Surfskating | Guide to Surfskating and the 4 Best Surf Skateboards

Surfskating is a relatively new and exciting sport that combines elements of surfing and skateboarding. It’s a great way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors, and it’s a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels.

What is Surfskating?

A surfskate board typically has a shape similar to that of a traditional skateboard, but it is equipped with a special truck that allows the rider to simulate the feeling of riding a wave. This special truck is known as a “surf truck” and it is designed to mimic the movement and feeling of a surfboard on a wave. The trucks allow the rider to carve and pump, similar to how a surfer generates speed on a wave.

surfskating trucks
Surfskateboarding trucks simulate the movements of riding a wave

Surfskating is a great way to improve your balance, coordination, and overall fitness. It’s a full-body workout that targets muscles in the legs, core, and upper body. The constant motion and movement of the board requires the rider to engage their core and leg muscles in order to maintain balance and control of the board – similar to surfing!

One of the great things about surfskating is that it can be done anywhere there is a flat surface. Unlike surfing, which is typically restricted to areas near the ocean, surfskating can be done on streets, parking lots, or any other flat surface. This makes it a very versatile sport that can be enjoyed by people living in any part of the world.

In addition to the physical benefits, surfskating also offers a variety of mental benefits. The sport requires focus and concentration, which can help improve overall cognitive function. The adrenaline rush and feeling of accomplishment that comes with successfully riding a wave can also boost self-confidence and reduce stress. Plus – for anyone interested in learning how to surf, surfskating is a great way to “test out the waters” and develop many fundamental skills that help once you actually hit the waves.

Surfskating is also a relatively low-impact sport, making it a great option for people who may be recovering from an injury or looking for a gentler form of exercise. Unlike skateboarding, which can be tough on the joints, surfskating allows the rider to generate speed and perform tricks without having to jump or land hard on the ground.

As the sport continues to grow in popularity, more and more people are starting to get into surfskating. Many brands now offer surfskate boards, and there are also plenty of instructional videos and tutorials available online to help beginners get started.

Buying the Perfect Surf Skate

So now that you’re sold on surfskating and want to check it out, how do you buy the perfect surf skate? We’ve outlined below a few factors you should consider when choosing a surf skate:

  1. Size: The size of the surf skate is important to consider, as it will affect the maneuverability and stability of the board. A smaller board will be more agile and easier to control, but may not provide as much stability as a larger board. A good rule of thumb is to select a board that is about the same length as your body.
  2. Shape: The shape of the surf skate is another important factor to consider. Different shapes will provide different riding experiences. Fish-shaped boards are great for beginners, as they provide more stability and are easier to control. Performance boards, on the other hand, have a more aggressive shape and are designed for more advanced riders.
  3. Trucks: The trucks of a surf skate are what allow it to turn. Look for trucks with a tight turning radius, as these will provide for a more surf-like feel.
  4. Brand: There are many brands that manufacture surf Skates, but some are better known for their quality and durability. Some popular brands include YOW, Carver, and WaveSkater.

Top Surfskating Brands and Boards

best surfskates

Some of our top brands / surf skate picks include the below:

  1. Yow Surf Ripper: This board is considered one of the best options for those looking for a high-performance surf skate. It has a unique concave deck and small fins that provide a realistic surf-like feeling. It also has a tight turning radius and a responsive, agile ride that is perfect for more advanced riders.
  2. Carver C7: The Carver C7 is a great option for those looking for a balance between performance and stability. It features a classic surfboard shape and a versatile design that makes it suitable for both novice and experienced riders. The C7 has a unique truck system that allows for a lot of control and precision when carving.
  3. Krown Rasta: Krown Rasta is another surf skate that is perfect for beginner to intermediate surfers. It features a fishtail shape which is perfect for stability and control. It also has a double kick tail design which enables you to perform more technical tricks.
  4. FlowSurf: The FlowSurf is a unique and innovative surf skate that uses a patented truck and fin system to create an authentic surf feel. It’s designed for experienced riders looking for a high-performance board. FlowSurf has a deep concave deck that gives you plenty of grip and control.

Hopefully the above picks give you plenty of options to choose from when starting your surfskating journey. And for those of you sticking with regular skateboarding – make sure to check out our list of Best Beginner Skateboards too.

If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors, surfskating is the perfect sport to check out. With its combination of fitness and fun, it’s a great way to challenge yourself both physically and mentally. Just like any other sport, it takes time, dedication, and patience to master it but once you’ve gotten the hang of it – you’ll never turn back.

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