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Revenge Skateboards

Termed as a web-born skateboard company by many, Revenge Skateboards, now rebranded to Revive Skateboards is the brainchild of Andrew Shrock and Brian Ambs. What started as a Youtube channel later turned on to become a household name in the skating world.

In 2009 Both of them started with the idea of making a full length skating video which then developed into a series “We Want Revenge” and tutorials. The resulting overwhelming response from their fans asking them to make products like skateboards and t-shirts motivated them to build a skateboarding company, today famously known as Revive Skateboards. Originally the idea for the name came from the video – We want Revenge.

After maybe two years of starting the company under the name Revenge, the company found out that there was another Longboarding truck company with the exact same name and the company actually owned the trademark for the name “Revenge”. So Revenge Skateboards rebranded themselves to Revive Skateboards. The name “Avenge” was also considered for rebranding but the company eventually went for “Revive”. Many still remember it as Revenge Skateboards.

How was Revive Skateboard started?

Andrew Shrock remembers that when he started out making the videos he didn’t want to start a business. He was just 26 and had never thought that he was going to be someone who would have an office. Revenge skateboard gained popularity within a short span of time but according to Shrock and others the company became more successful after rebranding themselves as  Revive Skateboards

The company and its founders are focused on displaying skateboarding as fun which is the reason everyone starts skateboarding in the first place.

Andrew Shrock describes himself as a skaterat, who grew up skating on the streets. One thing he never imagined was to have a career in skating. He never thought he would have an office or a warehouse. But he is very grateful to have had this life.

The company is co-owned by Brian Ambs, who was a professional photographer before joining Revive Skateboards. They both hail from Cincinnati.

The initial 3 members were Andrew Shrock, Alex Buening and West. Then Andrew asked Tyler, Bangarang, Jason who was like a little brother to Andrew, and Max Mayberry to join the team. They were the original crew.

Tyler and Bangerang left the team early. Then came Sam Flu Harty. Josh Katz was the next member, who skated in his driveway. Next came Aaron Kyro who is popular for his Youtube channel known as Braille skateboarding. He is a terrific skateboarder. Thomas Alvarez stepped in next on the team. After that it was Doug Des Autels followed by Sam Tabor, Johny Geiger from Switzerland, John Hill and Sam Vessel. Revive is like a family. It is not a skate team. The flow team includes Casey Bechler, Ryan Bracken, Jesse Cera, Gabe Cruz, Justin Ellison and Haley Isaak.

Are Revive Decks any Good?

Revive skateboards focuses on providing high quality skateboards at really affordable prices. The decks are rock solid, with razor sharp pop and perfect conclave. They are 7 ply meaning 7 layers of north american wood layered and glued together. They are made in the US unlike other decks of other companies which are manufactured outside the US, mostly in China. The wood used is Canadian Maple, which is really strong and hard. It also lasts for a long time.

Revive decks are produced and manufactured by Pennswood Skateboard Manufacturing, located in Pennsylvania. It is a small manufacturing unit which caters to small brands. It uses quality methods to press the decks and traditional methods of screen printing. It is infact a small woodshop.

One of the best things about Revive decks is that they are really cheap. A deck costs around 38 to 40$. While other company decks start at 50 – 60$. Many have speculated that the low cost of the Revive decks is due to the fact that it is of low quality. But basically it is due to 3 reasons:

  • They do their own designing,
  • They do their own marketing through their Youtube channel and
  • They sell directly online.

Ofcourse, they take shipping charges which is 10$ in the US totalling the decks to some 48$ but even then it is low compared to the starting range of other brand decks. It usually takes 2-10 shipping days to reach you if you order in the US. In short their decks are cheaper because they are saving on other overhead expenses like marketing, designing, sales, sponsoring pro-skaters.

They also don’t sponsor pros to market their products, instead they do it through Youtubers having the skills and numbers. This technique of theirs has faced a lot of flack, because some people think that Revive does not support core skateboarding.They say that Andrew Shrock is just a Youtuber who doesn’t really care about skating. Most people hate Revive for not supporting skating through the traditional method. They say that revive doesn’t support or sponsor pro’s, instead they give chance to youtubers and ask them to skate through youtube.

There are two sides to this debate. Some say that Revive does support core skating by introducing young skaters to the sport. In reality Revive has sensed the new approach to Youtube and has shifted to that and the result is there for all to see. Instead of creating a team of pro skaters, Revive is more focused on promoting skating in the young audience. They inspire young kids to start skating through their videos. Their videos and merchandise appeal a lot to kids and younger generations.

Along with skate decks Revive also sells other merchandise like apparels, headgear etc. The brand also includes – 3 Block Skateboards, Force Wheels and Amgrip. You can buy the products from its website or from amazon.

Last year Andrew Shrock made an April fools gag by announcing that Revive skateboard was over. He said that the era of Revive Skateboard was coming to an end and he wanted to do something for a change and satisfy his creativity. So he decided to change the company to Revive Wheels from Revive Skateboard and also Force Wheels to Force Skateboards.

How are Revive Decks?

According to several reviews the decks are really great. They are pretty durable and last over a month. The concave is more mellow compared to other brand skateboards, but the pop is good. There are some who say that the concave is mellow and shorter and needs more concave.

You can get just the decks or an entire starter pack which you will have to assemble. The starter pack includes the following:

  • ReVive deck of your choice and size from 7.5-8.5″
  • Krux trucks according to your deck size
  • Force Wheels  based on your deck size
  • Bronson G2 bearings
  • Force (ReVive) hardware
  • Jessup grip tape
  • ReVive skate tool

No matter what people say about the company and its way of doing things. The fact is that Revive Skateboards has become a serious competitor to other high quality skateboard brands in terms of quality and price. A company which started on the basis of having fun is helping promote the reason why everyone loves to skate. to have Fun ofcourse! So go grab your Revive deck and start having fun. Skate on!


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