Beginner Skateboard Tricks (Skateboarding Tricks Alphabetically Categorized with Photos and GIFs)

360 Flip – Easiest of All Skateboard Tricks

1) First you need to be able to keep a good amount of control and balance on your board.

2) Approach the obstacle you want to try to do the trick over or down.

360 Flip - Beginner Skateboard Tricks

3) Sweep your back foot in the opposite direction you are facing

4) At the same time let your front foot flick straight off the corner of your board where the concave starts. If you are goofy it will be the right side, regular would be the left side.

5) After doing this let your board rotate under you until you see the board folding up to your feet

6) Catch the board and land solid avoiding wheel bite

Note: Foot positions vary from person to person. I prefer to set my back foot in the corner of the board and my front foot right under the bolts with my heel hanging off.

360 Shovit – Not a Pop Shovit Pop Shovit is later in the post

1) Push at a medium speed or what you know is best for you.

2) Place your feet over the bolts.

360 Shovit - Beginner Skateboard Tricks

3) As you attempt, twist your hip backside as you kick your board around (try it 180 first until you are comfortable).

4) Then watch your board spin and stay above it. Don’t be scared, it will come around. Remember the faster the better

5) Finally roll away, make sure you throw some style into it.

5-0 – A Mixture of Two Skateboard Tricks – Ollie and 50-50

1) Approach the object with a good amount of speed.

2) Try to come at the object parallel or with a slight angle.

5-0 Beginner Skateboard Tricks

3) Ollie as if going into a 50-50 but with your weight on your back foot.

4) Get into the grind with your weight on your back foot but your body forward (you dont want to lean back and slip out).

5) Shift your weight back forward and even out the board as you come to the end of the object

6) Try to land bolts, absorb the impact, ride away.

50-50 – A Sequel to Ollie

1) Learn to Ollie and get comfortable with ollieing while moving at a high rate of speed.

2) Find a ledge or rail to 50-50.

3) Go fast and approach the object however you want to. Some people come at a 45 degree angle and some come directly at it in line with the direction they will 50-50.

4) Keep your eye on the spot where you want to lock onto the object.

5) Ollie and lock your trucks onto the object.

50-50 - Beginner Skateboard Tricks

6) Stand up straight and keep your balance.

7) Spot your landing and stick it.

8) Ride away and then take a victory run.

50-50 Switch Out – Awesome of all skateboard tricks

1) Before thinking about this, you must be confident with doing 50-50’s

2) Come up to the object you want to grind. frontside 50-50’s are a bit easier.go ahead and pop a olley .

3) Get that grind on, and once you get to the end of the object, prepare to throw yourself into the opposite stance.

4) As you come off, body varial, land on your board, ride away with a nice feeling.

Backside Lipslide – No beginner Skateboard Tricks!

1) Put in your favorite ACDC tape to pump up the session.

2) Don’t try this trick until you have first learned to do backside 50-50’s, frontside boardslides, and backside 180’s.

3) Approach the ledge or rail like you are about to do a backside 50-50.

Backside Lipslide - Beginner Skateboard Tricks
Backside Lipslide - Beginner Skateboard Tricks

4) A Start winding up your shoulders like you do when you do a bakside 180 and as you clear the top of the ledge or rail use the wind-up to turn about 90 degrees into the backside lipslide position.

5) Now slide! The faster you go the further you’ll slide but if you are on a rail or a box you need to keep most of your weight on your backfoot to get a good slide.

6) To come out, if on a rail, you just need to turn out like any other boarslide. On a ledge or box, however, you must put pressure on your tail to “pop” off the ledge, especially if it is a ledge with no end.

Backside Nosegrind – Enhancing backside 50 50 Angle

1) Approach the object which you intend to grind as fast as you are comfortable skating. Your angle should be that of a backside 50-50 but your thinking should be that of a backside nosegrind.

2) With a clear mind and a comfortable foot placement (front foot right behind the front truck bolts) snap your ollie and push your front truck upon the obstacle.

Backside Nosegrind - Beginner Skateboard Tricks

3) Balance yourself over the board.

4) Push the nosegrind off the end of the obstacle enough to clear the back truck.

5) Bend your knees when you land, but don’t fake the funk. (Style is everything.)

6) Roll out and bro down!

Backside Tailslide – An after 50 50 Skateboard Trick

1) You should learn to do B/S 50-50’s this will help you get used to going into a trick backside.

2) After you can do B/S 50-50’s you are pretty much ready to learn B/S tailslides.

3) Approach the ledge witth a little more angle than the 50-50.

