Magic Skatepark – Reading PA

Magic Skate park hidden in the rural farmland just outside of Reading, PA. The park has been around for over three decades.

Magic Skatepark - Reading PA

Some of those years it was privately owned Skatepark where people like Sergia Trunkoski learned to skate. An Asphalt Skatepark with a Snake run, a nine shaped bowl, a U shaped bowl, banks, and a cement pool.

Magic is one of those places you have seen on videos for a second and never really known where it was at. It is also one of those places you drive a distance to skate and don’t know if you’ll be thrown out, ticketed for trespassing, or if it will be filled with water.

Yea the park is a free, Sneak through the fence hope no one sees you skating free. Isn’t that the best part of skating parks like this – the risk?

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