Things You Need to Do and Pack Before Leaving for Skateboarding

The road trips are the heart of skateboarding. Always try to get out of your common spots and hit upon somewhere new in order to pulverize your trucks and slide your wheels. Climb new mountains, dive into some icy water and eat new foods. The skate trips are about the journey as much as they are about skateboarding.

Travelling provides you a wonderful opportunity to take a break from your hectic routine and make your mind fresh. Travelling with your friends is super exciting. The travelling in group is always more fun. If you plan on traveling with a skateboard then the first thing which you need to decide is the way you will carry your skateboard i.e. pack it or hold it.

Traveling is fun, but it can also come with some difficult and complex situations. At the end, making mistakes will provide you the best life skills. It is good to go out and travel around the world, skate fast roads and meet new people. If you are not a frequent traveler and is not completely familiar with the dos and don’ts of stake travelling then seeking a professional help is a good approach.

Vacation Planner

Hiring a vacation planner will help you in number of ways. He will design a complete vacation plan based upon your requirements and needs. Planning a vacation and making it memorable for your whole life is not an easy task to perform.

The vacation is important in order to make your soul and mind fresh. Try to plan everything according to your taste and choice. A vacation planner can help you a lot in this. There are some characteristics and skills of successful vacation planner. These are as follows:


We all require a little guidance while planning a skate trip. This guidance cannot be obtained properly from internet; one should talk to some professional who is experienced in this field.

A good vacation planner first identifies the nature of their clients. The nature reveals a lot about people interests. Normally the places where people plan their skateboarding are as follows:

  • North Italy
  • Tenerife (Sliders skate house).
  • Bela Joyride (Austria)
  • KnK Longboard camp ( Slovenia)
  • Wallonhill (Belgium)
  • Barcelona

A vacation planner should be friendly and communicate well with their clients. This will help in gaining the clients confidence and trust. The clients then tell their demands openly to the planner. There are some responsibilities of vacation planners. It includes:

  1. The planner first identifies the need of the customers.
  2. The vacation planner can easily manage multiple tasks at the same time.
  3. He is a good problem solver.
  4. Vacation planners have a complete knowledge about the vacation spot.

A good vacation planner can save a lot of your time and effort. All the basic details and general arrangements i.e. arranging a resort or a hotel for accommodations, ground and air transportations, tour packages and car rentals, things to bring etc are made by them.

They also advice their customers on visa and passport applications, inoculation dealings, special health insurance and travel protection and other foreign travel necessities.

Note: Even if you’re going out for a skateboard excursion in your home town, it’s a good idea to know what the weather will be like(check your favorite website or invest in a weather station)

Group travelling suggests numerous opportunities to socialize

The group travelling will provides you the ultimate and distinctive chance to bond with your friends and family. You can share your experiences and adventures with one another in order to make the holiday more unforgettable and thrilling. If you plan to travel with your friends, then try to pick your friends wisely. This is because you are going to spend some few days out of your home and work. So try to choose the friends which have same fun style and enjoy the same things as you.

What to Bring

Always keep this in your mind that less stuff means less responsibility. Try to bring only the important stuff. The things which you actually need for your skateboarding trip are your skateboard, all necessary safety equipment, you passport, your wallet and your cell phone.

Food poisoning is a real thing. Nothing is worse than losing control of your physically functions, particularly when you’re on a trip. Try to avoid street-food as much as you can.

Your passport is the one of the most important things to have when you take a trip, particularly when you are international. Carry your board onto the plane in order to keep away from paying extra at check-in. It’s often a fine idea to take off your wheels and trucks, especially in case when you are travelling with multiple boards.

Holidaying with your friends and colleagues is less expensive because everyone will be sharing the cost of transportation, tour tickets, food and accommodation.

A large number of airline companies, resorts and hotels also provide group discounts to the customers who travel in group. These days, your cell phone is your guide to life. Try to keep a power bank with you all the time so that you cannot run out of battery.

It makes you more confident and strong

Skate travel with your friends and group can push you to try different adventurous things, which you would never do on your own. It forces you out of your comfort zone and allows you to be braver. There is nothing more exciting than a group travel. One can make a lot of memories and experiences that are felt deep in the soul. Travelling is fun but with the company of love ones it becomes more electrifying and exciting.

Always try not to bring too many valuables. Cameras, laptops, and cell phones are fine, but leave those fancy electronics, watches and other expensive things at home. We can only enjoy when we feel free and light.

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