Dirtbag Clothing

Looking for clothing that could help you climb the corporate ladder? The kind of clothing that could get you a better tee time or out of a speeding ticket? Well, if so, don’t waste your time reading this…go buy something at Brooks Brothers or one of those other lame clothing joints. If your looking for some gear that makes a different statement, checkout Dirtbag Clothing.

This is the stuff that will make your dad look at you with that “What’s next!” look on his face. You know, the look you get after you crash the car, get arrested or get locked in the local pub over night (that last one might only apply to me).

Dirtbag offers clean simple designs on tee’s, sweatshirts, headgear and even chick stuff. But are the clean logos and the accual phrase “Dirtbag” on the front of your shirt or hat enough to get the point across? In our field tests of the clothing we discoved the following:clothing thats as punk as you want it to be
lady’s locked their car doors when we walked or skated by.
Frat boys just looked at us and grumbled.
someone told that me my attire wasn’t “Professional”.
multiple slams in the Hampstead bowl and no hole.

We considered these all successful tests.

So, if your a Dirtbag {if you passed the first paragraph we know you are} then check out their site Dirtbag Clothing .com. As you browse, keep in mind, they have no pro/am riders, thats not their bag. People rock it because they like it. Keep it real and wear it ten days in a row. Be a Dirtbag!

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