17 Best Skateboard for Beginners – Selecting Your First Skateboard

Best Skateboard Brands for Beginners

Why selecting the best first skateboard matters?

Googled “Best Skateboard for Beginners?” Great – read on expert’s suggestions and reviews to help you out with your query.

Whenever you are ready for skateboarding – buy only a good skateboard as a beginner.

It truly matters why the first merchandise should be the best – for three important reasons.

Primarily – Mediocre brands do not offer the comfort and the thrill needed for skateboarding. Either the deck is not properly shaped or the wheels not properly aligned – and many small faults and irregularities.

And not a a good first skateboard is the main reason for many beginners to lose the spirit for skateboarding.

Secondly – Safety. A cheap beginner board will save you some dollars initially – but can damage you physically. The damage might not be visible in your first rides – but eventually your toes and knees will feel the heat.

And it is a pity to save some bucks only to give their multiples in medical!

Lastly– As you begin skateboarding – you are all into learning skills and tricks. A not good skateboard is never going to last the flips, the ollies and blunts. However a branded skateboard will definitely excel your skateboarding skills.

And most importantly – a good skateboard does not cost much. There is not a major price difference between a good beginner skateboard and a crap. At the very high end – a mediocre skate brand might be 10 bucks cheaper!

So is it wise to compensate all the fun and thrill over 10 dollars? We would never agree.

Hence buying only the best Skateboard for beginners like you and me – matters a lot.

17 Best Skateboard for Beginners - Reviews

Below is an alphabetically placed comprehensive list for the top skateboard brands in the current market.

Skateboard experts team at switchmagazine.com has considered following factors for the study –

• Quality
• Durability
• Price
• Customer service
• Aesthetics
• Accessories

These factors vary person to person. Before buying – evaluate what you consider important.

Note – Last two of the 17 beginner skateboards reviewed – are not actually skateboards. 16th is a review for skateboard wheels and the last one is on skateboard shoes. Buying skateboard without proper accessories  is not recommended.

Birdhouse Beginner Skateboard

Birdhouse is one of the biggest brands in the skateboarding market. The company was founded by Per Welinder and Tony Hawk, 

Birdhouse Skateboard focuses on strength, flexibility, stability, endurance and superior quality. 

Wood used for the decks are 7 ply American maple infused with the black six technology to give the boards better balance, pop and control when using them for tricks. 

Birdhouse boards are ideal for performing tricks as they have good manoeuvrability. 

With the skateboard you can get a complete setup or you can even customize your choice of board with preferred graphics and colors.

The skateboards are not expensive and pretty durable. They serve beginner skateboarders pretty well.

Cal 7 Beginner Skateboard

One glimpse at these boards and you will be reminded of the 70’s and the skate culture of that time. Mostly because of its colours and designs that are totally nostalgic. 

CAL 7 guarantees high quality boards as it is a California based Skateboard Company. Not only does it give you the best quality but also the best prices in all range of its products. 

With Cal 7 you get multiple choices and quality components. 

The decks itself comes in two materials wood and plastic, along with various designs to choose from like concave and symmetrical. 

The best part of Cal 7 boards are their trucks. You will fall in love with them quite easily as they won’t let you down even after rigorous runs and tricks. The trucks will always keep you steady and riding. 

With Cal 7 trucks and bushings you won’t have to worry about wheel bite or wear out.

Excellent design, good quality components and a respected image in the market make Cal 7 boards good for beginners.

Enkeeo Beginner Skateboard

If you are looking for a place to hook yourself with some pretty high quality, sturdy, durable and long-lasting skateboards, then Enkeeo skateboards will serve the need. 

However – if you are looking for performing advance tricks and some gnarly stuff then these boards might won’t do justice to you. 

Basically Enkeeo is good for beginners and skaters who enjoy pushing around freely in the park or in the street. 

There have not been any damage complaints for Enkeeo skateboards, which is pretty remarkable for an international skateboard company. 

Among its bestselling products are the
• Cruiser boards
• Longboards
• Caster boards and
• Its classic scooter.

We would not term it as best – but it is a good skateboard to start the sports.

Enjoi Beginner Skateboard

Just like its name you will truly dig their designs and their boards. Co-formed by famous Pro-skaters Rodney Mullen and Marc Johnson in 2000 – Enjoi has earned it’s reputation in skateboarding market , 

Although came into business recently – Enjoi has quickly stepped up the ladder of the most popular skate brands. 

They make boards for all kinds of riders from strong North American maple wood. You will get a pretty good concave. 

One thing you will truly enjoy about these boards are their colours and graphics which are usually humorous and satirical appealing to the masses. Of course who wouldn’t adore a Panda, which is the company’s logo?

All their distribution is done through Dwindle Distribution. Adapting to today’s tech savvy world Enjoi has an impressive and effective online marketing presence.

