12 Best Off Road Longboard Reviews – Best All Terrain Longboards

12 Best All Terrain Off Road Longboards

  1. Apollo All Terrain Longboard(s) – Trusted Off Road Longboard
  2. Atom Off Road Longboard(s) – Most Reviewed Longboard
  3. SKATEBOLT Breeze II – Budget Electric Off Road Longboard
  4. Hiboy S22 – Best Longboard for Commuters
  5. Magneto Longboards – Longboard for Downhill Racing
  6. FISH 41-Inch – Most Stylish Off Road Longboard
  7. White Wave Bamboo – Simple Off Road Longboard
  8. Black Longboard(s) – The New White of Longboards 
  9. WeSkate Electric Longboard – Simple and Best
  10. Happybuy Mountainboard – Cheapest Off Road Electric Longboard 
  11. MBS All-Terrain Longboard – Good Performance
  12. Minority Downhill Longboard Skateboard – The Best 

Off Road Longboarding Possible?

Can you Longboard Off road?

Riding a longboard off road is worth all the wildness! Long boarding off road should only be done on a dedicated off road longboard. A street skateboard and an ordinary longboard will  not suffice.

Manufacturers build it (off road longboard) specifically for off-road journey lovers. So if you enjoy riding on bumpy and rocky terrains, on gravel and dirt, amid forests and deep woods than buy yourself one. Longboarding off road is totally a different experience than street skateboarding or cruising.

All Terrain Off Road Longboards are quite different from typical street longboards. They have a wider width, a solid deck, and large soft polyurethane longboard wheels.

An electric off road longboard enhances the fun double folds. They are fast, less tiring and can drive you deeper and farther. Most all terrain riders prefer electric longboards. They offer a wilder and kinkier experience. 

It is advisable to longboard off road on a not so cheap wood. Treading these terrains come with a risk. If you longboard off road on a board without the above mentioned specifications – either you will be torn or the board will. We pray for the later. 

Below we have reviewed top 10 off road longboards electric and non electric. These are the best and the most trusted boards having tons of user reviews. You can get yourself any one – from the below list. 

Do share your off road longboarding experience and your reviews for the selected longboard  – with us – below in the comments section.

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Fish 41″ Longboard

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White Wave Longboard

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Black Longaboard

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WeSkate Longboard

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In Depth Off Road Longboard Reviews

All Terrain Off Road Longboard Reviews

You will find hundreds of skateboards and longboards – which might offer a good ride in your neighbourhoods. However off roads are different terrains – and on them – not any longboard will do.

Buy only the safest and the best of the lot even if you have to invest some extra bucks. Replacing a board is easy but hurting yourself is irreparable.

Below we have reviewed 10 best all terrain off road longboards. They run like beasts on gravel, mud, rocks and even on concrete and cement pavements.

It took us 189 hours –
(7 days) for physically inspecting and gathering consumer experiences for every off road longboard reviewed below.

Apollo All Terrain Longboards

Apollo Longboard (s) – Best Off Road Longboard

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Apollo Longboards is a Germany based top quality longboard manufacturer. They carve some of the best bamboo boards – appreciated by off road riders – especially in the states. 

The one reviewed here is the 39 inches long Tuvalu Longboard with a German Print. It makes a wonderful skate for adults and kids and most importantly for beginner off road longboarders.

The deck is 9 inches wide with 3 layers of bamboo punched between fiberglass on top and bottom. Bamboo makes the deck flexible and fiberglass makes it tough and rigid. For fast off road longboarding you need something exactly like this.

Tuvalu comes with a drop through cut, and the deck is positioned very low. Both these features guarantee a stable body placement when riding on bumpy grounds. Adding to your feet stability is the OS780 premium quality griptape on fiberglass. It is actually icing on the cake.

Apollo has installed aircraft grade aluminum alloy trucks and 70 Millimeters HR83A wheels. The wheels and trucks are wonderfully aligned for carving, cruising and sliding. Even the bearings are high tolerance ABEC 9 graded. 

