Nose Grind | BS Nose Grind | FS Nose Grind – 5 Simple Steps for You to be a Pro – SlowMo Videos and GIFs

Nose Grind with a Pop
Nose Grind with a Pop – Flickr Images

Is a Nosegrind a thing?

Nose grind is definitely a thing. It is one of the coolest beginner skateboard tricks and a little hard to perform too. But we do not get the concept of why the skateboarding community refers to this as “Nosegrind” and not as “Nose Grind” (with a space).

It is one of the Skateboarding Grind Tricks and hence it should always come with a space in the middle – like the 5 0 Grind and the 50 50. But you will always see this trick to be referred as Nosegrind (without space). Welcome to the sport – this is skateboarding, where slang and the language of the road rules.

So grammatic analysis apart – Nose grind is also known as the 5 0 crooked grind. Again we don’t get the meaning of the crooked here – but Yes the trick is a bit tweaked to the original 5 0.

What is a Nosegrind in Skateboarding?

Nose grind in only in skateboarding! Is there any other sport or any action which uses Nose Grind? Well, we definitely never come across one. If you find, do ping us –

So, nose grind is the opposite of the comparatively easier trick 5 0 Grind. In 5 0 – the later truck grinds the rail, ledge, pipe or whichever surface you are skating upon.

In a Nosegrind the nose of the deck grinds the surface. In other words the front trucks of the skateboard is the one crashing with the ledge, or the pipe whereas the tail is upheld in air.

This is a bit difficult to perform – because here you have to shift your pressure from the backfoot to the front foot. Applying pressure from the backfoot on the deck is your natural momentum and hence 5 0 grind is a bit easier. But in a nose grind you have to work against your naturals.

What is a Tail Grind? Nosegrind VS Crook

Tail Grind is one of the many grinding tricks in this sport. It is another name for the 5 0. This is a simpler name where the action is pretty clearly conveyed. The tail of the skateboard or the later trucks grind the skateboarding surface. As mentioned above it is a comparatively easier trick than the Nose Grind.

But there are some technicalities to master the trick because you have to elevate one side of the deck. And this needs the right amount of pressure at the right spot of the board. Read our article where we have put in a step by step guide to perfect this Grind.

5 0 Grind is the Tail Grind

On the other hand a crooked grind and the Nose grind are one and the same thing with a very minute tweak. And this topic is being debated since ages. Read it here.

How do you Backside a Nosegrind? 6 Simple Steps

There are many versions of the Nose Grind trick with the Bs and the Fs as the most common. However you will find the BS or the Backside mostly performed by the professional. And hence we have just listed the steps to BS nosegrind.

1) Approach the object which you intend to grind as fast as you are comfortable skating. Your angle should be that of a backside 50-50 but your thinking should be that of a backside nosegrind.

2) With a clear mind and a comfortable foot placement (front foot right behind the front truck bolts) snap your ollie and push your front truck upon the obstacle.

Backside Nosegrind - Beginner Skateboard Tricks
Nosegrind – Look at the 6th and the 7th shutter image. This is where the skateboarder is performing the trick | originals.

3) Balance yourself over the board.

4) Push the nosegrind off the end of the obstacle enough to clear the back truck.

5) Bend your knees when you land, but don’t fake the funk. (Style is everything.)

6) Roll out and bro down!

PS – For the FS you do not need to do anything extra.You just have to do change your foot. Rest the pressure and the foot position remains the same.

How do you stop Your Nose from Grinding?

You want to do a Nose Grind yet you want the Nose to not Grind! Well, this is known as Nose Grind Pop Out. It is a cooler variation and definitely the one we do a lot.

It saves a lot of nose rims from getting destroyed. But that is not all – the trick is a bit difficult from the original nose grind because you have to shift your balance mid air, all the while balancing your pressure units on both of your lefs.

We found a wonderful tutorial online which explains all you need to know to practice Nose grind and the variations visually in SlowMo, especially the Nose Grind Pop Up – Below is the embed.

Nose Grind THPS 1+2

Playing the Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+ 2 and got stuck at the coffee grind gap in the Mall Level. Well, it is quite easy. But rather to put it step by step here, we are going to link it to a very good article. It has all the necessary information like where the coffee grind gap lies and all.

The only bad thing – it does not have a video. Try it out. We crossed our Mall level from this tutorial itself.

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