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How to 5 0 Grind
How to 5 0 Grind – Moss Holder Image

Why is it called 5-0 grind?

5 0 grind is called so because it is a grind trick meaning either of the trucks grind the surface on which you are performing the trick. There are many skateboard grind tricks with 5 0 grind being the easiest. The trick is very popular and you will see a lot of skateboarders performing this trick in and out of skateparks.

Railings at metro stations and other underground stairs at subways and benches near the parks become the most preferable surfaces for the skateboarders to perform a 5 0 grind.

Another name for 5 0 is the Tail Grind. Now, this seems a logical name because the tail does grind the rail. As to 5 0 we still do not know the philosophy behind the numbers. If you get them, please ping us.

What is a 5 0 grind? 6 Easy Steps to Master the Trick

Look at the photo above to get an exact image of how the trick looks. This trick can only be performed on a skate ramp, ledge, a rail or any edge, commonly referred to as an obstacle in the skateboarding terminology.

Try 5 0 around the fountain virtually and physically once. The move gained immense popularity after it was introduced in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game. It is not as difficult as hyped on the net. Check out our guide to learn how to do it.

So back on 5 0 grind. The trick has a lot to do with the back trucks which grind on the obstacle, most commonly a ramp. The nose remains elevated and the front foot barely touches the deck until you complete the trick. It is also observed as a mixture of two skateboard tricks – Ollie and 50-50.

Here are 6 easy steps for you to perfect frontside 5 0.

1) Approach the object with a good amount of speed.

2) Try to come at the object parallel or with a slight angle.

5-0 Grind Beginner Skateboard Tricks
5 0 Grind GIF – switchmagazine.com originals

3) Ollie as if going into a 50-50 but with your weight on your back foot.

4) Get into the grind with your weight on your back foot but your body forward (you don’t want to lean back and slip out).

5) Shift your weight back forward and even out the board as you come to the end of the object.

6) Try to land bolts, absorb the impact, and ride away.

How do you get out of a 5-0 grind?

Getting out of a 5 0 grind is more difficult than scooping on the obstacle. And it is the landing part where most of the mishaps occur.

Check out step number 5 above where we have mentioned how you get out of a 5 0 grind. Below are some of the quick tips you need to practice for a better landing.

  • Look for your weight. It should always be more on the backside and not on the fronstside or you will end up out of the deck.
  • Your backfoot – the one on the tail should be firmly grounded.
  • Absorb the impact. If you get affected by the impact again you will be slipping out of your board.

What is a crooked 5-0 grind called?

A crooked 5 0 grind is known as the Nose Grind. Now if you want to know how it is done then there is only one tweak you need to know. The crooked 5 0 is where the tail of the board is elevated and the nose grinds while in the trick.

Comparatively, we find it a bit difficult and the 5 0 a little easy. We have put up a step-by-step guide for the Crooked Grind or the Tail Grind, which will make learning the trick quite easy.

Nose Grind or the Crooked 5 0 Grind Tutorial

But the thing is that there are thousands of variations to these beginner skateboard tricks. There is a backside bs 5 0 grind, then there is a front side fs 5 0 grind, salad grind, 5 0 grind thps, 5 0 grind skate 3, 5 0 nosegrind, and likewise many many variations.

A pro skater tweaks the trick and then it becomes a variation. Although these variations are a challenge to perform and you will definitely be doing something different, the key is to first perfect the original trick.

Once you have established your foot control on the traditional 5 0 grind, all other variations for the same trick are just a matter of hours to work in.

Best of Luck Grinding!

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