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Shuffle V4 – Latest Meepo Electric Skateboard

Meepo Electric Skateboards are known for their economic pricing and for quality parts of which they are made. A boosted board is sometimes four times more pricier with meager or almost no key differences.

Prior this Christmas – Meepo has launched Shuffle V4 (Left) – the newest electric longboard skateboard in the market. Some of the amazing features include

– only 30 minutes of charging from 0 to 100

– and LY-FOC 1.0 ESC.


USP – Meepo Electric Skateboards

What Makes Meepo Skateboards Set Apart From Other Electric Skateboard Brands

Meepo Electric Skateboards provide you with the necessary speed, agility, control, comfort, and balance. You can efficiently perform daily activities such as short-distance commuting, cruising on streets and city roads, and as well ride them on off streets and go on hill-climbing with their selected models.

With more than five electric skateboards up their sleeve, Meepo boards try to cater to your various riding skills and needs.

With an increasing demand for electric skateboards and electric longboards, many companies are competing against each other to create some of the best electric skateboards. However you will find cheap skateboards too – which just come and go.

MeepoBoard is one such name in the electric skateboard market which has some wonderful skateboards – but not priced very high. All their electric skateboards – are affordable.

All five of Meepo skateboards, guarantee you a different level of performance and experience. The best part of these electric boards is that they are created keeping in mind the needs and expectations of e-skateboard enthusiasts. Their designs are excellent and the built is undoubted of the highest quality.

Having a Meepo board gives you the same feeling as owning a customized electric board. So to help you make your choice we have reviewed here some of the most sought-after Meepo e skateboards.

Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard

Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard

When it comes to electronic gadgets, everyone loves to have the latest and most popular piece of tech in the market. Because it offers you top-notch features and a thrilling experience to its users. Similarly, The Meepo V3 electric skateboard is Meepo’s best-selling electric skateboard that is ideal for beginners as well as experienced e-skateboard riders.


The speed on the Meepo V3 e-skateboard is enthralling. It allows you to ride at an exhilarating top speed of 20mph. It is probably 20 % faster than its predecessors. With 4 speed modes to choose from the V3 is an exciting ride for all kinds of riders.

The acceleration is lightning fast, where you can reach from 0-19mph in just 4.5 seconds. The MeepoV3 uses the LingYI ESC, making it possible for you to get this range of speed and quick acceleration. This is an upgrade from the MeepoV2 e skateboard, where it takes you some 8 seconds to reach the top speed. Accelerating in the first 3 modes is buttery smooth on the new LingYI ESC, and in the 4th Pro mode, you get a punchier acceleration. 

Build and Design

The board is built with extra care from the best materials available and goes through many tests by real and experienced skaters. If there is one thing that you will completely love about the MeepoV3 is its appealing design. Crafted from 7 layers of strong Canadian Maple, the e skateboard is built to hold weights up to 300lbs.

You can choose from 2 variants, a Standard MeepoV3 and a Bamboo MeepoV3. The Bamboo MeepoV3 electric skateboard, mixed with the fiberglass is said to be more comfortable, flexible, durable, and sturdy than its counterpart. 

When you compare the V3 to other Meepo electric skateboard models, the flex on the MeepoNLS Pro is much more than the MeepoV3. You get a subtle concave for comfort and stability along with a handle cut in the board for portability. 

With all these amazing features, there are some drawbacks to theMeepo V3. The Vibration- of the board can annoy you sometimes. As the focus of Meepo V3 is giving you more power and torque, they use big hub motors. This may sound good but having bigger hub motors means that the layer of urethane between the motor and the ground becomes thin decreasing its ability to absorb vibrations. 

This is one of the reasons you might not feel as comfortable riding on patchy terrains on the MeepoV3 as on smooth surfaces. If you want to do more off-riding with better comfort then try Meepo’s NLS Pro e skateboard, as it is pretty good at handling rough surfaces.

You get swappable PU wheel sleeves and you can swap them for 100mm to make your ride more comfortable on poor roads. While the V3 usually comes with 90mm wheels with 78a durometer wheels. 

Additionally, the High elastic PU wheel sleeves ensure that your ride is stable even when you are going at full speed. It provides extra tensile strength, tears strength, and better wear resistance. And because of the board’s length, carving also becomes amazing.

For better and efficient controlling of the board, the Meepo V3 electric skateboard comes with a remote. You can now also monitor your battery with the LED battery meter displayed outside. The motorized skateboard is also said to be water-resistant and moisture-proof. 


