Savier Shoes (A Short Lived Skate Shoe Brand)

Shoe companies are a dime a dozen these days. This means two things:
1) One can find a shoe for every style and budget.
2) Shoe companies must produce a quality product (or have really good marketing) to last.

Back in 2000’s Given Savier’s popularity, we though they must be doing something right. The company offered Switch their Fremonts style in suede Tan and Bone. In order to find out if it was their product or their marketing that made this shoe, we put them through our rigorous three-point test.

1) Girls. An hour after I put these babies on a great thing happened to me. A super hottie hit on me with the “I really like your shoes” line. So, for all intents and purposes, the review was over at that time. Any shoe that can get a girl to talk to me is a miracle of modern technology.

2) The Pit. The next trial is the stuff of most shoes’ nightmares. We tortured these unsuspecting soles in a mosh pit. In the end, these puppies put a pounding on the local puck scene and even broke a keyboard (a point of pride I must say).

3) Skateboarding. For most of you, this is the test that counts. The Saviers skated well. The soles where soft enough to feel the board without feeling thin and weak. They also held up well overall.

The only thing to be wary of if you decide to purchase a pair of Savier shoes is that their sizes tend to run small. You may want to buy a size larger than normal.

Shortly – after a (non-fruitful) partnership with Nike, the company left the Skate Shoes Market. If you are lucky you might find a vintage pair on ebay or auction sites. Good Luck Finding!

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