Skateboard Hi Tops

What is one of the gruesome risks for a skateboarder?

If ankle injury has not yet crossed your mind, guess you are lucky to not have experienced it. On the contrary, if it is what struck you buddy, hope this question did not take you in a flashback?

Kudos to the High Top manufacturers who sought to reduce ankle injury by manufacturing top quality athletic shoe that extends slightly over the wearer’s ankle.

Any sport is like music. It varies from person to person and situation to situation. Hence, choice and preference regarding accessories and essentials vary. Some skate boarders are very particular about what they use to make the skate boarding experience rich and comfortable. While some just dive-in. For some, skating shoes really matter as much as the skate board. Whereas some aren’t very preferential about the kind of shoes they wear. Some wear low tops, other prefer mid tops, while many favour high tops.

So what makes high tops a favorable choice for skate boarders?

High tops provide a substantial ankle support. It should be duly noted that they reduce the impact of the shock and jerk. They are not a guarantee against accidents or when your skateboard really decides to play some tricks. Although they are slightly restricting, your ankle is surely more important than freedom of movement!

There is a plethora of brands that offer High Tops- Nike, Adidas and Vans being the most famous. Vans turns out to be a more preferred brand for High Tops. Ever wondered what is it that make Vans a more vouched for choice?

Let’s consider the Vans Sk8-Hi. It costs roughly $60. Every aspect of this shoe was designed for skating.

What is the inside out the shoe exactly made up of?

To begin with, the counter is made up of some kind of recycled rubber; to the insert it is made of canvas on top and some low density foam and then a higher density rubber more towards the heel. The upper surface of the in-sole has a thin fiber board; the mid-sole has a bonded thermal rubber where it is activated and molded by heat and attached to the vulcanized rubber that is the out-sole. The upper/ the outer surface of the shoe is made of split-leather. There is a generous amount of canvas used in the shoe which actually impressed the ‘Cut in Half’ product reviewer. Overall, he rates the product very well and claims it to be a very good choice for skate boarding.

Overall impression of the Vans Sk8 Hi….

Generally, High Tops have less breathability. However, the Vans Sk8 Hi toe features perforated double stitching, allowing extra breathability. The ankle collar has four layers of padding. It is a blessing for those who have weak ankles. It is extremely flexible. You can conveniently go ahead with folding it into a perfect half.It has a vulcanized rubber sole which sticks to skateboard and grip tape. The extension above the ankle is padded up for the shoe to provide cushioning just in case your skate board goes rogue on you.

In conclusion, shoes do matter a lot while skate boarding, if not more but as much as other essentials like the grip tape, skate bearings and of course, the splendid skateboarding tricks! There are a variety of High Tops available in the market. You just need the right one for you. Price, visual appeal, features are important before you select The Shoe for you. However,  comfort is of paramount importance.

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