How to Buy the Best Skateboards in your Neighborhood – Locating “Skate Shops Near Me” and “Skateboards Near Me” in 5 Easy Steps

Finding “Skateboards Near Me” to Buy the Best Skateboards Around the Block

Looking to buy skateboards somewhere around the corner? You can often buy the best skateboards right in your neighborhood.

If you google the same – the populated results will confuse you more.

However there are some wonderful offline and online tactics – which will help you find a good skate shop right in your vicinity.

And having a skateboard from a neighbouring merchant is better than travelling miles only to find the same board within meters of your home.

We have comprised a step by step guide with snaps below for the same –

Check it out,

Step 1 – Type in – “Skateboards Near Me” in the Search

Type the keyword “Skateboards Near Me” in the search bar of whichever browser you are using.

If you are on Google Search Engine – typing the Keyword “Skateboards Near Me” should display the following SERP results –

Skateboards Near Me - Step by Step Search Tutorial
Google SERP for “Skateboards Near Me” Search Enquiry

Step 2 – Ignore All the Results Displayed

Ignore all the results Google displays for “Skateboards Near Me” search query.

Reason – all results are redirecting to regional skateshop websites – which mostly are not near you.

And interestingly the actual sports shop located near you are not being highlighted by Google – because they are not ranking for the mentioned keyword or they might not have a website at all.

Although Google tries to produce most relevant results for “Skateboards Near Me” – based on your location – it will not be able to do so relevantly.

Google metrics work in mysterious ways – so why it provides the above displayed result is not for us to comment.

You ignoring all the results – is where we stand because 99.999% they the displayed results will not have skateboards or skateshops near you.

Step 3 – Search for Yelp in Google’s First Page

After entering the keyword – “Skateboards Near Me” and ignoring all the Google provided results – eyeball Yelp.

This is the heaven for your desire.

Depending upon your location and country – Yelp’s rankings might differ.

For us – it is ranking third – but you might have to scroll a little down – to locate it.

In Non US States – probably Google might not produce Yelp link – in the first page. If this is so – check on subsequent pages. Mostly it should be there –

However if not – directly go to Yelp’s website.

Step 4 – Enter Your Details

Yelp acts as a connector between retailers and consumers.

These are not just skateboard retailers but all kinds. You can find whatever you want – but right now we are sticking to the entered keyword “Skateboards Near Me”

This is most probably the way – webpage will look.

Skateboards Near Me - Step by Step Search Tutorial

In the search column at the very top – either enter “Skateboards Near Me” your initial search on google – however even “Skate Shops” and “Skateboards” will do.

Enter the city – and if you want it right in your vicinity or neighbourhood enter the postal pin.

At the right end corner – there is a map too – which will take the details you entered. You can even drag the pointer to point to to your area.

The sponsored results – will locate all the skateboard shops near you. These shops are the one – which are paying to the website to list it on their portal.

Scroll a little down – and even the non sponsored results will be listed.

In our case (the photo attached above) we have done the same for New York City.

You can sort your selections based on a lot of variables. Just play around the website a little – and it will open up a lot of options.

Don’t forget to check “Highlights from the Business” section. It briefly explains a lot about the retailer you are interested to buy skateboarding accessories from.

Check what others have commented – and comment if you feel talking out about something.

Step 5 – Buy Online or Visit the Skate Shop

Almost all skate shops including local – have their own web portal – from where you can select the desired skateboard.

Simply click and Buy.

Buying online is wise – because it subtracts the visiting cost, time and mostly the delivery is free.

However if you want to feel your merchandise before making a purchase you can visit the skate shop physically and get your transaction done.

Reasons you want Skateboards at the Nearest Possible Locations

1 – Buying from nearby local skateshops is economical – rather than getting it from some remote location.

You can bargain with them – and there is always a neighbour discount.

2 – You can quickly troubleshoot – if there is any problem in the purchase.

However buying from local skate shops is not always better – especially if you are looking to buy bulk or want variety.

Local Skate Businesses work on a limited capital and hence maintain a limited stock.

Even if you order a different model from their collection or order bulk – they will procure from some other whole seller or a giant retailer.

This will add up the middle men and hence the cost.

In these cases, (Bulk, or a Selected Model unavailable at the locals) it is wiser to go far and buy it yourself.

However another very good option – for your query Skateboards Near Me – is giant online retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Alibaba.

Walmart Skateboards

Does Walmart Sell Good Skateboards?

Walmart sells extremely good skateboards and even the very bad ones.

We don’t think it is Walmart or Amazon to be blamed.

Both these websites are actually online selling platforms where thousands of retailers and whole sellers list their products.

Those who pay for their results to be featured are the ones on the top – and those who don’t are listed in the secondary pages.

So – Should You Buy A Skateboard from Walmart or Amazon?

Definitely you should!

You just need to select properly.

Check the skateboard, read the reviews from past customers about the dealer, and read about the brand.

If content – click and proceed.

The discounts you get on these stores are not matched by other online websites.

And importantly you get a lot of variety to chose from. You can compare the skateboard you selected, the dealer, price and what not.

If you do the same exercise for selecting a skateboard physically – it might take a whole day – visiting dealer by dealer and checking out their costs.

When you get all this information at your fingertips – why not use it.

If you are concerned about Walmart manufactured skateboards and asking “Does Walmart Sell Good Skateboards?” – then honestly we don’t have much idea.

However based on the consumer responses available online – it seems Walmart needs to re evaluate their production method and style.

A lot of criticism and a don’t buy Walmart Skateboards is present on Google.

But we will like to add one last thing – local Walmart Skateboards are pretty cheap.

Cheaper than the cheap skateboards.

So if you really want to find out if you can trust a Walmart skateboard – buy one. It should not cost you more than $15 and check out the answer yourself.

Other skateboards listed on Walmart and Amazon are just fine and you can select with any of the retailers you find trustworthy.

Does Walmart sell Skateboards in Store?

Yes they do.

But their offline stores inventory is based on a lot of factors.

At large Wal-mart outlets you will find skateboards and parts – however for smaller outlets in smaller areas – we are not pretty sure.

Best Beginner Skateboard

What is the Best Skateboard for a Beginner?

We have made a detailed list about all the good skateboards you can buy as a beginner skateboarder. Research time for the post was around 48 manly hours. So basically it is reliable.

Check out the post titled – 17 Best Skateboard for Beginners – Selecting Your First Skateboard on It has all the insights you require for your first buy.

However we are listing and linking all the 17 Best Skateboards reviewed in the post. Either one of these will make a good fit hopefully.

  1. Birdhouse
  2. Cal 7
  3. Enkeeo
  4. Enjoi
  5. KPC
  6. Meketec
  7. Minority
  8. Merkapa
  9. Penny Australia
  10. Powell Peralta
  11. Punked
  12. Quest
  13. Rimable
  14. Real
  15. Skatro
  16. Spitfire – Skateboard Wheels Brand
  17. Vans – Skateboard Shoes Brand

What is the best skateboard to buy?

If you want to single out one from the listed above – go with MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard.

It has more than 1.5k consumer responses!

This is a huge number for one single skateboard.

Finally On – Skateboards Near Me

We have provided both the methods online and offline for you to find out best skateboards near you –

Suit yourself and go with whatever method you feel good.

And lastly go out, skate and express yourself near and far.

Electric Skateboards

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