Many of their skateboards have been tagged as best skateboard for beginners by online and social media reviewers. And we completely agree with this.

KPC Beginner Skateboard


KPC is Another budget friendly skateboard brand with eye pleasing designs and graphics. 

KPC produces smooth and comfortable skateboards. Their decks are wider than other top brand boards, making them easier for the rider to control and turn. 

On average their boards have the capacity to carry around 200-250 lbs. 

KPC skates were also titled as sexiest boards some years back.

KPC guarantees high quality boards with great components like their grip tapes, granting total control to riders. Overall these – will make skateboarding comfortable and easier for you at all levels.

MEKETEC Beginner Skateboard

Like M Merkapa, Meketec makes boards targeting younger kids, teenagers and mostly beginner skateboarders. 

To attract the younger population MEKETEC largely produces exclusively vibrant and colourful mini-cruisers. 

Meketec skateboard’s compact body along with its robust and lightweight decks makes them stand apart from competitor brands. 

The compactness of these boards makes it very easy for you to carry it with you wherever you go. 

An interesting add on you get with these boards is the CE certificate for safe usage. 

The components and materials used in the manufacturing are pretty malleable making them good and comfortable rides for all types of terrains.

Apart from producing skateboards and mini-cruisers Meketec also has its own line of bearing and trucks. 

It also has tied up with other top of the list brands for other components of the boards to give their customers the best.

Meketec has some cool and safe skateboards for kids and girls. They make a wonderful start for your little ones.

Minority Beginner Skateboard

If you are looking for a budget friendly skateboard without compromising in the quality then Minority is top in the line. 

You can get great decks at really great prices. And among the 17 boards reviewed – Minority ranks first – in the – best skateboard for beginners – list.

There are skateboards for all types of riders in a single price range, so no need to worry about grinding your deck daily in your park because minority assures that their boards can handle all the wear and tear you can throw. 

The boards can literally carry 250 pounds of weight making them extremely sturdy. 

The concave of these boards are really good for tricks. Other components of the boards like its bearings, trucks are also the best guarantying strength and high speed. 

The company is known to be eco-friendly by harvesting their raw material from sustainable woods and by using methanol free epoxy glue.

Their designs and graphics will immediately hook your eyes. The designs don’t wear out – even after months of riding and performing tricks, just like the boards. 

Conclusively – Minority skateboards are ideal and the best for amateurs and beginners. Our first recommendation.

Merkapa Beginner Skateboard

Focusing on skateboards for younger kids of 6 to 14 years, Merkapa is all about compactness and light skateboard decks. 

That way it is easier for junior skaters to skate. Because it is built for younger kids, you will find most of its products are mini cruisers. These cruisers are available in a variety of colours mostly appealing.

Another notable factor about their mini cruisers – is non battery powered led wheels. 

Apart from making skateboards for younger kids this brand also manufactures outer sport products like scooters, inline skates and other accessories. 

Your young one will surely be fascinated with Merkapa’s. It is also one of the youngest skateboarding brands to gain popularity in such a short time.

Penny Beginner Skateboard

Penny Australia is a company founded by Ben Mackey in 2010. It is famous for reintroducing plastic decks in mini-cruisers. 

Plastic increases the durability and life-span of the decks made by penny Australia unlike the hardwood maple decks commonly found in all brands. Plus plastic decks are highly light weighted compared to the 7 ply maple decks.

There are a variety of products and decorative skateboarding merchandise sold by the company. Some of its best sellers include
• 36 inch longboards
• 32 inch cruiser
• 27 inch nickel and
• 22 inch penny boards.

You can buy complete skateboards and can also assemble individual parts of your choice – customizing your own skate board.

Powell Peralta Beginner Skateboard

Named after two famous skateboarders of their time George Powell and Stacy Peralta this brand was started by them in the year 1978. 

The skateboard of these brands are known for their top notch wheels and bearings which are named Bones Bearings

Throughout its course of production Powell Peralta has sponsored many big names in the skateboarding world like Tony Hawk, Andy Macdonald, Ray Barbee and Bucky Lasek and is currently teamed up with big names likes Brad Mcclain, Steve Caballero, Charlie Blair and Ben Hatchell.

Another thing to look out for in these brand skateboards is thier unique graphics.

The designs and colours are done by the artist Vernon Courtland Johnson adding an extra awesomeness to the wooden decks. 

Their recent innovation is flight deck which is strong enough to withstand a car running over it. 

Powell Peralta has over 30 different models – all of which are wonderful beginner skateboards. 

Punked Beginner Skateboard

Punked is another good brand based from Chino, California.

The company is known to deliver great quality products in terms of durability, design, comfort and good components.