Apollo Tuvalu is one of the best off road longboard you can ride on almost all terrains. It suits streets – as well as gravels and mud. Although this longboard should only be used for casual longboarding. You cannot perform advanced skateboarding tricks on it.

Best For – We believe this longboard is ideal for beginner off road riders. As a kid, an average weigh adult and female skateboarder it is a value for money board.  However for experienced, trick performers you should check something below. 

Other than Tuvalu – Apollo has a great collection of all terrain off road longboards. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Plus you get a T tool free with the purchase. You can check out the Apollo off road longboard template here


  •  Apollo has a very effective customer care unit.
  • The board is evenly priced.
  • It is strong and durable. 
  • It guarantees a minimum of 3 years on moderate to hard skateboarding.


  •  Not for professional skateboarders.
  • Removing the warning sticker peels of the paint.

Check Customer Reviews and Final Price

Atom Off Road Longboards

Atom Longboard (s) – Inexpensive Off Road Longboard

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Atom is another popular off road longboard manufacturer. The firm has wonderfully crafted electric and non electric longboards in various styles

The one reviewed here is 40 inches Purple Veneer board. It looks sexy and beats the traditional wooden finish. There is another equally popular 39 inches wood finished atom board. We have linked here if you want to go brown.

Purple Veneer board has a wide 8 ply maple laminated deck. These number of plywood can give you a real sold base. However maple is not as durable as fibreglass like the one in Apollo Longboard. 

We loved the silicon carbide grip tape though with photo heat transfer graphics above. The tape is durable and real thick at 80 grit. Having a drop through style – you need a grip like this one on the deck.

The turning radius is quite wide. While making a 180 degree turn – the atom board made us lean more down than the Apollo skate. 

This Atom off road longboard model comes with much needed grade 8 reverse king pins with aluminum hangers 7 inches long. They provide stability and keeps the part intact. We suggest you trying to loosen the trucks a bit for better carving.

It comes equipped with 51 mm,  62 mm (diameter) wheels. Although the size is a little smaller than apollo boards – the hardness is wonderful at 78A. The wheels support hard rocks and bumps and equally handles cracks. 

Best For – Atom Longboard Purple Veneer is great for starters, kids and likewise female off road longboarders. The board is great for uphill and downhill cruising. It supports speed as well. 

In our opinion this is the best off road longboard and we are not exaggerating a bit. It has style, hardness, looks and durability. On the top it is an inexpensive off road longboard which is quite rare to find. As a gift to your young ones or just for casual longboarding – it makes a great choice.

However if you are looking to perform skateboarding tricks and flips on this one – then the deck will crack and the wheels will not withstand the fall. Check out Atom 90 MountainBoard – it comes from the same manufacturer – Atom – and suits for some serious off road damage.

Atom 90 Mountain Board is specially made for mountains and has a lot more protection. However again – this board is strictly for beginners into off road longboarding. If you are a pro – then this will not be sufficient.


  •  Atom Longboard(s) have the hardest decks.
  •  Carbide grip tape keeps you very well glued.
  • The look (Purple) is a killer.
  • Very economically priced.
  • Atom Longboards is headquartered in USA and hence you can get good customer support assistance.


  • Not the smoothest off road longboard. You will feel the ground within.
  • Turning radius is not up to the mark.
  • The board is hard but lacks certain degrees of flexibility.

Check Customer Reviews and Final Price

Skatebolt Breeze II

Skatebolt Breeze II – Budget Electric Off Road Longboard

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Off Road cruising is best on a motorized longboard. The experience on an electric board is totally different from a regular skate. It is more thrilling, faster and longer.

Skatebolt is a 7 years old skateboard manufacturing company – which is evolving very fast. They are known to make affordable and convenient electric skateboards and longboards.

Breeze II is their top notch skating board amongst all other motorized boards. It has got speed, mileage, durability and control – in short all the features you require on an adventurous rocky trail.

The longboard comes with a remote controller. You can cruise control and set your desired speed limit – when you just want a pleasant sea shore stroll. The remote has braking controls and many other useful notifications. 