The Meepo V3 e skateboard gives you a decent mileage of 11 miles on the standard variant, making it perfect for short-distance commuting. Whereas theMeepo V3 Extended Range (ER) version bumps you up some 9 miles giving you a total range of 20miles. Otherwise, you can also swap your batteries to increase your range if you are covering more than 11 miles.

Hill climbing becomes smooth and exciting with the Meepo V3 as it comes with a 30% hill-climbing capacity providing you a struggle-free ascent. 

Another impressive thing about the MeepoV3 is its battery. It takes only 2 hours to charge once completely and is shock-resistant. 


Looking at the amazing specs of Meepo V3, the price tag on this electric skateboard is in a sense affordable. Priced at under 500$, Meepo V3 guarantees you the perfect all-rounder electric skateboard, that would otherwise cost you more if you are to go with some other brands. 


  • Max Speed: 28mph
  • Max Range: 20miles
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
  • Length: 38inches
  • Weight: 17.1 lbs. (7.8kg)
  • Dimensions: 965*235*130mm
  • Battery: 144WH
  • Motor Power: 540w*2
  • Charging Time: 3h
  • Remote: M4
  • Trucks: Meepo Shredder Truck 7inch


  • Quick acceleration 
  • 4 riding modes 
  • Smooth Hill climbing 
  • Cruise control 
  • Excellent Regenerative Braking system
  • Strong and sturdy deck 
  • Quick charge
  • Changeable battery 
  • Budget-friendly 


  • Too much flex in the centre making it unstable for certain riders
  • Less vibration dampening ability
  • Decent mileage considering the top speed
Meepo V3 One line Review

Meepo V3 is an electric skateboard, offering range, stability, and power of an electric skateboard worth a thousand bucks. It is definitely a great and an economic ride on it’s deck.

Meepo Campus 2 Electric Skateboard

Meepo Campus 2 Electric Skateboard

Meepo Electric Skateboard - Campus 2

If you are a student or light rider who usually moves around the campus on board, then Meepo Campus 2 is the perfect electric skateboard for you. You can cruise around at a top speed of 18mph and can cover up to some 10 miles. 

What makes the Campus 2 perfect for Campus riding is the lightweight board which weighs just some 12.5lbs, making it easy enough for you to carry it around school or college. The Campus 2 is a highly portable electric skateboard. 

It is also great for short-distance commuting because of its low range of covering up to 10 miles on a single charge. 

In its effort for making it a student-oriented electric skateboard the campus is priced pretty cheaply. 

Max Speed: 18mph

Max Range: 10miles

Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard

Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard

If you are a fan of short-board electric skateboards or prefer shortboards, you would love the Meepo Mini 2. The 30” long shortboard will take less of your space as you carry it around. 

You get a finely built Maple deck that can take you up to a top speed of 29mph. The maximum distance you could go on this shortboard is a good 20 miles. This makes it the perfect e skateboard for your daily commutes or just having a fun time. 

Max Speed: 28-29mph

Max Range: 20miles

Weight Capacity: 300lbs

Length: 30 inch

Meepo NLS Pro electric longboard

Meepo NLS Pro Electric Longboard

Meepo Electric Skateboard NLS Pro - Under Deck View - Shredder Trucks, Wheels, and More Electric Skateboard Parts Visible

Accurately named, the NLS Pro is the Meepo board’s way of giving more experienced riders something to look forward to. With a whopping top speed of 32mph, theMeepo NLS Pro electric longboard guarantees more speed than the rest of its models. It is a total treat for speed enthusiasts and an upgrade from the standard Meepo NLS electric board.

The Meepo NLS Pro grants you a maximum cruising range of 20 miles, which is not so different from its other models. Considering its high price and top speed the range is a bit drawback of theMeepo NLS Pro electric longboard.

However in terms of power, flex, and comfort the MeepoNLS Pro is an assured upgrade. Its fiberglass bamboo deck covered by a grip tape with foam, along with large wheels to absorb the vibrations, takes the flexibility and stability to the next level. 

Well, you will have to shell some extra dollars for the MeepoNLS Pro as it comes with a whopping price tag of 699$. If you are looking for more comfort and performance than the Meepo V3, theMeepo NLS Pro is your best choice for a motorized longboard.

Max Range: 20miles

Max Speed: 29mph

Weight Capacity: 300lbs

Length: 38inches

Meepo AWD Pro electric longboard

Meepo AWD Pro Electric Longboard

Meepo Electric Skateboard - Hurricane 2 in 1

When it comes to serious skateboarding such as riding on hilly terrains and off-road cruising, you need a board that packs, power, stability, speed, flexibility, range, and control. 

