Navigator Trucks Review

Undoubtedly, trucks are an essential piece of skateboard equipment. This hardware can dramatically enhance or detract from a skateboarder’s performance. It would stand to reason, then, that a great deal of thought would go into selecting a pair of trucks.

Well, that’s not the case with me at least. I always rode on hand-me-down trucks, taking whatever I could get. I didn,t care what I rode and didn’t notice much difference in one pair of trucks from another. That’s changed now that I’ve ridden a pair of Navigator trucks.

These trucks turn and grind like any other truck, but Navigator seems to have examined the truck part-by-part to create a truck with many notable features. I almost wouldn’t think it strange if these trucks appeared in Popular Mechanics.

Navigator claims that their trucks are the only ones with a dual pinned for a non-slip axle. Having banged more axles back into place than John Henry drove railroad spikes, this property registered high on my like list.

Navigator also thumps its chest loudly about being the only truck company to include a riser pad, an interlocking nut grabber and a kingpin nut retainer. The latter feature allows the bushings to be changed without removing the base plate from the board. Despite how handy that may sound, I’ve usually ground the hangers down almost to the axle before ever giving my bushings a thought. Again, I realize this may just be me taking my equipment for granted, and others may benefit from this option.

If not the most gimmicky, then certainly the most interesting asset of Navigator Trucks is the hanger’s concave surface. Though this seems slightly reminiscent of the Z-Roller trucks rolling hanger from days of yore, this may actually allow for smoother and faster grinds. Though I doubt the company would produce the research if I asked, I’m still impressed that Navigator dreamed this up.

Navigator offers a quality product that performs well. The company put a lot of thought into the engineering of their latest product. These trucks are a considerable improvement from the last model they offered. Constant improvement is the mark of excellence in a company, and Navigator is striving towards excellence with their innovative product.

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