You can kickstart the longboard by sliding too (Pretty useful at least for us – because you can then skate remote free).

The deck is – bamboo pressed between glassfiber. Bamboo gives flexibility and the glass fiber toughens the board from above and below. Overall the deck is sturdy. Speed and rough terrain does not sway the wood. 

Skatebolt’s Breeze II is extremely fast. It runs on two 900W motors enabling it to climb 30% steep hill and 30 mph of speed. There are four speed levels and we have never skated on the fourth one (Even cruising at 30 miles is extremely speedy, let alone on rough terrains). The plus is – motors are replaceable.

You will experience a lot of torque until you balance your feet. For safety you should be dressed with all the necessary skateboard safety gears. 

This electric longboard is powered by high quality Samsung 6000 mah lithium battery – 30Q. On a full charge the board runs for 15 miles undisturbed. 

The best part – extremely strong longboard off road wheels and equally soft and hard off road longboard tires. Breeze II has 100 mm wheels and you get an extra 900 mm wheel set with the purchase. 

100 mm manages the road quite beautifully. The bumps, rocks and the mud beneath goes unnoticed. You cannot expect the same smoothness on apollo longboards and atom longboards. 

We were not very thrilled about the brakes. The longboard has four brakes – 3 of them are not that powerful. The fourth one is like a disc brake. You come to a stand still! But the good thing is regenerative braking – which charges the battery. 

The board looks like a devil with two red taillights and a black finish. 

Best For – Skatebolt Breeze II is a wonderful off road electric longboard. It makes a great skating tool for youngsters and adults alike. You can cruise, perform some of the basic tricks and flips and enjoy all terrains. It does not cost too many bucks either. And quality wise you cannot get a better value for your money longboard.


  •  Extremely praiseworthy customer service.
  • Fast, durable. A minimum of 4 years life.
  • Budget off road longboard electric


  •  Just the brakes. Were a little lose. 
  • No cons other than this. (this should however go in the pros column)

Check Customer Reviews and Final Price

Hiboy S22

Hiboy S22 – Best Off road Longboard for Commuters

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Hiboy is a modern electric skateboards and scooters manufacturer – which is sweeping the market. Their motto is to create a future for personal mobility – and they are delivering the best.

The S22 – off road longboard is their latest addition. It is a wonderful commuter having almost all the necessary features. Importantly it does not cost 1000 bucks like a boosted board – but is not cheaper either. 

The deck is U shaped 34.6 inches in length which qualifies it for a longboard. 10.6 inches width also gives you a lot of foot space. 7 layers of maple wood makes it sturdy and flexible (however it lacks glass-fibre). 

With polyurethane 9 centimetre wheels and a well added grip tape above – it is easier to handle the stones and rough edges of offroads. The wheels are big enough to handle the cracks and hardness of concrete as well.

Hiboy has installed a powerful 350w brushless dual hub motor in the S22. The motor is powerful giving you 18.6 miles per hour and also facilitating steep inclinations. The motor does not make any noise either.

The battery works well – with 13 miles on a full charge. It takes 3 hours to charge the battery as opposed to 2 hours written on the instructions. On higher speeds the battery will not last a full 13. We clocked 10.7 on 4th speed mode. 

The offroad skate has 4 ride modes and 4 brake modes which is exclusive. Another great feature is the reverse option. We found it extremely useful especially when you are deep into woods.

Best For – S22 is great for adults and high speed commuters. The board is not bulky either which means you commute on it to high schools, colleges and offices. For kids below 11 and for young girls we would not recommend because it is fast. It is an ideal board for 230 pounds riders. 


  • Branded, Durable and affordable Offroad Electric Longboard.
  • Thousands of positive reviews. 
  • The motor although listed 350 watts – is very powerful.


  • The battery should support more miles.
  • Poorly drafted user manual.
  • Fiberglass is terribly missed.

Check Customer Reviews and Final Price

Magneto Off Road Longboards

Magneto Longboards – Great Off Road Longboard for Downhill Fast Racing

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Magneto Boards are pure bamboo. Their outer sheath, deck color and the original texture all add to the original wooden feel.

