Mike Davis Skater (A Skateboard Died with Him)

Mike Davis Skater

Seldom do you get to see people who make a name for themselves at a very young age. They get recognized for their immense talent and dedication towards their passions.

Michael Davis is one such name in the skating world. Born in Portland, Oregon in the year 1990, Michael loved to skate and always tried to do the impossible with his skateboard.

At a very young age he became known for his manual ledge tricks and loose lips and also for his passion for trying out the impossible and his never giving up attitude. He was an inspiration for other skaters especially in his hometown. Because of his talent and skills he became a member of the Birdhouse team.

Bird House Team

Mike Davis was an important contributor to the Birdhouse team when it won King of the Road in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Although his status remained Amateur, Mike Davis gained much popularity and was loved by many for his skills and impossible stunts.

But soon after Michael was arrested on 31/ 05/2017 for possession of heroin and coke. And according to some reports he was then removed from Birdhouse team.

Just a year after his arrest and trying to get clean, tragedy struck as the skating world lost one of its best. Mike Davis lovingly known as Milky Mike died on May 6th 2018.

Skateboard Died!

He was 28 years old when he died tragically, leaving his little daughter Charlotte, behind. Reports suggested that he was battling with depression since a long time before he died.

Some said that the cause of his death was an overdose of drugs. Clearing all speculations and reports, his mother apparently posted a statement on Instagram stating that her son was mixed up with wrong people and couldn’t say no to an old friend.

His little sister, Chelsea Smalley said that Mike was doing well and he was clean for the last 5 months before he died. But before his death he had a visit from an old friend and one relapse was all it took. Some even say that he was associated with Birdhouse when he died.

Birdhouse Lizzie Armanto Heart
Birdhouse Skateboard Plague

In Memories

According to his Birdhouse team mate Adam Mills, Michael Davis was humble and approachable as a person.

His other team members at Birdhouse remembers Mike as an innovator and determined skater who was always ready to take his skating to new heights. This is what made him stand out from other skaters. He always used to go for the most difficult and impossible of tricks.

They also remember his joyful attitude and personality. They used to refer to him as their snack man, because he always used to bring them snacks or take care of their snacks. He had an amazing talent and some of the best switch tires in history.

His life style is a personification of a perfect skateboard – never tired and never hanged his boots. It was not a person’s death, but a skateboard died with him!

Mike is now survived by his daughter, after his death a “Go Fund” was setup for his funeral services as well for his daughter. Jerrica, Michael Davis’ girlfriend, the mother of their daughter Charlotte Davis has access to this account.

It is very often, that such tragic incidents reminds you that life is very short and you must live everyday as if it were your last.

Mike Davis - A Skateboard Died with Him
Mike Davis – Photo Credits – Tony Hawk Insta
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