4) Pop as if you are going to 50-50, and start turning as if your going to B/S 180.

5) When you feel your above the ledge with your tail just stick it on down on the ledge.

Backside Tailslide - Backside Nosegrind - Beginner Skateboard Tricks
Backside Tailslide - Backside Nosegrind - Beginner Skateboard Tricks

6) When sliding try and keep the majority of your weight on the tail. This will help you slide longer and keep you fro sliding out.

7) To land just let your shoulders lead the board and come out whatever way is easiest. Once you can control sliding better the way you land the trick is your option.

8) Once you land it smile and say “that was easy”.

Bluntslide – Sequel to Backside 5-0

1). Approach the obstacle at a comfortable speed.

2). Go like you’re going to do a backside 5-0, but don’t lock into the 5-0.

3). As you ollie, turn the board frontside 90 degrees and lock into a blunt.

4). Slide as far as possible and turn 90 degrees backside when coming out to roll away smooth.

Boardslide – Second Easiest of Skateboard Tricks

1) Approach obstacle at a moderate speed.

2) Pop an ollie turning 90 degrees onto the rail, bench, ect.

Boardslide - Beginner Skateboard Tricks

3) Once on the rail keep your weight centered to avoid slipping out.

4) Once at the end of the rail turn out and ride away.

Note: The faster you go the easier the boardslide.

Frontside Boardslide – Try this after Boardslide

1) You might want to start trying this trick on a double sided curb, railroad tie or parking block.

2) To start you are going to want to pop your ollie and turn your body perpendicular to your obstacle.

3) Land on the obstacle with your back leading the way.

4) Keep your shoulders turned to see where you are sliding

Frontside Boardslide - Boardslide - Beginner Skateboard Tricks
Frontside Boardslide - Boardslide - Beginner Skateboard Tricks

5) While sliding keep you weight centered over the board.

6) When coming off the obstacle use the direction of your shoulders to turn your body and go with the flow

7) Bend your kneed on the landing and roll away.

Frontside Boardslide to Shovit – Try this after Frontside Boardslide

1) Go to the object with a confident frontside railslide

2) As you get on the object, straighten out your legs a bit and then think about how you are to shove it this board underneath your feet.

Frontside Boardslide to Shovit - Beginner Skateboard Tricks
Frontside Boardslide to Shovit - Beginner Skateboard Tricks

3) At the end of your slide, start taking your feet and try to to throw / turn your board as if you were on the ground practicing shove-its

4) As it shove-its, watch to see where it is when you get ready to get back on.

5) Ride away so happy that you didn’t get a wheel bite.

Frontside Laidback Powerslide – One of the cool skateboard tricks

1) Go fast and take a mean frontside angle. (for some this may entail learning to carve.)

2) Compress as you rocket into a frontside slide.

Frontside Laidback Powerslide - Beginner Skateboard Tricks

3) Lay your trailing hand back.

4) Slide your board around so it’ll come under you, then simply ride it out.

5) Pop open a cold one.

Half Cab – After Mastering Rolling Fakie

1. First learn how to backside 180

2. From the 180 get comfortable rolling fakie and doing fakie ollies.

3. You want to roll fakie and wind your shoulders up a little bit.

Half Cab - Beginner Skateboard Tricks

4. Now pop your board exactly like a fakie ollie and start turning your board with your shoulders.

5. Try and level out your board half way through your turn.

6. Keep turning till your facing completely forward.

7. Now just absorb the impact and roll away.

Hardflip – One of the hard skateboard tricks

1) Approach the object you are trying to hardflip (gap, stairs, ramp, flatground).

2) Set your back foot in the left corner (if your goofy right corner if you are regular foot) of your tail. This will help you scoop the board. Then set your front foot on the upper right side (if your goofy) were it feels comfortable to flick it off to the side.

3) Since your board is fliping in a folding fashion most of the work is done with your back foot.

Hardflip - Beginner Skateboard Tricks

4) When your are ready, scoop your back foot so that your board will start going into a vertical motion.

5) When your front foot reaches the top of the board let it go limp so that you get a solid flick.

6) Avoid poping to hard, this will cause your board to pop up your butt. Try and pop with control

7) Watch for your board , catch it as it folds up to your legs.

8) Catch it, float, float and land.

9) Then ride away smooth

Heelflip – Again not one of the simple skateboard tricks

1) Roll fast enough that you feel like you’re rolling smoothly and comfortably across the ground.

2) Set up with your back foot on the tip of the tail and your front foot just behind the front truck bolts with your toes hanging off the edge of the board. Keep your body straight– your head should be directly above the center point between your feet.

