How do you 5 0 Around the Fountain in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2? 7-Step Guide with Video

5 0 around the fountain in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater THPS still remains one of the most difficult and mysterious skateboard tricks.

Although the video game remains in the top ten downloaded virtual skateboard games even this year the San Francisco Streets level which has 5 0 around the fountain challenge seems tricky.

How do you do a 5 0 around the Fountain in 7 Steps

How do you do a 5 0 around the fountain?
Side Wall surrounding the fountain

5 0 around the fountain is messy. You try and try and still end up either sliding down or totally crushed. Is there any way 5 0 switch to perfect this around the fountain trick? Well, below is a 7 step-by-step guide that will help you complete the loop.

  • First, you need to find the fountain to actually do a 5 0 grin on its rails. It is in the very center of the park.
  • Grind to reach the outer section of the fountain’s area
  • Go to the side corner wall and start from there.
  • Don’t try to 5 0 from the middle of the fountain. Of course, that will be a better trick on streets, but the way the THPS is designed it throws you back mostly off if you start from a part of the rail or will not register the trick.
  • Get your board aligned with the fountain.
  • Hit the “down” and the “Y” on the remote control to do a 5 0 grind. You can do a 50 50 on the rail as well.
  • Sail along the edges of the fountain with stability in the same 5 0 grind trick motion. (It needs some practice to gain stability or alternatively as a beginner throw in some points to gain it. You can improve stability later on, after the controls are set for you)
  • Jump and press the triangle and the down at the same time and you will land smooth.
  • Notice that the THPS registers a blue “FS 5 0 around the fountain” or the “BS 5 0 around the fountain”. Blue means you did it successfully.
  • Enjoy the rest of the game. 🙂

How do you get the THPS Secret Tape on Streets?

The THPS secret tape on streets is very well hidden. And the only way you crash into one is by climbing a lot of ramps, doing one or two 50 50 and another 5 0 grind.

Check out this video where he finds the secret tape in San Fransisco –

How do you do the 50/50 grind in Tony Hawk Pro Skater?

50/50 is the easiest of the grinds. And to locate it on the controller is easier than that. You will find a grind button on the controller of THPS. It actually does a 50/50.

If you are playing THPS via PlayStation then press the triangle. Mostly it will do. If it does not then try the “UP” button along. On an Xbox, it works with a simple “Y” without any UP or DOWN.

How do you do a 5 0 grind switch?

Well there is not much of a trick to 5 0 grind switch. We assume it to be the same as the regular 5 0 grind. The only difference might be if you switch your foot from regular to goofy or vice versa while on the ledge.

If you mean the Bennet grind by the 5 0 grind switch, then we believe that both those tricks are not much related. A bennet grind is based on a backside smith grind. So you can check more on it here.

5 0 Around the Fountain on the Streets?

Ready for 5 0 around the fountain here?
Ready for 5 0 around the fountain here?

Honestly, we did try 5 0 around the fountain in a New York Park. We realized three important things which we are sharing with you –

  • You need to be a pro in 5 0 grind and also other beginner skateboard tricks.
  • The most difficult part is finding a fountain. There is no significant number of fountains around. at least we were not able to find one easily. Even if you find one it will have railings around or the base will not match the required heights for the 5 0 grind to perform.
  • Secondly more than the 5 0 grind – it is AROUND which is difficult. We mean the turns and keeping balance while you turnout on fountain ledges.

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