Meepo AWD Pro is a motorized skateboard that packs all of these features and many more. The e skateboard is powered by 4 hub motors, allowing you quick acceleration while also giving you better braking control. It is an all-wheel-drive guaranteeing you better manoeuvrability. 

Max Speed: 34mph

Max Range: 15miles

Weight Capacity: 300lbs

Length: 40inch

How much does a Meepo electric skateboard cost?

The standard MeepoV3 will cost you around 400$ while the ER variant would cost you 629$. The great thing about Meepo boards is that the most expensive of their models fall under the 1000$ tab, making Meepoboards some of the most affordable and cheap electric skateboards in the business. 

Is Meepo better than Boosted?

Frankly speaking, it is a tough decision to make. The boosted boards are undoubtedly considered kings in the electric skateboard markets. With some brief comparison points, it might become a little easy for you to decide which one is better for you.

When it comes to choices,Meepoboards surely grab the points as it currently has around 6 e skateboard models up its sleeves 

  • Meepo V3
  • Meepo Mini2
  • Meepo Campus 2
  • Meepo NLS Pro
  • Meepo AWD Pro

Whereas, Boosted boards offer only 4 different models of electric skateboards.

  • Boosted Stealth 
  • Boosted Plus 
  • Boosted Mini X 
  • Boosted Mini S

Meepoboard’s list mainly consists of electric longboards, except one Mini board. While the Boosted boards have 2 longboards and 2 mini boards.  

Meepo boards are designed for different terrains. And all the boosted boards are specifically designed for street riding.

When going through the Boosted Boards catalog, you might not see much change in the design and style of their different models. All their boards have similar designs. On the other hand, Meepo gives you something to scratch your head over with its variations in styles and designs.

The Meepo boards are faster and quicker than Boosted boards with the Meepo AWD Pro electric longboard leading with the maximum top speed. Even the range on Meepo boards is amazing compared to Boosted boards. 

Lastly, looking at the pricing of both these companies, you can say conclusively that Meepo is pretty budget-friendly. Almost all of their e skateboard models fall below the 1000$mark with most of it costing you around just 700$. 

If you think about owning a Boosted board, then you might have to think twice, because they are expensive. Only one of their boards falls below the 1000$mark while the rest cost you more than that.

This makes Meepo boards more affordable and accessible to more people who are looking for budget-friendly as well as high-quality stuff.

So if you are looking for a budget-friendly electric skateboard with a high-quality build and amazing performance and specs, then Meepo boards are the best choice. It comes above Boosted boards in all areas. 

Which Meepo board is best? 

It all depends on your purpose of choosing an electric skateboard and your preferred riding style. Meepo V3 is one of the most popular and highly praised electric skateboards from the company. It’s a complete package of features, specs, and affordability for all kinds of riders. This quality of the Meepo V3 makes it the undefeated candidate as the best Meepoelectric skateboard you can get. 

If you are looking for speed, power, and thrill then Meepoboards also offers more powerful motorized skateboards such as the Meepo NLS Pro electric skateboard and the Meepo AWD Pro electric skateboard. Along with their tremendous speed and acceleration, these boards are also good for riding on patchy terrains. 

Is Meepo V3 good for beginners?

Meepo V3 is ideal for beginners and experienced e skateboard riders alike. Its top speed and range are enough for a beginner. The electric board’s amazing design and sturdy built to ensure a comfortable and stable ride. The different speed modes along with an excellent braking system give you better control making you feel safe.

Overall, Meepo V3 electric skateboard is a perfect pocket-friendly option for beginners looking for speed, range, control, quality, stability, and safety. 

How many hours does the Meepo V3 last?

The battery on the MeepoV3 lasts around some 2 hours. It uses a 10S2P battery pack with a 20R cell. This is sufficient enough for short distances hence giving you its maximum range. If you want to ride long distances you can swap the batteries or switch to the ER version which extends your mileage up to a good 20miles.

Is the Meepo V3 worth it?

It is one of the highest-rated electric skateboards on Amazon and according to customer reviews; theMeepo V3 is worth every penny.In terms of quality, the electric board is amazing and guarantees a smooth and fast riding experience. The quality of wheels and the water-resistant board has everyone stunned. Users are happy to receive maintenance tools and an extra set of bushings with the board.

In some cases, the Meepo V3 is also known to malfunction, causing accidents while riding. Customer service is unsatisfactory to some extent. Although Meepoboard offers a 6-month warranty on its motorized skateboards, users have complained about the warranty service, deeming it unprofessional at times. 


Meepo electric skateboards are reliable investments when you are either considering buying your first ever electric skateboard or upgrading your riding experience. You get a complete package at the best prices you can imagine.

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