 1 ply fiberglass – deck -which can support 220 pounds of load. It is 37″ long – and hence it qualifies for a longboard as well.

The skateboard is designed ground touch – with a clearance of just 3 inches! Low height enables more control and stability.

H5 has Dual 760 W motors – which provides it 22 mph of top speed and 20 degrees of hill climbing.

The skateboard has ultra thin batteries – which are completely hidden in the deck below (See the Image). No exposure means minimal damage. The battery is super strong – lasting for more than 11 miles of continuous drive.

The board comes with a handy remote – which controls almost all the e board’s functions – including speed modes, accelerations, reversing, brakes – and displays battery stats, etc.

Teamgee has equipped 90 mm Polyurethane replaceable wheels. If the wheels go bad – you do not need to reinstall the battery.

Overall the Electric Skateboard is a beautiful sturdy machine. Teamgee’s brand value adds trust to the product too.

The manufacturer describes it as ” an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for adult, kids and teenagers” – and we completely agree to this. In fact it is something you will want to have it yourself.

Shop – Teamgee H5 E Skateboard

Best For – Teamgee H5 E Skateboard is a must have. It does not cost much – and is ideally appropriate for everyone – kids, teenagers, adults, females and heavy skateboarders. The skateboard brand has value and trust. And it is ultra thin and super compact – making it easy to carry anywhere and everywhere.

Electric Skateboard Under 100​

Swagtron Swagskate NG 3

Swagskate NG 3 – is the cheapest electric skateboard – ever built!

It is the only electric skateboard under $100 – and surprisingly no e board competes NG3 cost wise.

No doubt – in making such a cheap e skate – swagtron have changed a lot in the design to cut costs.

Swagskate NG 3 features a polyurethane deck – and no wooden deck. The wheels and the deck are made from the same material. PU deck is the major money saver.

Because it is Polyurethane – the deck – is super light weighing 7.7 lbs and quite flexible – and of course strong and sturdy. However you will lack the feel of wood.

The deck measures 9″ and hence the best you can call it – is a mini cruiser or a penny board. It can handle 150 pounds of skateboarders weight.

This Swag Board comes equipped with a 100W motor and a 16.8V 2Ah lithium ion battery. The motor is strong enough to provide 9.3 mph of top speed and of inclination. The battery lasts 5 – 6 miles.

NG 3 is a semi electric skateboard which does not require a remote. You have to kick start and kick stop the deck. There are sensors which track when you are on the board and when kicking to fix the speed and other variations.

The board also features – “Kick to Cruise Lock” – wherein the board moves at a fixed locked speed and does not require any further kicks.

After NG 1 – NG 3 became the most popular cheap electric skateboard and has stormed the skateboarders community. Kids, Teenagers love it – which is actually cheaper than a non electric skate, costing less than 100$.

Another factor – making NG3 a huge success – is quality after sales service. Although you pay less – but Swagtron makes sure you have complete satisfaction for your money.

NG 3 remains the most searched and successfully ordered skateboard on Amazon and Walmart.

Shop – Swagtron Swagskate NG 3

Best For – Swagtron Swagskate NG 3 is a less than 100 dollars skateboard. It is cheap and best for kids, teenagers and girls. You can count on it as a beginner electric skateboard – something your kids will learn electric skateboarding upon. However NG 3 is not recommended for grown ups. It makes a good Christmas or Halloween Gift for you young ones.

Where to Buy?

Where to Buy Electric Skateboard?

If you are selecting any one of the electric boards reviewed in this post – then just click on the links provided within the reviews. These are amazon links and amazon provides wonderful deals on these merchandise.

You can apply discount codes on certain skateboards. Google “Discount coupons Electric Skateboard”. If you are lucky enough – you might get yourself 10% to 25% off!

Other than Amazon – Walmart is the leading giant – providing good cheap electric skateboards.

We have reviewed below how much does a skateboard cost at Walmart and are Walmart Skateboards good. Scroll the post further down.

E Bay and Target come after Walmart. Both order electric skateboards in bulk quantities and offer handsome offers.

If you are not pretty much into e buying – then visit a good sports accessories shop near you – or just check out our post on “Skateboards near me” – where we have listed and reviewed all big off line shops worth buying skateboarding accessories from.

