What Does the Thrasher Logo Mean

The Mysterious Thrasher Logo

The Thrasher logo is one of the most talked about symbols in the skateboarding community.

Thrasher Logo
Thrasher Logo – File Credit@1000logos

Are you a mystery lover, trying to find out hidden messages behind words and symbols? Do you believe that every little thing around you has a meaning waiting to be found or a code waiting to be cracked and you cannot rest until you have solved the mystery?

Well, take a sigh of relief as you unlock one more mystery concerning a symbol synonymous with skateboarding.

The flaming logo came into existence with the start of the thrasher magazine. Considered as the bible of the skating culture, Thrasher magazine was found in January 1981 by Eric Swenson and Fausto Vitello in San Francisco.

According to urban dictionary the word “thrasher” was used to describe a pretty good skater in the 80’s era. The thrasher magazine was founded to emphasize and display the individuality of skaters. It depicts the skateboarding culture of California. Some would say that the magazine depicts the rebellious skateboarding culture in California.

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Skateboarding is usually associated with rebellion as you can see skateboarders creating their sport and tricks at the cost of public infrastructure. To the non-skating part of the world – skateboarders make use of public places in such a way that you could call it misuse. Some may even go as far as saying that skaters have no regard for public places and property.

The magazine’s name and the way it is written bear all these meanings. The Thrasher logo is basically the word THRASHER written in stylized fonts. There is an arch upon the words and flames are rising on the top of the letters. Each letter has an outline of orange and red. The colors of the flames also change from yellow to orange to red. The word is written slightly slanted and in bolds. All the letters of the word are written in capitals.

The logo uses a typeface font known as the Banco originally designed by Roger Excoffon in 1951 and was launched first in 1981 in the thrasher magazine.  The font is also known to be associated with the Caribbean lifestyle and reggae.

At first sight, you would call it a flaming logo, because the words are in flames.  The reason behind this style is that the logo is a symbol of freedom, rebellion and resilience. It is also a symbol of belonging to a community. People who wear merchandise bearing this symbol think of themselves as rebels as they are skateboarders.

The thrasher magazine also stands for raw and uncensored skateboarding and that is what the logo itself stands for – raw skateboarding. 

Thrasher Logo
Thrasher Logo – Image credit@rotemavid

There are two versions of the Thrasher Logo. One is the burning emblem and the other is a calmer version without the flames. The one without the flames is usually used for websites and magazines.

But nowadays wearing thrasher merchandise doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a skater anymore. It means that you are either wearing it as a fashion item or as a supporter of the sports.

So next time you see the thrasher logo remember what it stands for and how it portrays the soul of the sport.

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