Unlike other top Californian brands Punked boards are made of 9ply maple wood and also uses hard gel wheels to give extra strength and sturdiness to the boards..

However their boards are light in weight and are flexible enough to give you a pretty smooth ride.

Punked also rules the market in other products like trucks, spare bearing, wheels and stickers. Along with their standard skateboards, Punked longboards are also popular.

You can customize your own board or can get a preassembled board. Both ways you will get yourself a beautiful work of art and craft.

Quest Beginner Skateboard

Quest is one of the latest skateboarding companies to enter the market. 

The company started in 2014 and has grown to become one of the fast selling brands. 

Largely known and loved for its after sales support and service Quest gives you one of the best decks in affordable prices. Their designs are really eye catching. 

Other skateboarding components by the manufacturer are also of high quality. 

Quest is one of the brands that genuinely look forward to customer feedbacks and honestly work on them. Taking care of customer’s wants and needs has led this brand to become one of the top skateboard brands globally. 

There are a variety of decks to choose from and for all levels. The trucks of these boards are made of the finest quality in terms of sturdiness, stability and strength making it most suitable for cruising and free riding. 

Their best selling products are Quest longboards consisting of superb trucks, bearings and softer wheels. 

To make hard and strong decks they use multi-ply hardwood maple along with Artisan bamboo. 

Quest manufactures strong shock absorbing wheels – guarantying smooth ride. 

Quest skateboards are recommended mostly for freestyle and cruising. They are not recommended if you are looking forward to perform advanced skateboard tricks.

Rimable Beginner Skateboard

Rimable is known to design sleek skateboards with durable and long lasting decks. 

Although Rimable doesn’t manufacture varied products – the ones that they offer are truly durable. 

Their best selling products are the 22inch small cruisers. You can easily customise your entire skateboard setup without worrying about any damage.

And best of all the customer service is spot on. It relentlessly works on ways to incorporate customer’s ideas and feedbacks into bettering their products. 

Skateboards of this brand are more suitable for skaters who are looking forward to enhance their tricks and get some new gnarly tricks up their sleeves.

Real Beginner Skateboard

Real wasTermed as one of the topmost skateboarding brands of 2019. 

Real skateboards was founded by Jim Thiebaud and Tommy Guerrero in 1991. 

Real is a real deal as it produces some of the best and widely used boards around the globe. 

It offers 5 types of decks based on construction style. However all their decks are extremely strong and stable giving the rider better pops and flips. 

Many good skaters out there are a part of Real’s team, adding a plus point to its reputation in the skateboarding world.

One drawback is lousy graphics. The boards feature boring design and hence making them not a favourite. Mostly their designs are directed towards kids cartoons and stuff.

Keeping aside the design – the boards are great. They are reliable good to start your skateboarding career.

Skatro Beginner Skateboard

You might have not heard about Skatro because it is fairly new into the skateboarding market, 

The company was founded in 2015 (after Quest Skateboards) and is pretty small. However the boards are extremely solid and infused with innovative technologies.

Their Flexy technology in mini cruisers and Adhesive technology in Longboards has placed Skatro in some of the lists of both American and international skateboard brands. 

The bearings used in their skateboards are also of top quality known as the ABEC 7.

With the fusion of technology in their products, Skatro boards enhances your skateboarding performance whilst making your entire ride more comfortable.

These boards are most suited for teenagers and kids, without costing much.

Spitfire Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire is reputedly known for its world class wheels since the 80’s and have since remained as the most popular skateboard wheels brand today. 

Though it represents the 80’s raw skateboarding culture by it’s iconic logo, the brand has moved forward with interesting innovations like their Formula Four Wheels.

It has also recently collaborated with Vans and has Lance Mountain riding for it.

Vans Shoes

There is not a single skater out there who hasn’t heard of this name or dreamt of owning a Vans. 

It is not just a brand but is symbolic with skateboarding itself as it is one of the first companies ever to make shoes solely for skating. 

Started in 1996, Vans has been the leading brand and name for skateboarding shoes. 

Best known for its Waffle Grip, Vans has throughout their successful years advanced and upgraded their shoes to make them tougher and better suitable for skating/skateboarding.

Apart from manufacturing excellent skating shoes Vans has also been known to do other works to support the sports – like building indoor skate-parks etc.

Final Call - The Best?

All these top and popular skateboard brands guarantee you the thrill, excitement and fun which is what skateboard is all about, 

However shortlisting one best skateboard for beginners – is exaggeration to that particular equipment and injustice to others.

We do not comply with ones – singling a particular brand or skateboard for special treatment.

Your selection should be completely based on what you feel comfortable. Whichever board fulfils your requirements is eventually the best board.

Read the factors we listed at the very start of the article, match the reviews accordingly and select and order.

Happy Beginner Skateboarding!

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