5boro Skateboards

I thought I would not like the 5boro board because I usually like a little more concave, but I was pleasantly surprised after riding around for a while. It’s real stiff, and has a lot of pop. The nose and tail are very similar, so much so that I had to make a line in the grip to tell the difference.

I really like the graphics on these boards. I rode the “Department of Pest Control” deck. It has a big picture of a fly on it, which is pretty sick. They are real plain three color graphics which I find more appealing than all the cartoon candy colors on a lot of boards lately. Another plus for this deck is that even though it slid very well many times I can still see the fly through the skid marks.

The best part about the 5boro “Department of Pest Control” Deck with the fly graphic is that every time you eat !@#$ you can look at the bottom of your board and know that you’re not the only one. Flies eat !@#$ all the time and no one laughs at them. They run away from them, afraid of being touched by their foulness. Or people just squish them with fly swatters (luckily they don’t make big enough fly swatters even for little kids… yet).

5boro skateboard review

Skateboarding has progressed beyond itself. What does that mean? In the old days, skaters were skaters, for the most part they all dressed alike, listened to the same music and were from southern Cal. Since then skateboarding has evolved and branched out with each sub culture growing into its own. The problem is that even though they have branched out skate companies tend to clump their products into a couple of styles.

That is where 5boro comes in. The 5boro zip up hoodies break that same-old-same-old mold. What makes the hoodies different is that they are not just screen printed, they have simi reflective cutout letters and a embordered 5boro tag on the back.

5boros innovative designs are carried over through their product line. For more information on 5boro products check their site at 5boro.com

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