Moose Skateboarding (Moose Skateboards and a Tribute to “Michael Luis De Los Reyes”)

Moose Skateboards

Are you looking for a skateboard deck of high quality with a great price tag? Then Moose skateboards is the perfect choice for you.

Dedicated towards making sturdy and simple eye pleasing skateboards, Moose skateboards claims to provide decks made from 100% Canadian Maple. Considered to be strong and light weight, Canadian maple is perfectly suitable for tricks as well as flexing around.

The blank decks are shaped in a Radical U-concave making it stable for cruising at higher speeds. The nose and tail are built steep making it good for popping tricks. In this way these decks are suitable for both performing tricks as well as cruising. These decks are a good fit for all kinds of skaters from beginners to professionals.

These blank skateboard decks comes with detachable grip tape allowing you to replace your grip tape anytime you want.

The decks are manufactured from the finest quality of 7 ply Canadian maple offering you excellent durability and strength.  This means that the decks are made of 7 layers of Canadian maple glued together. This is to provide a stable platform and also the flexibility needed to perform tricks.

Overall Moose offers a variety of blank skateboard decks in many colors, which you can customize according to your taste and style. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about the quality looking at the price tag. One of the drawbacks is that you cannot purchase a single blank deck, you will have to buy a set of 5-decks.

According to people who have used Moose skateboards, the deck usually lasts for up to 3 months with rigorous use.

Michael Luis De Los Reyes

When you are talking about Moose skateboards there is one another similar name that pops out. A skater very well known in the skating community. A name synonymous with Moose Skateboards.

Luis de los Reyes also known as Mooseis a very well-known skater. Born on June 4th 1990 in California, Luis gained fame as a skater when he joined Deathwish skateboard squad.

Before joining Deathwish he made his name in the sport for performing technical tricks. Moose made a good name for him during his time with Deathwish. But he was let off from the team due to several reasons.

According to Moose he was let go from Deathwish because he wasn’t hanging out enough with the team and that he wasn’t fitting anymore. So if you are talking about Moose skateboard decks or Moose the skater, one thing which is common between them is that they are both good. And good is what you look for when you think of buying a skateboard deck.

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