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What is Tailslide in Skateboarding?

Tailslide is one of the many sliding tricks in skateboarding. All sliding tricks have one thing in common – the skateboard slides over the obstacles which can be a ledge, rail, pipe or any other ramp or concrete edge.

In a tailslide, the tail of a skateboard slides past. This is in contrast to the other very common trick the noseslide, in which nose of the deck is stealing the show. The pro action here is to slide the tail or the nose as smoothly as possible. Keep in mind this is not a grinding trick.

As you slide, the rim or the wooden ply should not get damaged. The board barely touches the obstacle as you are sliding over. It should be like sliding butterknife over bread. The knife fairly runs over the bread, without harming itself or the later. A ledge or a pipe is much harder than bread though :).

PS – We still do not get why skateboarding community refers this trick as Tailslide (without a space) and not tail slide (with a space). We have been commenting on all the tricks names and this no space always pisses us a lot. But this is not an English language website. So back to tailslides.

So how does tailslide differs from the grinds

Grinds are different from slides in many ways. Some of the key differences include – the impact and the skateboard part involved in the trick.

In grinds, mostly trucks are employed. To be specific the hangers are involved. The grind over the ledges or the pipes with nose or tail suspended in air. They don’t take any beating in grinds.

Secondly in nosegrind the impact is far more severe on the part of the deck in comparison to a noseslide. The hanger or the truck gets brushed hard and gets grinded for a longer interval. Mostly after some grinds you will need new trucks.

The same is not in slides. The skateboards briefly contact the obstacle and they are again back on their feet or the wheels. Although while learning the trick, there is a good chance you will flick away the nose or the tail. Better get a good brand skate. A cheaper one will split sooner.

Is Tail Slide Hard?

Nah! It’s not hard. It is damn easy.

Well, sliding tricks including tail slide is one of the easiest beginner skateboarding tricks you are ever going to learn.

You are skating, you get a pipe or a ledge in the middle of the road and so you scoop. And while you are on the ledge or the pipe you turn 90 degrees. That’s all a tailslide trick is about. Nothing rocketry here.

The only explanation to the question is tail slide hard – is that you are beginning to learn skating. Welcome to the deep world of exciting and shitty tricks. We have put step-by-step guides to every trick you want to learn. Check out the post below –

30 Best Beginner Skateboard Tricks you want to learn during your first week of skateboarding

So now back to tailslide –

How do you get into a Tailslide?

How to Tailslide | BS | FS | THPS
How to Tailslide | BS | FS | THPS

Sliding tricks are easy once you master the starts and the scoops. The landings are not that technical. To get into a tailslide you need to check 2 things – Angle and Your Body Alignment.

Angle – You should approach the ledge or the pipe with a maximum of 25 to 35 degrees of angle. This is the most perfect figure. Anything smaller than this might not help you scoop on the ledge and anything larger will not allow you to turn your board into a right angle, which is necessary for any skateboarding slide trick.

Now you are not going to use a protractor to measure the angle. A little eyeballing should be enough, provided you learned some basics in the math classes.

Alignment – The shoulders should be aligned with the shoulders while you are getting into the tailslide trick. This is the front side tailslide we are talking about. If they are in the line while you scoop, you will easily turn 90 degrees with the deck. However, if the shoulders are not aligned your body will push you out of the deck once you try to move it to get to 90 degrees.

For BS tailslide – check the 8-step guide below.

How do you Tailslide on a Skateboard in 8 Easy Steps? Backside Tailslide

Backside Tailslide - Backside Nosegrind - Beginner Skateboard Tricks
Backside Tailslide - Backside Nosegrind - Beginner Skateboard Tricks
The Fourth Shutter Image is where our skateboarder is performing the BS Tailslide | switchmagazine.com originals

1) You should learn to do BS 50 50 grind. This will help you get used to going into a trick backside.

2) After you can do BS 50-50’s you are pretty much ready to learn BS tailslides.

3) Approach the ledge with a little more angle than the 50-50.

4) Pop as if you are going to 50-50, and start turning as if you’re going to do BS 180.

5) When you feel yourself above the ledge with your tail, just stick it on down on the ledge.

6) When sliding try and keep the majority of your weight on the tail. This will help you slide longer and keep you from sliding out.

7) To land just let your shoulders lead the board and come out whatever way is easiest. Once you can control sliding better, the way you land in the trick is then your option.

8) Once you land it, smile and say “that was easy”.

How do you Tailslide a Train? | How do you Tailslide a Ledge?

Check the 8 step guide for tailsliding a ledge. For tailsliding a train or a pipe we think might be a little difficult than the BS and FS of the same on a ledge.

Pipe or train is narrow and there is not extra wood at the other end to give balance to your skateboard in air. And so most of the balance you have to provide from your body flexes. So how do you tailslide a train easily?

Well do a regular ollie on to the pipe and move your body in perfect alignment with the skateboard deck. Move as your deck is moving. It would be best if the board lands on the pipe angled right and you on the top. This way a lot of turning is eliminated. On a ledge you can turn the board 90 even after landing on it.

Then land safely on the ground, again flicking the board and moving your body perfectly in the direction of the board.

Tailslide in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 | Venice Ledge

Tailslides is pretty easy in THPS – but a little confusing. If you press the wrong combinations or move the stick in wrong direction you will not get the intended slide.

So first – how to Tailslide in THPS 1+2

Find any ledge or rail, you will find plenty.

Switch your stance with R2/RT if you want to. You need to do this before you ollie over the obstacle. If you are skating regular then the sliding object will be on your left and vice versa for goofy.

Approach the obstacle and then ollie. Here is the crucial part – Move the stick away (and not towards) from the rail in combination with the triangle/Y (the grind button). This will give you a perfect tail slide.

If you move the stick towards, it will be a noseslide.

Now – Tailslide the Venice Ledge

The controls are pretty easy to Tailslide the Venice Ledge. You have to move the stick away and press the triangle/Y. Alternative you can press right and the grinding button. But the difficult part is finding the Venice Ledge.

We have put a brief description where to find it – and have also put up a GIF to easily locate it.

You must be knowing the quarter pipes. Skate there and then ollie the wall and grindskate the walkway. You will find a slope which goes towards the beach area. This is where the Venice Ledge lies. Once there – tailslide.

Tailslide the Venice Ledge – GIF Credits – gfycat

What is Tailslide aviation?

Tailslide in aviation is exciting and breathtaking. We suspect that this skateboarding trick is actually influenced by this aviation aerobatic maneuver.

Well, we skateboarders are also flying while scooping with our skateboards as our aircraft. However, sarcasm apart, if you want to learn more about tailslide aviation check out this wiki article.