Skateboard Stance – How to Stand on a Skateboard and Perfect Your Skateboard Stance | How-To Guide

Skateboard Foot Placement and Skateboard Stance


Your skateboard stance is crucial if you want to fly high. A proper skate stance and perfecting your skateboard footing is all  you need to master in the beginning, And then – sky is the limit.

A sport that allows the person to imaginary fly is the best one. It allows the person some serious excitement, thrill, and sports aggressiveness – that is otherwise difficult to get. And Skateboarding is all about the flights -.

This is why people who are experienced in skateboarding suggest the beginner’s to first sharpen their concentration skills on how to stand on a skateboard, and then take up other tutorials on skateboarding tricks.

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Why is it important to acquire a perfect skateboard stance?

Skateboarding is all about balancing both the feet on a reasonably slim flat surface that does not let the player fall off even on the uneven surfaces. This is why the main focus is on acquiring the perfect skateboard stance – because of which the sports gets better every time you experience it while practicing hard.

Maintaining the right balance is to obtain the perfect adjustment of the feet and its position on the skateboard.

Here is a step by step guide on how to start practicing standing on a skateboard to be able to become a perfectionist at it in a minimum time period.

Polish your focus:

As mentioned above, concentration is the key to standing with the right stance and posture on the skateboard. This can be done by polishing the focus and the concentration by practicing some serious concentration hacks including listening to the music or playing video games that require absolute focus for surviving.

Decide the stance:

Standing on the skateboard can be done with two stances, regular and goofy. While the regular one requires the player to place the left foot forward, the goofy stance is to be maintained with the right foot forward. 

This can be done by observing which foot is used first for kicking a ball, walking on a staircase, or maintaining balance when pushed from behind.

Feet should be shoulder apart:

The feet should be shoulder apart while standing on a skateboard because this way you get to equally divide the body weight with maintaining the perfect balance on the long and thin surface.

Bend yourself a little:

Bending yourself a little allows the player to shift the body weight to the hips because of which it becomes easier to stand smoothly on the flat surface while moving. 

Also, bending is good for maintaining a fine body posture for a leveled skateboarding experience.

Look forward:

Looking forward is also one of the tips to balance on the skateboard because this way you get to stand straight and move ahead without getting distracted from the surroundings that might result in falling off.

Maintaining Proper Skateboard Stance While Looking Forward

Use your hands for adjusting the air balance:

Using hands for adjusting the balance is something very natural and tried and tested due to which the player gets to remain still and stable throughout the skateboarding activity.

Practice by standing on a smooth/gripping surface:
While practicing for standing still on the skateboard, it is suggested to start with a smooth and gripping surface such as grass. This way, the players can get a hold on the skateboard’s grip as a beginner.

Skateboarding Stances and Balancing

Choose Comfortable Shoes:

Comfortable and fitted shoes are also necessary for maintaining a firm balance on the skateboard because loose ones might frequently move the feet, which is harmful to safe skateboarding.

Standing firmly on a skateboard can be easily done while considering this step-by-step guide that can be obviously attained after thorough practice sessions.

Is it Risky?

People who choose to take a risk over relaxing and playing it safe have no idea how thrilling it is to encounter dangerous activities on a daily basis and coming safely out of it every single time. However, this requires a lot of focus and practice and – that is the exact case with skateboarding.

Mastering skate stance and skateboard foot placement will definitely rule out all the risk and you will be able to fly, roll and slide,