How much are Skateboards at Walmart

You will find some of the cheapest electric skateboards to the most expensive ones at Walmart – a low cost retail online giant.

Other than motorized boards – Walmart procures complete skateboards, mini cruisers, skateboarding accessories and parts and even ready to skate ramps. They have a very large products data base.

Skateboards from Walmart are good. Customer Support, Discounts, After sales services, and returns are managed almost like Amazon.

How Much Does a Skateboard Cost at Walmart

A pretty basic one – not complete skateboard – starts from >$30. On deals days – you might get more discounts.

Electric Skateboards start from less than 100 dollars. You can book a Swag Board NG 3, RazorX Cruiser, Blitzart Mini Flash – all under 150 to 200 bucks.

The premium ones – cost more than $400. Teamgee H5, Skatebolt Tornado Pro, Maverix USA Border – are available and positively on huge discount sales.

Skateboard Prices at Walmart are at par with Amazon Skateboards. Both are bulk buyers – and hence can compete head to toe.

The good part – you can get as low as a $5 skateboard truck, light or accessories at your doorstep. Target sells in bundles. In order to cut costs – you have to buy bulk – and this is where Walmart and Amazon Skateboards stand apart.

How Much Does a DIY Electric Skateboard Cost?

A DIY Electric Skateboard should cost you around 300 to 400 dollars. Provided you are not messing with the electronics in the make.

A good skateboard blank, trucks, wheels, griptape and lights will cost you around 100 dollars initially.

Now the expensive stuff – motor, battery. and electronics. These are going to cost you another 100 dollars.

Lastly you will need a remote and a control panel. A DIY cheap electric skateboard kit will cost you somewhere around 90 to 100 dollars more.

The final count ads up to near about 300.

These costs are calculated considering all cheap but good skateboard parts. However if you want premium decks and heavy battery and motors then the cost can elevated anywhere near 1000 dollars.

Is DIY Electric Skateboard Worth?

Spend money on a DIY electric skateboard only if can make one yourself. If you are very new to electronics and stuff – then get yourself a good cheap electric skateboard. It is going to cost you almost the same as a DIY e board – less all the hassle.

However a DIY electric board enables a lot of customization. You can select your preferred deck and control the battery and motor powers..

If the customization matters you and you want to make the self balancing board yoursel – then scroll the post below where we have discussed “How do you make a cheap electric skateboard?”

How do you Make a Cheap Electric Skateboard?

Making an Electric Skateboard is not that difficult – provided you have some basics about measurements and electronics right.

In fact DIY e boards are in fashion right now. Home made boards have become a contest – demanding to engineer best and professional decks.

But we are here to make a CHEAP Electric Skateboard.

And to make it cheap – you need to gather the accessories at extreme low costs.

Below we have mentioned all you will need in the construction – TRY to find these at HOME – or at ONE DOLLAR SHOPS (You will find most of these there).

Skateboard Parts

  • A Used Skateboard Deck,
  • Pair of Trucks (Used),
  • Grip Tape,
  • Half inch or quarter inch Foam
  • Angled Riser Pads

Electronic Parts

  • 36 v 2.2 Amp (or above) Battery
  • 42 V charger (or above)
  • Wheels with a Built in Single (Or Double) Hub Motor
  • Electronic Speed Controller along with a Remote

Skateboard Hardware

  • Skate Tool
  • Clear Cote
  • Valcro
  • Belt

Other Hardware

  • Duck Tape and Electrical Tape
  • Glue Gun
  • Super Glue
  • Cutter
  • Sand Paper
  • Jig Saw
  • Hand Drill

Now – the Engineering Basics

  • You have to assemble the hub motor, Electronic Speed Controller and the Battery.
  • After the assembly proper it place under the deck – you will need the Drill and Saw here.
  • Polish the deck and scrape of all unwanted shapes and digs.
  • Grip it using Grip Tape and Riser Pads.
  • Finally
  • Check the power. Once you switch on the motor the wheels (with the motor) attached to the deck will start moving- and that is most of Electrical Skateboarding.

This whole process should not cost you more than 30 dollars.

If you procure everything new – then the most it should be budgeted in – is 50 – 70 dollars.

And a $30 – $70 electric skateboard is cheap!

Happy Motorized Wheels Skating!