Average Skateboard Speed (All Types of Skateboards and Electric Boards Compared)

Speed! Thrill! Adventure!

Is the above expression not synonymous to skateboarding experience? So, what is an average speed of a skateboard?

This is a frequently asked question by newbies in skateboarding. It is essential to know what is the average speed of a skateboard in general, especially when it comes to buying one. Riders can make well-informed decisions while buying a skateboard, if they know what the average speed is.

Before delving into the numeric. Let’s understand what does Average Speed and Average Velocity simply mean and how are they calculated?  Believe it or not, you are going to need this quick Math and Physics class combined studies.

Crisply explained, speed is basically how fast you are travelling.

Whereas Velocity is speed in a given direction.

Average Speed Formula:

Average Speed = Total Distance/Total Time

Average Velocity= Total Displacement/Total Time

Here’s a quick, short insight into different skateboards and their average speed. Hope you can make a more educated choice while buying your buddy.

  • Graciously expert skateboarder with smoother wheels needs for 7.5 MPH.
  • Traveling to school or college in 2 miles distance needs 8 to 12 MPH skateboard speed.
  • On 7 miles distance, cruise to the beach needs 7 MPH skateboard speed.
  • For 10 miles or more travel on average speed, the skateboard needs 5 to 8 MPH speed.
  • Easy pushing speed on a longboard skateboard can run 8 to 9 MPH speed.

What is the fastest downhill speed achieved on a skateboard?

The fastest skateboard speed achieved in a standing position is 146.73 km/h (91.17 mph) by Peter Connolly (UK), at Les Éboulements in Quebec, Canada, on 16 September 2017.

Different Skateboards and its fastest speed

Boosted Board:

Boosted; formerly known as Boosted Boards is an American manufacturer of electric skateboards and electric scooters.

Boosted Board Single – Top Speed: 18 mph

Boosted Board Dual – Top Speed: 20 mph

Boosted Board Dual+ – Top Speed: 22 mph

Electric Board:

An electric skateboard is an individual transporter dependent on a skateboard. The heading of movement to one side or left is balanced by inclining the board aside or the other. .Many boards can reach speeds of over 20 mph (32 km/h). The world’s fastest electric skateboard could attain the speed of 95.83 km/h (59.55 mph).

Cruiser Board: 

The purpose of a cruiser board is to mainly roll around. It is not meant to perform tricks. It is shorter than a longboard. Average cruising skateboard speeds tend to be in the 5 – 7 mph range.

One Wheel:

One Wheel is a self-adjusting electric board-sport, recreational individual transporter, frequently depicted as an electric skateboard.


longboard is similar to, but not the same as, a skateboard. Apparently, it is faster because of wheel size, construction materials and more precise hardware. A longboard with average features can give 8 to 9 MPH average speed which is perhaps 1 MPH faster than a street skateboard.

Penny Boards:

Penny board is a type of plastic skateboard, known within the industry as a short cruiser.

Speed Demon Skate Boards:

Speed Demons furnishes the business with moderate and quality skateboard gear utilized by professional and beginner skaters. They are generally known for their elite skateboard heading. Speed Demons skateboard orientation shut different brands down with their mind boggling speed. They come in three ABEC rating styles.

After having discussed so much about different skate boards and its speed, who would not be thrilled to know the fastest skateboarder? Indeed, Kyle Wester set a record in 2016 of 89.41 mph. practice regularly, explore ways to boost speed, you never know, you might set a new world record. However, in doing so, always remember what they say- “speed thrills but often kills!” Be passionate but do not forget to be careful.

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