However we have not reviewed their signature bamboo wooden longboard in this post. The one reviewed below is Magneto’s Pure Carbon Fiber off road board. Just the look makes it wow. 

As an off road longboard – carbon fiber is always the best to lay foot on. It is lightweight and very sturdy. On difficult terrains – you need something like this. A pure wooden bamboo board is good for off shores and street cruising – but on rocky hills it will not take the heat.

This Magneto’s board is made up of 3K carbon fiber weave, bamboo and fiberglass. And we are narrating first hand review. It’s just marvellous! The turns and the cruising and carving it supported was raw. Downhill was fast and all the way composite and balanced. It was a feast beneath our feet. No noise no vibration. We were skating on rock over rocks.

The only thing which magneto lacks is a motor in this off road board. With a motor the board would have more positives comments globally.

Magneto have designed this deck quite differently. It has a W concavity which is rare in itself. It stiffens the deck – however we were not able to understand the geometrical symmetry of it.

2 channels run from the tip to the toe with a slight hump in the channels where the front of your foot should be positioned. The hump locks your feet and keep it glued when you reach high speeds. 

The board has pretty flat recesses – which keeps you positioned low to the ground. For carving and dancing this is very important. The lower the center of gravity – the better the board’s performance. 

Best For – Magneto Boards are generally powerfully pressed. They ensure great quality at affordable prices. This one is a treat – and is wonderfully suited for all age riders. It is a unisex longboard. Not heavy either and not very light which will sway in the wind. 


  • Awesome customer support.
  • Lightweight, flexible and a very durable deck.
  • Truck mounts are parallel to ground plane which enhances better turns and twists.
  • Affordable Price.


  • Not an electric longboard (considering the material – it definitely should have a motor).
  • You need to adjust the wheels prior your first ride.
  • Not many cons though.

Check Customer Reviews and Final Price

Fish Longboards

FISH 41-Inch Downhill Longboard – Stylish Off Road Board

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Fish Longboards are just lovely. It is a Polish brand – and you cannot have enough of them. The graphics on Fish boards are like Picasso on wood! Their boards are ideal gifts for young skateboarders – boys and girls.

The 41 inch all terrain longboard holds up quite nicely. There are 18 models (different graphics) in this range alone! And every one of them will just blow your mind.

So quickly to the anatomy of the board.

Fish longboard has 8 layers of thick Canadian maple. For further resistance the company has layered the wood with an anti slip emery grip tape. Lots of layers of wood make it sturdy and rock solid and the emery prevents you from falling.

However – one important feature which we noticed to lack was flexibility, Even some fiber glass would have made the deck more adaptable to off road beatings.

Most of the longboard components are perfectly made and evenly placed. The material used is also top quality. The longboard comes with 7 inch trucks made of aluminium alloy. The axle is steel and the wheels polyurethane. All these add to the quality of the built and impact your ride stability and smoothness wise.

Wheel size is 70 into 51 mm which is quite needed. On off roads and difficult terrains you need larger wheels to combat the increased rigidness.

Although these are some of the positives – check out the kingpin once before you hit the roads. And also roll the wheels with your hands first.

Some consumers complain the deck touching the wheels. Not a good sign for a longboard (However we did not find any). So just make sure that the one delivered to you is in perfect shape. 

Best For – We would recommend fish all terrain longboards for beginners, 10+ years males and females. 8 layers will support upto 300 lbs too. It makes a wonderful board for cruising and downhills.

As a professional don’t expect it to support all tricks and tips. The most you can perform is some ollies and switches. For advanced tricks – go for some fiber glass and something more flex.


  • Best prints which you are not going to find on any other longboards except Fish. 
  • Great as a beginner longboard.
  • Very sturdy deck.


  • Not ideally suited for pro longboarders.
  • The deck lacks flexibility.
  • Trucks and other skateboard parts lose color.

