How to Remove Grip Tape from Skateboards and Longboards – Step By Step Guide with Pictures

Removing Gip Tape - Step One

Removing Grip Tape

Grab your old crusty board and find yourself a working space.

A garage or any isolated place will do – just make sure no kids are around because there will be a little heating and stuff.

Step Two:

Grab your tools. You will need –

– a razor blade (grab someone older if you need help for this part) and 

– a hair dryer. We used our very old ConAir 1600 SuperMax. New Model is available.

Removing Grip Tape

Step Three:

Removing Grip Tape

Once you have everything start by heating the griptape up.

This causes the glue loose its grip on the board. This can take a while but its makes the rest of the process much easier.

Step Four:

Use the razor to peal back the grip tape an inch or so in a very even way. Do this very cautiously – because this is where you are actually removing the tape.

Try to avoid having the grip tape rip. It is much easier to take it off in one piece rather than removing it in bits and pieces.

Removing Grip Tape

Step Five:

Removing Grip Tape

Heat and peel – heat and peel- heat and peel- heat and peel- heat and peel – until no bits and pieces are left.

If any bits of previously applied tape is left – and you apply new griptape over it – the surface will have bubbles.

Step Six:

After you get four to six inches in, plant your foot and pull slowly.

Then just clean up rest of the little pieces – if you missed by chance – and you have a naked board.
Later switch

Removing Grip Tape

We have created this post – in response to a mail we received – which read –

“I am new at skateboarding, and I made the mistake of lending my Birdhouse to one of my friends!!! He ruined the grip tape totally, and I need to get some new griptape. It would be most appreciated if you could tell me how to replace the old griptape!” John

Well for all the John’s and Not John’s outside there – we have freaking visual aids for How to Remove a Grip Tape and How to Apply a Grip Tape back again. 

Just follow our posts.

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