3) Bend down keeping your head above your board. (Don’t lean forward, just squat.)

Heelflip - Beginner Skateboard Tricks

4) Pop your ollie and jump with it but don’t throw your shoulders back as you go up. Right after your tail taps the ground, kick your front foot forward with the heel in a kind of diagonal direction. Kick it out in front of you but also kick it a little toward the direction in which you are rolling. This helps to give you a flip that you can see and catch easier.

5) Don’t lean back! Don’t try to bail! Catch the board, push it down and land. Roll away happy.

K-grind – The Faster the Better

1) To start add my personal touch which is 5 pushes faster than you normally go…

2) Stay about 1 foot out from the object for spacing

3) Next ollie out at an angle and land on your front truck

4) Press with your front foot while keeping about a 70/30 pressure between your feet

5) Grind across the object staying directly over it

K-Grind - Beginner Skateboard Tricks
K-Grind - Beginner Skateboard Tricks

6) To come out, put pressure on your back foot to lift the front of your board up

7) Then direct your board with your front foot to where you want it to be

8) If you were going fast enough you should shoot off of the object and have to direct your board in the air

9) Land-Roll away and now try again EVEN faster.

Kickflip – One of the most basic skateboard tricks

1) Start with your back foot on the tail and your front foot right under the bolts. Your front foot should be slanted just a little.

2) Bend your knees and pop your board.

Kickflip - Beginner Skateboard Tricks
Kickflip - Beginner Skateboard Tricks

3) Flick your front foot off the tip of the nose making it flip.

4) Suck up your legs for the catch. Try and keep your feet over the bolts.

5) Land and absorb the shock and roll away.

Kickflip to Noseslide – Try this after perfecting Kickflip

1) Creep up on the obstacle with moderate speed. A slight angle in navigation will probably help.

2) Set your feet to the kickflip position.

3) Get ready to pop the frontside flip when the impulse strikes you. When you have reached a safe distance, unleash the nasty.

Kickflip to Noseslide - Beginner Skateboarding Tricks
Kickflip to Noseslide - Beginner Skateboarding Tricks

4) While your board is rotating, aim your front foot to meet the nose of your board in a nosesliding position.

5) By now your back foot should have also made it back onto the board. Slide as far as possible, with all your weight on the obstacle.

6) Decide whether you want to come out forward or to fakie, unweight your front foot and dismount accordingly.

7) Land cleanly and roll away in the direction of prospective sponsors.

Manual – One of the best skateboard tricks ever


  • Must be able to ollie over a deck standing up
  • ollie up a curb
  • manual a set distance, like sidewalk cracks

1) Start and maintain a fair amount of speed. Make sure your back foot is covering most of the tail and your front foot is placed just before the bolts.

Manual - One of the Best Skateboard Tricks Ever
Manual - One of the Best Skateboard Tricks Ever

2) Pretend you are just going to ollie onto the curb but do it a little earlier and come up a little higher than the curb (so your back wheels dont bonk).

3) Land on your back two wheels and balance with your arms

4) hold still and just pretend you are dropping off the curb when you get off.

Nollie Crooked Grind – Combination of Nollie and Crooked Grind

1. First you want to be comfortable with nollies and crooked grinds.

2. You’re gonna want to roll up at a slight angle and have your feet in the nollie position with your front foot on the nose and your back foot in the middle of the board.

NOLLIE CROOKED GRIND - Combination of Nollie and Crooked Grind

3. Now pop your nollie high enough to get your front truck over the obstacle.

4. Now this is where the grind comes in–once you’re over the obstacle lock your front truck into a crooked grind.

5. Once you’re grinding you’re gonna want to put pressure on your nose to hold the crooked grind.

6. Now come out by sliding your back foot towards the back of your board.

7. Roll away.

Nollie Flip – This is a Beginner Skateboard Trick

1) Drop in going toward the pyramid at a decent speed.

2) Turn towards the hip you are going to land on.

NOLLIE KICK FLIP - This is a Beginner Skateboard Trick
NOLLIE KICK FLIP - This is a Beginner Skateboard Trick

3) Nollie pop and flip shifting your weight back in mid-air so you can land back on the board.

4) Land and shift your weight back forward.

5) ride away and go back on some chicks.

Nosebone – Push as farther as you can

1) To start, push push push push, and if your down PUSH SOME MORE!!!

