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Since male Caucasians basically rule the world, being one is inherently not cool to the rest of it. If you are a white male, you have a head start on everyone else in every conceivable way, except one: being hip.

White boys have been universally denied this designation, and justifiably so for the most part, since the dawn of time.

The purveyors of cool unwittingly created their own Achilles heel, though, when they designated the ironic t-shirt the new little black dress of street fashion. Now, wearing shirts emblazoned with Whiteboy is cool.

It is no wonder that celebrities like Tommy Lee and Don Cheadle (talk about irony) love the Whiteboy clothing line.

Their designs are unique and funky, and feel just like your favorite, broken-in t-shirt right off the rack. Just having Whitegirl or Whiteboy written on your shirt is a conversation starter (especially if you are Don Cheadle).

Their shirts transcend this easy gimmick, however by using complex screens, unexpected placement and humorous symbols like a gamecock silhouette.

The girls line, Whitegirl, includes zip-up hoodies and matching sweatpants, equally ideal for movie stars and around-the-way girls for days that you want to look cute but feel casual.

The t-shirts come in the form of beaters, off-the-shoulders, sleeveless and good, old fashioned, long-sleeve shirts.

The most popular item by far seems to be the beaters in black or white with Whitegirl written across the chest. The shirt can spice up or dress down any outfit.

In addition to shirts, the company has hats, beanies and bags for those who want to accessorize like The Man.

For those wanting to get in touch with their inner oppressor and look cool at the same time, Whiteboy is surprisingly perfect. Go grab some of the best certified white boy clothing and Support Your Local Whiteboy movement!

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