Check Customer Reviews and Final Price

White Wave Longboards

White Wave Bamboo – Simple Off Road Longboard

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White Wave Boards are purely into longboarding and skateboarding without any show off. Their boards are all up to the mark, priced modestly and bamboo finished. White Wave is purely into skateboarding and no other stuff.

The one we are reviewing here is the ultimate long 41 inches x 9.25 inches Cruiser. There is an even larger variant named Mayhem at 9.5 inches but we found Cruiser to be more apt for off road riding and carving.

Cruiser’s deck is bamboo and Canadian maple – and a smooth grip tape above. The deck is sturdy and offers good foot placement. 

The aluminum trucks turn sharp. No looseness anywhere – and with urethane wheels you get a great balance and carve specially when off roads. Trucks and wheel size 180 mm and 70 mm x 50 mm respectively – make out for the extra large deck.

Abec 9 Hellion bearings offer great shock absorption and speed. The bearings come with built in spacers which make cleaning and servicing easy.

Best For – White Wave Cruiser is a board for bigger and heavier riders. It can support a lot of lbs – mostly a 250 to 300 would not be a problem. It is strong and durable. However not flashy, 

The off road longboard is good for professional and bulky skateboards and longboarders. However this longboard is not something you can flash on roads. So we don’t suggest this for adults and females. 

For the smaller size population their missile model is appropriate. We once had a chance to ride it – and it performed smooth. However missile does not fit into longboards category. It is just 28 inches!


  •  Pretty Long – 41 inches!
  • Supports a lot of Lbs.
  • Trucks are high quality and offer beautiful movement
  • Supports downhill, carving and cruising.


  • Not quite flashy.
  • The weight of the deck is on heavier side – considering this not to be an electric board.

Check Customer Reviews and Final Price

Other Off Road Longboards

5 Equally Wonderful Off Road Longboards

The above seven reviewed longboards – are our first choice. And that is why – we have included electric, non electric, cheap (not bad quality) and premium longboards in the list. There is one for everyone.

The 5 off road longboard linked below are equally great but are not reviewed in detailed. The reason either they do not have a strong reliable manufacturing brand or not enough consumer ratings. But if you select any of these – you will be satisfied with the performance. 

Three of them are ridden by us – the blitzart, the black and the minority. 

Black Longboards

Black Off Road Longboards – The New White

Shop Now at Amazon.com


  • Spalted Pearwood Deck – Very Sturdy.
  • All high quality longboard parts used in the make.
  • Offers a great rolling and carving experience.
  • Large customer base and thousands of good reviews. 


  • Almost none – and most of the reported cons on google seem dramatization.

Check Customer Reviews and Final Price

WeSkate Longboards

WeSkate Electric ALl Terrain Longboard – Simple and Best

Shop Now at Amazon.com


  • Very strong battery pack.
  • Deck and grip tape strongly holds up your feet.
  • Quite lightweight and portable.
  • Affordable off road electric longboard.
  • Best for kids, teens and women skateboarders.


  • Supports a maximum of 220 lbs – not for very heavy riders.
  •  Decent speed – not the fastest longboard.
  • Downhills are good but inclination is mediocre.

Check Customer Reviews and Final Price

Happybuy Longboards

Happybuy Mountainboard – Cheapest Off road Electric Longboard

Shop Now at Amazon.com


  •  We loved the spray painted oil sandpaper. It glues you to the deck.
  • You get a  lot of safety gears and equipment along with the electric board.
  • Happybuy also provides a carry bag – and the longboard comes very cheap. Amazing how they procure this much – they surely know how to keep consumers happy. 


  •  Longboard parts are all mediocre. Although they perform well – but durability is a concern.
  • You will not get the best riding experience. Especially on tough terrains. You cannot expect this to behave like a boosted board,
  • Not at all for heavy riders.

Check Customer Reviews and Final Price

MBS AT Longboards

MBS All-Terrain Longboard – Cheap Longboard but Good Performance

Shop Now at Amazon.com


  • Turning is butter on this longboard – Personal experience. 
  • Not branded – but the parts are of good quality and are durable.
  • One of the hottest selling off road longboard – thousands of good reviews and a very large consumer base.


