Mellow VS Steep Deck Concave – 5 Important Differences to Consider to Select a Suitable Skateboard for Yourself

The curvature is described as “mellow” concave if it is comparatively flat. A “steep” concave, on the other hand, denotes a far more pronounced curvature.

Mellow VS Steep Deck Concave
Flat VS Mellow VS Steep Deck Concave


Skateboarding is a sport that involves gliding on a skateboard while also performing a variety of tricks, most of which include lifting the board off the ground and performing pirouettes while it is in the air.

All these tricks are done on a skateboard, which is a flat wooden board that is bent at the ends and has two axles, four wheels, and two bearings in each wheel. It is best done on a level surface and anywhere where one may roll, such as the sidewalk or skate parks.

The front and back sections of the deck are referred to as the “nose” and “tail,” respectively. The boards follow a certain format. Depending on the modality that will be used, the dimensions, notably the table’s width, should be considered.

Skateboard decks come in a variety of shapes. Of course, there is the length and the breadth, but there is also the basic form and the concave. It is challenging to adequately compare the forms and concavities of various boards because each company has its own standards.

Before you chose a deck it is important to know these terminologies and also about “mellow vs steep deck concave”. If you buy a deck that is not comfortable beneath, you will end up hurting yourself or not enjoying skateboarding at all.

So first we briefly look at what is a skateboard concave and how it affects the riders.

What Is a Skateboard Concave?

Comparisons - Mellow VS Steep Deck Concave
Depth Comparisons – Mellow VS Steep Deck Concave

A skateboard deck’s concave is a measurement of the distance between its edge and its center. To distinguish them in their catalog or just for marketing purposes, several companies give the concave of their board’s names.

While the concave on the skateboard should serve as a buying guide, it can be quite perplexing. The transverse curve of a board’s concave determines how deep the board is from its edge to its center. The concave of a skateboard should not, in the strictest sense, be anything else, but as we will see later, it is something more complicated.

The more concave a board has, the better it holds your feet and the more responsive it is for tricks and spins This gives one credit point to the concave ones in the mellow vs steep deck concave battle. For those who want a rapid response while turning on a ramp or for flip tricks, a board with a deep concave is ideal.

But the less concave the board is, the sturdier and more comfortable it is. These qualities make it cozy to lie about or practice gymnastics. This is without a doubt the greatest concave for newbies or those seeking a board with versatility.

The performance of the board and how your feet rest on it are both impacted by mellow vs steep deck concave. Every board has a varied deck concave, which is why many skaters have a preference for and loyalty to a certain brand or a type of board.

But, like with most skating-related decisions, it truly comes down to personal preference. If you feel more at ease riding a flatter board, choose it. You could decide that you need to test out a few different types of concaves to see which ones work best for your skating style.

So then what is a mellow concave skate deck and will it suit your feet?

Mellow Concave Skate Deck

Flat Mellow Concave - Mellow VS Steep Deck Concave
Flat | Mellow Concave

This form gives a comfortable middle ground that is neither too flat nor too steep. The end result is a board that is light, flickable, and doesn’t adhere to your feet. A medium concave is recommended for street skating and flipping maneuvers.

Instead of having a progressive concave, mellow concave boards feature an abrupt angle. Naturally, they feel flatter and are more comfortable for cruising.

Convex boards, which arch upward, have far greater asymmetry than asymmetrical concave boards, which gives carving more force.

Longboarders and cruisers are more likely to use these kinds of boards. Flat boards are less common and are more frequently seen on longboards or vintage skateboards, despite the fact that they are theoretically possible.


  • This one is the most stable concave for cruising or skating large obstacles like the halfpipe.


  • Mellow boards can break easily.

Steep Concave Skate Deck

Steep Deck Concave - Mellow VS Steep Deck Concave
Steep Deck Concave

Deeper curves produce a high or “deep” concave. Steep concave is effective because it improves the board feel for transition skaters who like total control of their boards during sharp turns. Are you in need of a poppy board? If so, you might enjoy this layout.


  • They are suggested for skilled skaters because of their powerful and unique curves.
  • They are ideal for doing acrobatics with agility, but a large concave is advised for more seasoned users!


  • When utilizing them, they call for more force. It takes time to adjust to this type of board as well. It is said to be hard to control.

So what are the key differences in both these curvatures and how do you make an informed decision on mellow vs steep deck concave?

Mellow VS Steep Deck Concave – 8 Key Differences

Below is a Mellow VS Steep Deck Concave 8 point comprison table. It clears all you need to know about which type is preferred by various skateboarding style. Check it out.

Mellow VS Steep Deck Concave
MellowSteep Deck Concave
1. The center is not very deep and falls only a very little below the plain of the skateboard deck. 1. The concave is pretty deep and does not fall within the plain of the skateboard deck.
2. Easier for skateboarders to stand and balance.2. Difficult to stand and maintain balance.
3. It will move pretty fast and the surface is aligned.3. Comparatively you will find a little lack in speed.
4. Does not turn or flip smooth.4. Turns and flips great. Scooping becomes pretty easy.
5. Ideal for Street Skateboarders, Office/College Commuters, and Cruisers5. Ideal for Skateboarders looking to Perform Skateboarding Tricks.
6. Longboards and Cruiser Boards are designed with a mellow concave.7. Shortboard Skateboards and carving boards feature a deep concave.
7. Suggested – Beginners to Skateboarding, Kids, Female Skateboarders (not looking for heavy skateboarding)8. Suggested – Pro Skateboarders Male & Female looking for Advanced Skateboarding Tricks
Mellow VS Steep Deck Concave Comparison Table

Disclaimer – If you aren’t interested in learning tricks right away, we suggest getting a flat board because it will be much simpler for you to go slowly without falling or being hurt on a more solid surface.

PS – The whole Mellow VS Steep Deck Concave conflict applies to non motorized skateboards. Electric Skateboards are mostly flat and are not designed to suport skateboarding tricks.

If you are interested in motorized skatebaords, then check our guide on how to buy an economically viable best electrically fueled skateboard for yourself.

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