7 Epic Locations to Skateboard in the World

Skateboarding is one of that sports that does not require a proper platform or place to experience the thrill that involves the high and low jumps while maintaining a fine balance on the skateboard.

People who wish to fly while not being able to actually do it mostly prefer skateboarding because it gives that feeling of freedom and air entering the soul while completely satisfying it. This is the main reason that most skateboarders are seen with their equipment while traveling from places to places without needing any vehicle for transportation.

However, as much as it is possible to skateboard anywhere from the sliding pillars to the staircase, the fact cannot be denied that the perfect spots are still needed for practicing and becoming a perfectionist at doing it without experiencing a fall. For this purpose, some of the epic locations have been finalized and short-listed from all around the world that is a dream of the professional and casual skateboarders for some seriously thrilling skateboarding encounter to get the almost real feeling of flying in the air while standing smoothly on the skateboard.

  • Burnside, USA:

This place in underneath the Burnside bridge in Portland that was built back in 1990 by some skateboard lovers named Bret Taylor and his crew. The main motive behind making this place under the bridge for skateboarding is to provide a dry platform for the players to experience the sport when it’s raining or humid outside on the roads and proper skateboard stage.

  • Big O, Montreal:

In 1976, when Canada hosted the summer Olympics, the stadium was created with a round bullet type of an entrance for the visitors. Nobody had an idea at that time that is was soon going to be turned into a skateboard spot when in 1980s the skaters started using it as their favorite spot for skateboarding while showcasing their amazing talents to the random viewers as well.

  • Kona Skatepark, USA:

This park in the USA has been there for around 40 years that also makes it one of the historic places to visit in town. Also, the park holds some great importance in terms of being one of the oldest and exciting places to properly skate with numerous idea to do it such as straight, curved, and staircase skateboarding.

  • Red Ribbon, Guangzhou:

This place is located in the center of the city that is also known as one of the most amazing and properly carved spots for skateboarding. The perfectly curved space allows the skaters to experience some serious risky and thrilling skateboarding, especially for professionals.

  • Landhausplatz, Innsbruck, Austria:

Landhausplatz is the ideal spot for the skaters to experience a variety of the skating moves all in the same area. The place is known as the perfect architectural design for the skaters who wish to skate in the middle of the crowd with so many variations that are also an ideal place to for the regular practice sessions.

  • Absolut Park, Austria:

The ideal slopes and surface to skateboard are hard to find in the other areas of the town due to the city being the perfect tourist destination. However, in the middle of the Absolut Park lie these amazingly created slopes for the skaters to encounter an electrifying skating experience that is also the best place to practice. This is why it said to be one of the most popular skateboard platforms in town, best known for its indoor smooth slopes.

The most amazing fact about skateboarding is that s can be done at any place and at any time regardless of the location and its surroundings. However, it is always best to do it in a place that is meant for the purpose because of which the player gets to experience different moves in the diversified platform.

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