Fart Attack! – Wes (Wesley Cobb) Speaks out! Interview with switchmagazine.com

Fart Attack is just a thing!

The original interview was done by JV on Feb 15th 04 and was titled “Wesley Cobb”. We have renamed the article “Fart Attack” in relation to an incident happened with Wes. Read along where he speaks out about the story.

Well these little intro things are supposed to give you a bit of insight as to who or what a person is about. When it comes to Wes its kind of hard because he’s got be the weirdest person to write about. Hmmm, how about the basics. First and foremost he’s a very talented skateboarder, he’s a goof, and he’s very committed to what he wants to accomplish in life. I could go on and on but I think you should see for yourself.

wesley cobb am skateboarder

JV: What’s up Wes?
Wes: Nothing much poopy pants.

JV: How are things going lately?
Wes: Pretty well as of lately, things have been doin really good.

JV: What do you mean, why now?
Wes: Well I’ve been filming with Ryan Cockrell a bunch, and he works for you guys well he introduced me to Keith (Head-Cheese). Well Keith had hooked-up this company Ballistic out of Atlanta, with some riders they were happy with, and he knew I was searching for a board sponsor. So he gave the owner Chad a call, and Chad said to send some videos in, I did so, and they were pleased.

JV: So did you get on the team from just the videos?
Wes: Well the team manager named Rick had seen me skate some contests in Atlanta at Rampage and he was pleased with my skating there so they wanted a chance to meet me. So I went to a contest they were having and they saved me a place so I could down there and skate, have a chance to meet them, see what they thought, and see what I thought. Well they went ahead and put me on the team before the contest. So I went ahead and entered under Ballistic, and some how ended up winning! So that was and added bonus.

JV: Dang! That’s pretty awesome man. So what direction is Ballistic headed in for the future?
Wes: Just a couple weeks ago we all got together as many riders that could make it and stuff, and went to dinner to discuss the future goals, and see if everyone Is on the same page. Which is a good thing because we all are and we want to see things grow, and see big things happen.

JV: That’s really good, so Wes how long have you been skating?
Wes: Hmmm that’s a tough one somewhere around ten years I guess. It might be a little longer than that.

JV: Wes where are you originally from?
Wes: Originally from Columbia South Carolina.

JV: But you did move.
Wes: Yeah I spent a lot of time in Greenville SC. I lived there for about half my life. Just so I could get away, but I could never get to far. I did manage to make it to California for a little while when I was seventeen.

JV: What happened out there?
Wes: Well I met some guys out there who were with Trust Skateboards. Well when I got back to SC I contacted them and they said send some videos, but I couldn’t do it. There wasn’t any filming going on here at the time so there was really no way to keep up with it. So I kind of lost that opportunity.

JV: So Wes.
Wes: Yo! Man.

JV: Tell me about the other day when you, Ryan and I went out skating and you had the “Fart Attack”?
Wes: Oooh. You want to know about the “Fart Attack”?

JV: Yeah man what happened that day, what was going on?
Wes: I was having a stressful week, I was in the process of moving back to Columbia, and I started a third shift job. So my schedule was off I wasn’t eating right. I had been having chest pains for a couple of days, I thought I was dying. So we were out skating, and about halfway through the day you guys were having a conversation and I just interrupted and said “Take me to the hospital NOW!”

Cause I thought I was having a heart attack. Well we get down the road and we found out its justÉ gas. (Fart Attack!) (Laughter) So I had a coke and belched a couple of times. Though I did go to the doctor because it did get bad again. He told me it was just acid reflux, and I was constipated for about four days. (Laughs) We can edit the Fart Attack part.

JV: Ok so now that we know about your gas problems tell me about as Ryan says it your “Getting it in your focus” when it comes to your skating?
Wes: You just have to believe you can do it, if you’re going to try something. That may sound silly but if you can’t see yourself doing the trickÉ like Brian Anderson was saying. He pictures himself doing the trick before he tries it, and when he does whether he gets it or not he keeps that image of landing it in his head. When it comes down to it, it just has to feel right.

JV: You know when my friends and I were coming up skating guys like you were the people we looked at besides what we saw in the magazines. This surprised us that talent like this existed in some small town like Cola. SC. In the southeastern US of all places.
Wes: Well there is definitely no recognition here. I mean there is really not a whole lot going on. The skateboarding business is definitely growing, and who knows maybe South Carolina will be able to map some day.

You know there are skaters everywhere, but there is a lot of talent here in SC. Names like Chad Parker one of the greatest guys I ever seen skateboard, Jeff Rochester, Roger Campbell, and RIP Jason West. There’s a lot of talent in SC alone, there is just no way for anyone to know about it because there’s no filming here or substantial publicity for anyone to come around.

JV: So what’s in store for you next?
Wes: I’m in the process of moving to Atlanta to further my skateboarding and be closer to the company. This should be a good move and a good chance to do what I love.

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