How to Get Started with Skateboarding

Everyone must begin at some place. In the event that you need to learn to skateboard, however don’t have any idea about an Ollie from an elbow, you have landed to the correct place.

You can learn to get the correct rigging for learning to skate, learn to remain on the board and ride serenely without tumbling down, and some accommodating clues for staying with it and really learning to ride.

Get a board that suits your interests

Get a board that suits your interests. There are heaps of styles and brands of boards accessible for all ability levels and interests. Visit a nearby skate shop to browse the choices and get counsel from more experienced skaters in picking a skateboard that is suitable for your size as well as desires from your board:

  • Longboards: Longboards are extraordinary for cruising and simple for the beginners to move. In case you are occupied with something that will east and simple to hop on and go, or a remark you from place to put, a long board is unquestionably the approach. They are not best for the tricks, so in case you are keen on popping ollies then it’s not the best choice.
  • Skateboards: Skateboards are what you think when you think “skateboard.” With decreased finishes ideal for kicking tricks and bounces, and a simple delicate mobility, these boards are astounding for skating around at higher speeds – especially electrical ones However they will take somewhat more practice to get adjusted when you are first beginning. In case that you need to end drop into a half-pipe, then this is the board for you.
  • Custom boards: Custom boards are fabricated and gathered yourself with essential instruments. By and large, more experienced skaters will pick their wheels, trucks, heading, and deck independently from the choices accessible. This regards pick the best brand of every part, while a pre-assembled board might have maybe a couple awful segments in particular.

Ensure your board is set up accurately for a beginner

You don’t need a super-bended board and free trucks when you are first beginning. While those sorts of highlights might be awesome for doing some tricks, they are significantly harder to remain adjusted while riding upon the board; making it improbable that you will stick to it, in the event that you can’t learn to stay on the skateboard.

You need a moderately level board with tight trucks to be trained on. You can release the trucks later, when you can control the speed wobble.

Get a pair of good skate shoes

Attempting to jump on the board with battle boots or flip-flops is a decent method to hurt yourself or curve a lower leg. Skate shoes have the correct sort of sole to hold the board and guarantee both security and support, making them perfect for learning to skate.

Another critical item is getting a good pair of socks. If you live in a cold country then heated socks are also preferred. The socks can also help prevent damage when you fall off your skateboard.

If you are not ready to locate a specific skating brand, what you need is a level sole. Maintain a strategic distance from the sort of finished tread basic for running or tennis shoes, and rather go for something more like a deck shoe, with an even and level surface on the base.

Always wear a helmet and protective gear

It’s significant that you have a skating cap, which includes smooth surface and a cozy button tie to protect the head. It’s imaginable you’ll fall, so it is essential that you guarantee the well-being and wear the head protector. Some even look quite cool!

  • Additionally, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads are additionally basic defensive rigging to wear, particularly when you’re initially beginning. When you get easy on the board then you will likely not have to wear the pads each time you need to skate, however whenever you’re learning a new trick, and particularly when you’re first learning to stay on the board, extra pads are a good and smart thought.
  • There’s nothing dorky about maintaining a strategic distance from costly outings to the crisis room, mainly when you’re first beginning. Try not to give anybody a chance to disclose to you that “genuine skaters” don’t utilize defensive gear, which is a foolish, immature, and level out off-base. In addition, a head protector is cooler as compared to permanent damage to your head or brain.

Locate a place to skate

Preferably, you will need smooth cement, without numerous knocks and breaks that will jar you as you’re attempting to learn to move. In the long run, you’ll have the capacity to skate over uneven surfaces securely, however it is simplest to learn in a parking area or garage that is for the most part level and even.

It’s sadly increasingly hard to discover places that welcome the skateboarders; given the uncalled for the reputation skateboarding has in some towns. Don’t be the skater that gives reputable boarders a terrible name: make sure that you have the authorization to skate when you are skating, and refrain from scraping up the property that doesn’t belong to you.


There are two different ways to remain on the skateboard. Normal position is with your left foot placed at the front of the board, pushing with the right foot. Ridiculous position is with the right foot placed at the front of the board, pushing with the left. Experiment with both, you will by and large discover one feels more normal as compared to the other.


The most critical thing to learn is pushing while you are on the board. When you are happy with doing that then you can advance on to learning some tricks. An Ollie is one of the primary trick most of the skateboarders endeavor to ace, as it is the reason for some, different tricks.

Punch “skateboard trap tips” into an internet searcher on the web and you will discover a large group of recordings, which offer significant information on the best method to learn distinctive sorts of skateboarding tricks.

Learning to Stop

Knowing how to stop is similarly as critical as knowing how to go along! You could either put all the weight on the back foot so it drags along the ground and you will reach a continuous stop or take the back foot off and drag it gently along the ground next to the board.

Get motivation from different sources

Read skate magazines and watch skating videos and you will discover different skateboarders will give you the motivation to go and have a go at something new.

Watch heaps of skating videos

Skating recordings are at the core of skating society. Compilation tutorials and videos are generally accessible for free on the Internet. You can discover virtuosic showcases of skating ability, and in addition accommodating insights and tips for skateboarding beginners.

Braille Skateboarding, Martin Kotora, and Strictly Skateboarding are some really nice channels to get started.

Learn to fall

No skater has ever not tumbled off the board. It can be disheartening, however learning to fall can help ensure you don’t truly hurt yourself. Always wear a protective cap, to guard the head, and remember to use the wrist guards, which you could use to take the brunt of most falls and stay away from the frightful scratches that are a piece of the skating scene.

The most basic issue is normally running over little stones that stick up the wheels, or hitting a break that all of a sudden makes you lose the balance. Watch out for the landscape as you are skating, yet keep your eyes up to remain balanced as much as it could be possible.

Skate with other skaters

Like music and different games, skating is most straightforward to learn when you have great individuals to learn from. Connect with more experienced skaters to watch and learn whatever you can, grabbing some tips and tricks while you are learning. Request guidance and speak the truth about your experience.

Ensure that you don’t get suckered into taking a stab at something you are not prepared for. In the event that you go out skating with a group of friends ollieing down a trip of stairs, you could twist up harming yourself in case you are simply attempting to learn how to stop without tumbling down. Go gradually. You will get there ultimately.

Try skating downhill

Giving gravity a chance to help you en route is an essential advance in radiating a further developed skater. It can be unnerving the first time when you begin going downhill and don’t need to push, so learning to work with it and remain responsible for the board is something worth being thankful for to learn at an appropriate time.

Try tricks when you are ready

When you begin getting settled on the board and can remain on it consistently without tumbling down, you might be prepared to begin attempting a trick or two. It’s what you have been working toward! The best and most effortless tricks for the beginners are:

  • Shove-it
  • Grinding
  • Ollie
  • Kick-flip

Toward the day’s end that is what it’s about. Skateboarding truly can give you some of the best encounters of your life!

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