2) Now get ready to ollie, foot behind the bolts but not too much

3) Ollie up and start turning your board toward your Left or Right at an angle

Nosebone - Beginner Skateboarding Tricks
Nosebone - Beginner Skateboarding Tricks

4) Grab your board real hard and use your arm and front foot to tweak it out and turn it sideways as much as possible.

5) Now use your arm to push your board back straight

6) Let go and get ready to compress and rollaway


Nosegrind – Second Awesome-st skateboard trick

1). Approach the bench with medium to moderate speed, depending on the length of the bench.

2). Ollie as you normally would shifting your front foot just past your front two bolts.

NOSEGRIND - Second Awesome-st skateboard trick

3). Keep your back foot on the back of the board, with medium pressure, to keep the board straight so it won’t turn side ways. And so you don’t fall an look like a loser in front of your friends.

4). Keeping your balance as you come to the end of the bench, hopefully your speed will carry you off of your nose, clearing your back trucks landing bolts on bolts feeling like the king of the world !!!!

Noseslide – Same comment as in Nosegrind, Awesome!

1) Approach obstacle with decent speed. Make sure your comfortable before actually attempting it.

2) Pop an ollie and start to turn the board 90 degrees as if you were doing a 180.

NOSESLIDE - Best Skateboard Tricks
NOSESLIDE - Best Skateboard Tricks
NOSESLIDE - Best Skateboard Tricks

3) Watch for the nose to get over the ledge and just stand on it.

4) Keep your weight mostly on your foot and just slide across the obstacle.

5) When you reach end, start to turn your body then pop a little and your feet should fall into place.

6) Land bolts, absorb the shock and roll away clean.

Ollie – Actually the first of beginner skateboard tricks you want to learn

1) Push at a comfortable speed, remember the faster you go the better the pop.

2) Place your front foot near the middle of your board, about two inches under your bolts. Put your back foot on the tail.

3) Squat, so you can spring yourself up.

Ollie - The start for basic skateboard tricks

4) Kick your back foot down so you can pop as you jump up, your front foot should rub upward on your griptape.

5) Make sure you tuck your knees to your chest, picking up your back foot as well to level the board at a good height. REMEMBER you are jumping forward.

6) Then come down comfortably, both feet on the board. It will look better if both your feet are over the bolts as well as lessen the stress of impact

7) Finally bend your legs as you touch down to give it that smooth style and roll away stocked.

Pop Shovit – 360 Pop Shovit is in the beginning of the post

1) Start off with your feet placed correctly on your board.

2) Cruise at a comfortable speed, its about the same as an ollie except you rotate your body inward.

3) As you ollie up kick your back foot behind you and you board will rotate inward.

Pop Shovit - The start for basic skateboard tricks
Pop Shovit - The start for basic skateboard tricks

4) Keep your shoulders and body straight, don’t turn.

5) As the board rises up jump up with the board, the harder you pop the higher your board will.

6) Land Square on your board and ride away with a smile.

Salad Grind – One of the impossible skateboard tricks? Hahaha

1. Grow some balls and roll up.

2. Pop like you’re trying a front blunt but don’t turn all the way so your back truck sticks into a salad grind.

Salad Grind - impossible skateboard tricks

3. Grind till you can’t grind no more.

4. It’s hard to pop out but try it anyway.

5. Straighten your butt out and roll away.

Streetplant – Second of Impossible Skateboard Tricks? Hahahaha..

1) First it might be a good idea to learn how to walk on your hands so your wrists will be use to having all of your weight on one of them. Another good way to pratice is to do a handstand against a wall (brick,so you wont damage the wall) and shift your weight onto one hand. Once you have mastered that, you will be ready to go foward with the rest of the trick.

2) Ride foward with a little speed, plant your hand on the ground

Streetplant - impossible skateboard tricks
Streetplant - impossible skateboard tricks

3) At the same time you do that, you want to grab the board and start taking your feet off the board front foot first.

4) Boost off with your back foot and pull your board back to where you want to stall at.

5) At the same time, you want to bring your feet up to your board and stall there.

6) Bring body and board down at the same time.

7) Ride away with a little smirk on your face.

Tailslide to Fakie – The last trick you will learn as a beginner

1) First learn 50-50s and 180’s, when your comfortable doing these tricks your ready for a fs tailslide.

2) Approach the obstacle at a good amount of speed.

Tailslide to Fakie - Beginner Skateboarding Tricks
Tailslide to Fakie - Beginner Skateboarding Tricks

3) Ollie 90 degrees and lean on your tail pushing it into the ledge or curb.

4) Slide however far you want to.

5) Pop out 180 and ride away smooth.

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