50 50 Grind – FS and BS – 8 Steps for You to Master Skateboard 50 50 – GIFs and Videos

How to 50 50 Grind or Skateboard 50 50
How to 50 50 Grind or Skateboard 50 50 – The Skateboarder here is actually doing a 50 50 Grind the Curb.

What is a 50/50 grind?

If you are asking what a 50 50 grind is, then the only explanation is that you have just put your foot in the world of skateboarding. And this is like the 2nd easiest of all the beginner skateboard tricks you are going to learn! So what is the first one?

Well, Ollie is like the basic of skateboard tricks. To put it better Ollie is like the foundation, on which all other tricks are based. But if you consider it a trick itself then you can put 1 on it and you can rank 50 50 grind the 2nd.

Below we have put an easy to understanding 8 steps guide to skateboard 50 50. You should need a maximum of 15 minutes to learn it provided you know ollieing.

If you don’t know how to ollie – then start from the abcd. Check out our 7 steps guide to perfect Ollie. Ollie should need a day. After that, you can learn every beginner trick in the book within a month. For advanced skateboarding tricks – at least 6 months.

Why is the 50/50 grind called that?

50 50 grind is named such because you are 50 percent on the edge of the rail or the ledge and 50 percent off it. Your truck hangers grind on the surface and hence the grind suffix at the end of the trick’s name 50 50 grind.

But there are many other names for the trick, some mostly slang. It is often written too differently. You will find

  • 50/50 grind (having a slash),
  • 50-50 grind (with a dash, sometimes even spaces before and after the dash (50 – 50 grind)),
  • 50 50 grind (with no punctuation mark in the middle),
  • 50 50 (having no grind at the end),
  • skateboard 50 50 (can’t explain this, it is just weird slang), and likewise.

8 Easy Steps to Master Skateboard 50 50

50 50 Grind - switchmagazine.com originals
Frontside 50 50 Grind – switchmagazine.com originals

1) Learn to Ollie and get comfortable with ollieing while moving at a high rate of speed.

2) Find a ledge or rail to 50-50.

3) Go fast and approach the object however you want to. Some people come at a 45-degree angle and some come directly at it in line with the direction they will 50-50.

4) Keep your eye on the spot where you want to lock onto the object.

5) Ollie and lock your trucks onto the object.

6) Stand up straight and keep your balance.

7) Spot your landing and stick it.

8) Ride away and then take a victory run.

How do you grind a 50/50 curb?

Grind a 50 50 curb can be a bit tricky. And it is not as easy as the traditional 50 50 grind. Look at the photo in the post above. The skateboarder is actually trying to pull a 50 50 backside curb in that illustration.

Below are 8 steps simply explained for practicing the frontside 50 50 curb. We have explained it simply but the trick is a bit tricky :).

  1. First skate with a 25 to 30 degrees angle towards the ramp or the ledge,
  2. Bend your knees a little and scoop the board over,
  3. Now lock the front wheels on the rim of the ledge, until the board gets fully over the ledge,
  4. And immediately lock the back wheels,
  5. Keep skating – and this is the actual 50 50 grind on a curb,
  6. The landing part is tricky too – shift all the pressure on your back foot,
  7. Flick the front foot simultaneously and your deck will unlock its wheels and will leave the curb,
  8. Land safely and keep sailing.

There are chances that while you attempt to lock the front wheels on the ledge, they will leave the fix and the board will slip. If it does, it will propel you forward because of the awkward foot position. The same can happen when you attempt the flick to get off the skateboard.

For these, you should never attempt learning the 50 50 grind on curb without the protective gears. Or else there is a good chance you will hurt your knees.

Simultaneously don’t attempt to try the trick on a broken rail or a ledge. Already two of your wheels are locked, so if one more gets locked or hindered from motion, the board will fly off. And this might leave you on the ground. Check out good ledges below before you purchase one.

How to 50-50 grind tony hawk

We have got you covered virtually and physically for all the skateboarding tricks.

50 50 Grind Tony Hawk Big Rail Gap
50 50 Grind Tony Hawk Big Rail Gap | Image Credits – Gamezo

So now off to the digital skateboarding. If you are playing the THPS 1+2, then to complete the warehouse stage you need to finish the 50 50 grind at the big rail gap.

Locating the rail is difficult, rest everyting else is just a click away. Follow the steps –

  • You will find the rail going down the ramp,
  • Skate in line with the rail and not at an angle like you do in physical skateboarding,
  • Roll up to the rail and press the “triangle” (on the remote),
  • Keep skating
  • Get Down and you are done.
  • Complete the warehouse challenge and proceed further.

How to 50 50 Grind Switch Out?

50 50 Grind Switch Out – Mark the foot position in the 6th shutter image – switchmagazine.com originals.

We believe this one to be the best variation of the 50 50 grind. It is just awesome, because it is easy, yet it has a little tweak –

So here is how you can do it to perfection –

  • 1) Before thinking about this, you must be confident with doing 50-50’s
  • 2) Come up to the object you want to grind. Frontside 50-50’s are a bit easier go ahead and pop an ollie.
  • 3) Get that grind on, and once you get to the end of the object, prepare to throw yourself into the opposite stance.
  • 4) As you come off, body varial, land on your board, and ride away with a nice feeling.

Are 50/50 grinds easy?

How hard is a 50/50 grind? We believe it to be one of the easiest in comparison to other beginner skateboard tricks. Of course, there are easier grinds and tricks than this one, for example ollieing, or simply scooping, but they barely qualify as a trick. They are more sort of skateboarding styles.

Other grinds include the 5 0 – then there is a 360 Pop Shove It, the Treflip and many such which all include rotating skateboards mid-air or at least tilting them while grinding. And that is difficult. In a 50 50 grind you just have to ollie and then skate flat and off. That is easy. Pretty Easy – Isn’t it?

As we mentioned above – it will not take you more than 30 minutes to perfectly master this trick.

How to 5 0 Grind
How to 5 0 Grind – Moss Holder Image

Moreover – in skateboard 50 50 there is a lesser chance of getting hurt. Because your foot mostly never leaves the deck while grinding. You might have a little foot lift while doing ollie but not a complete foot lift, it’s just a scoop. And hence there are no injuries as such associated with the landing in this grind.

Other skateboard tricks are risky. Even the beginner ones. And if you are a beginner, even to the beginner skateboard tricks then we highly advise you to get proper gears and knee protectors. Else, you will land at a doctor’s mostly an orthopedic.