  •  Not the sturdiest deck. MBS should increase some more layers.
  • Back Bushings not up to the mark.
  • Wheels are noisy. 
  • Try avoiding big pot holes – or else you will be jolted.

Check Customer Reviews and Final Price

Minority Longboards

Minority Downhill Maple Longboard Skateboard

Shop Now at Amazon.com


  •  Very spacious – Minority have graciously large size deck.
  • Ground Touching – Low Gravity Deck – makes it less bumpy and high on speed.
  • Branded quality longboard accessories and parts.
  • Simple yet eye catching design.
  • Loved by a lot of longboarders and skateboarders and by US.


  •  We did not like the trucks quality. Minority should have done better on them.
  • Does not support a lot of weight.
  • Consumers complain about snapping of the board (honestly we never experienced any).
  • The delivery package needs some cushioning.

Check Customer Reviews and Final Price

Skateboard VS Longboard

Is it Easier to Skateboard or Longboard?

Longboarding is comparatively an easier riding technique than skateboarding. It is generally preferred over skateboarding by beginners. 

The main reasons – a wider deck gives you a larger foot space. As a beginner into deck sports – you need room to perfect your stances and balance.

A longboard has softer wheels – which cushions your feet. Hard wheels have a pressing impact which is not advisable when you are learning this sport.

For cruising – there is nothing like longboarding. You have a large deck and a beach side road to sail along. More the softness and ease – more merrier. 

However longboarding is not advisable for professionals and for trick performers. You strictly need a smaller deck if you are performing ollies, switches, flips and turns. A large deck size (longboard) – will be difficult to handle.

But this does not mean – you will not be able to do tricks on a longboard. There are certain tricks which are best done on longboards and not at all on skateboards. Freeride is one of them –

What does Freeride mean in Longboarding?​

Freeride is downhill skateboarding which has more tricks and slightly lesser speed than downhill racing.  Switch riding is the key to get better in freeriding. 

Technically in a freeride you slide perpendicularly and break the traction. It is a form of carving. And in laymen’s terms you ride “S” shapes. 

If you have ever followed Kyle Chin or James Kelly you must have understood what is this technique. Importantly free riding is the new buzz around the skateboarding world – with a lot of hotties admiring free riders. Sot it is right time you get yourself a good longboard and get yourself equipped with this trick.

Longboarding on Dirt

Can Longboards Ride on Dirt?

Off Road Longboards are designed to ride on dirt. But if you are questioning about non specialised longboards – then they might not perform that well. 

Riding on dirt largely depends on the wheels beneath the deck. Off road longboard wheels are pretty huge in comparison to regular longboards. The wheels are softer, and mostly are made of polyurethane.

If you want to go off road than either get yourself an all terrain longboard or change the wheels if you can customise.

Off Road Longboard Wheels​

Most of the magic in an off road longboard – is wheels. Although other parts matter – but wheels are what gives the body – the platform above rocks, hills, sand and dirt. 

While choosing any of the above listed decks check whether they come equipped with specially designed off road longboard wheels and off road longboard tires or not.

If you already bought one or want to upgrade an older deck they try out these ones. 

MBS 100mm Unstoppable. – Average priced

IWONDER Cloud Wheel Discovery – Great for electric skateboards and longboards

Fireball Tinder – Very durable

Or best check out this page – it has a lot buying options and has customer reviews too.

Check out our review on Spitfire Wheels to learn more on how to select the best wheels for your board.

Best Off Road Electric Skateboard

What is the Best Off road Electric Skateboard?

Below are some of the best off road electric skateboards you can look out for – 

We have complied a list of 15 Best Off Road All Terrain Electric Skateboards – amazon.com choices. If you want to know in detail kingly go to the article. It has all in-dept reviews and buyer guide. 

Shortlisting one best off road electric skateboard out of the whole e skate market is difficult. But Raldey 900W2 stands apart. It is greatly built, has an aesthetically pleasing design and is economical.

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