Spitfire Wheels

When a set of Spitfire John Cardiel wheels showed up in the review box, I had to snatch them fools.

It’s almost not fair to do a review of a product that one has had a long and pleasurable relationship with. You might say that one could be a little biased.

That may be true, or maybe, Spitfires are just freaking good wheels.

So I set ethics aside, threw those puppies on a new set-up and proceeded to hit all manner of obstacles — steel sheeted ramps, concrete, masonite bowls and straight-up wood. Spitfire wheels handed them all with ease.

However, smoothness of the ride and speed are not the only things that make a good wheel; durability is also necessary. Spitfire wheels held up well in our stress tests, resisting flat spots and chipping.

These Spitfire wheels receive good marks across the board, making them a hella good wheel for working over all types terrain.

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